Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Nap

When Buddy was born, I either bought or was given a tiny square blanket in an aqua color. I think I bought it at Kohl's, but it just might have been a shower gift.... It's been about 11 years ago, so I'm a little foggy on the details.

This "blanket" is an exact square and not really large enough to be a covering type of blanket, but it has a waffle weave knit pattern, accompanied by an edging of about 2 inches that is a nylon (or satin-y feel) material.

Buddy never took to it, instead, he preferred his "tatty rags". Which were the "fancy burp cloths" made of terry cloth with a stitched trim. He liked to gnaw on the trim and thusly, they became increasingly ratty and gained their name of the "Tatty Rag". He would cry and carry on at night if he did not have a tatty rag in his bed.

Luckily for us, the fancy burp cloths were plentiful and easy to find. I bought a boat load of them. The Evil Twin would throw them out as they became ever rattier.

Fast forward about 8 years. I had Sissy and I had also kept all of Buddy's blankets. I figured a receiving blanket was a receiving blanket - color be damned.

Before she was born, I washed them all up, including that small mint colored blanket that Buddy never cared for much.

Somehow, Sissy found it amongst all the other blankets in her room. She calls it "Nap" or "Sleepy Bye".

Turns out that little tiny square is a Baby Morgan blanket. I decided to do some research on it the other night because Sissy loves it so and I can't really get it away from her easily to wash it. I figured if we had a stand by or two, they could be on hand for emergencies.

Baby Morgan company stopped producing the blankets in 2003 - a full THREE years before Sissy was even born! Apparently, the blankets are still very popular and my only searched turned up used blankets on eBay for outrageous prices.

In my desperate research, I learned that a company called Bright Future took over Baby Morgan and produced almost identical blankets. But, I need a MINI one. In the aqua or MINT green color.

I think I may have to add more personal insurance to our home for Nap. As it is, we're getting to the stage where Nap must accompany us on all outings.

Leave it to one of my kids to become attached to something no longer manufactured.


  1. I found some blankets, but they are all out on ebay, which I think might be the ones you've seen before. http://www.shop.com/+-a-Morgan+Blanket-nover-g1-k24-st.shtml

  2. All my kids had "blankies". Once I was mending some clothing and I was shortening a black nylon slip (1970). The bottom of the slip fell onto the floor and my baby glommed onto it and wouldn't put it down. It was a piece about 10" wide. After a few days of her dragging it around the house everywhere, I cut it into 4 pieces, so we could have clean spare pieces waiting whenever she needed a clean one.

  3. I still regret not buying an extra 'lovey' for my kids. When its their bed time, it is kind of like 'flight of the bumblebee' is playing in my head while I frantically search for the darn blankies. Lots of fun.

  4. I feel your pain! Toots has 2 shredded blanket things, and she still loves them and quietly tucks them into the bottom of a bag when she goes to camp or on a trip... AND SHE'S 12!

  5. The Things still sleep with their blankets. They're handmade quilts,so no substitutiosn are possible. I feel your pain!

  6. Ron - Thanks for looking. I think I'll break down and either locate my old paypal acct or start a new one for one blanket I saw on eBay (it's exactly what I'm looking for).

    Kenju - isn't it hilarious what they will find to become lovies?

    Gigi - that's where we are. Nap must be located before she'll even think about bedtime. Ugh.

    Momma - we had Buddy give his one favorite blankie to Sissy when she was born and he got a special more "grown up" fuzzy blanket for himself. Otherwise, I think he'd still be sleeping with that crib coverlet.

    Tiff - That is a dilemma! I hope they hold out until they're no longer needed! :-)

  7. My kids never had the blankee, but we had Mom-Mom Bear...God forbid if we lost Mom-Mom Bear....Good luck in your blanket search

  8. I'm fairly sure I have one of these...in aqua! It is gently used. None of my kids ever took to a particular blankie. If I can find it, would you want it?

  9. Ya know, I have a favorite but I call it a quilt ;) My grandmother hand made tons of them and the one I have has never been used...it's like she just made it...and it's over 50 years old :)

  10. I never had a blankie... I wonder if it would have been easier on my Mom if Teddy Ted Ted had been something easily replaceable.

    That bear followed me around the world. I am shocked he never got lost... well, except I guess he WAS my best friend, so leaving him was kinda unthinkable.

    I still have him :)

  11. So it's wrong that i'm still attached to my blankee now?? :-p

  12. The Peanut has a blankie that we've managed to limit to the crib only.

    It too is very tiny (about right for a barbie king sized bed) with a satin border.

    I don't know who gave it to us, but once we figured out she 'needed" it to go to sleep we tried to find another one. I think we did and it was ridiculously expensive.

    So we just have the one and it gets washed and dried same day.

    We once forgot to pack it when she went to Grandma's for the night. We ended up driving 30 miles (one way) in a freaking blizzard and just taking her home.

    Good Luck.

  13. The Girl - We just never know what the special item will be. I didn't have a pacifier, suck my thumb or have a blanket as an infant. Probably why I'm so weird today!

    Lauren - I don't even care what color it is... I will send you MONEY if you have one.

    Efen - I have several quilts my grandmother made. One is my favorite, but I retired it when some threads came loose. I'm just going to try to preserve it best I can.

    NCP - that's a great story!

    AC - we all have our "things". ;-)

    Jorge - this poor Nap is just filthy. I rarely do laundry during the day (it's just easier for me to do it by myself at night - after everyone has, of course, gone to sleep! LOL).

  14. A has her "pink Blankie" & "yellow pillow" - & M has "Bankie" - they go everywhere with us....I shudder to think what would happen if those things were ever lost! They are priceless beyond words....

  15. Thank goodness my youngest was attached to my hair.

    I never had to go on a blankie search for him.My hair was always in one place and available for him at any time.

    I prayed the whole time he was a baby that I wouldn't have to get chemo.

  16. That need for soft blankets, towels, etc is so strong and universal it makes me wonder how small kids ever managed before we were able to weave cloth.

  17. Nooze named her original blanket "Mine". She would drape it over her head/shoulders, parade through the house and announce "I am Mary of Christ".

    She lost the blanket in a STORE when she was around three. We had a few VERY long nights - until her Aunt R bought her "Da Udder Mine". She still has it, and wears it "Mary of Christ" style WHILE SLEEPING.

  18. TGG - sometimes it takes being a mom to understand how priceless those things can be!

    PrePo - Girl! Are you back? I'm gonna visit you later!

    Dave - I know. Maybe they liked animal skins? LOL.

    Renn - that is hilarious.