Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Okay, so I did get to the Mart of Wal on Monday - as usual. You all should know by now that I am such a creature of habit, that even having a near miss colo-rectal situation and feeling the VERY hard and heavy Monday blahs of laziness, that I would still maintain my routine and get to the grocery store.

Besides, I had checked the weatherchannel online and saw that it called for possible snow flurries this morning.

In the off chance that it might be more than flurries, I made my decision to just get the shopping finished and be done with it.

Sissy and I went to the store. We started our shopping and while I was in the aisle to buy shampoo and conditioner, she spied the fish tanks. She loves those things.

So, we wandered over to observe the fish for a bit. Geez. I wish they'd get an employee to swing by those tanks every hour or so with a net and scoop out the fish who've been "trampled" by the others in the tank. I saw at least 6 floaters in 15 seconds. One poor dude looked nibbled upon. ICK!

I did my shopping and decided to cruise over to the poop-aid remedies. Just to look, mind you.

They did have the "As Seen on TV" Colon Blow. It was cheaper than the infomercial, but still had a price tag I wasn't willing to gamble on. I kept looking and then saw this one:

It seemed scientific enough and was attractively priced at $19.99. If it does what it claims on the box (not evaluated by the FDA or anything y'all), then it's well worth the cash. If not, I'll soon know and let you know, so you can save some green.

This is a 2 week program. I won't expose any gory details or even have photographic evidence of anything restroom related (that's just going too far). But, I will give an overall assessment of the product and let y'all know if it's great, good, fair or poor.

I'm not into oversharing... especially where this subject is concerned. What do you think I am, some sort of psycho?

(that's a rhetorical question... just comment and walk away... thanks!)


  1. Hope everything comes out all right. HA! See what I did there? Oh, I slay me.

    Have a great day!

  2. Better you than me.

    Did you notice that your comment header reads, "Get a LOAD off your mind"?


  3. all i'm sayin' is that i'd liveblog it on twitter. i probably wouldn't photoblog or livestream the whole thing... but i'd count the kernals...

  4. I bought that same thing at Whole Foods last year and gave it a try. Didn't feel any different afterwards - just went to the bathroom a lot... I figured it probably didn't hurt anything, and might have done some good.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?!

  5. I hope everything comes out alright ! He! He! If you feel like a million bucks afterward, let me know.

  6. What?! I thought we were all going to meet at your house and take it at the same time, like some twisted version of survivor or something.

  7. I'm so glad you're the guinea pig for those of us who are still chicken shit (me!) - :) Good luck...can't wait to hear the results!

  8. What's the goal here? Are you treating a problem, or just want to generally cleanse?

  9. I hope you picked up some of that new "digleberry-free" Charmin too.

  10. Is it just me, or does the box look a bit worn?
    Have you been carrying it around the house reading it a bit too much?
    Oooohh, do you think someone else may have previously purchased it...and then had a bit of buyers remorse?
    Just kidding. Hope it all works out! LOL.

  11. I think you'd get the same result taking metamucil everyday.....

  12. You know how bars have those "Penny 'til you pee" nights where beer is a penny until the first person goes into the bathroom?

    This little "kit" seems perfect for a similar contest.

    Now if only I had my own whacky morning show...

  13. Ginger - We shall see... LOL.

    K - someone's got to try it out. :-)

    fattie20xl - LOL!

    Momma - nice to know!

    The Girl - oh, I'll let you guys know!

    Ron - Too funny!

    TGG - I'm selfless like that.

    3C - I'm just seeing what will happen. Mature of me, huh? :-)

    Hacksaw - no Charmin, but I DID have to buy TP as well (we were running out).

    MsPulp - yep, the box was a little beat. But, it was properly sealed, as were the contents within, so I think it's safe.

    Anonymous - you're probably dead right, but I just couldn't resist trying this. :-)

  14. Jorge - LOL. So far, everything's still a penny!

  15. Uh....not sure if I should post a comment or not....okay, better off 'not' ;)

  16. This all to funny - can't wait for the blow by blow account. OOps..not a pun there!

  17. You know, the whole point of those things is to go from nothing to "uh oh" all day long, for 7 days. So be ready. And near facilities at all times!

  18. The things you do for our blogging entertainment...thanks! :) And good luck!

  19. should be an eye opening experience....will it change the color of your eyes?

  20. Efen - Sorry, dude. I promise to not get graphic.

    themom - I'm just here to report if it works or not. (so far, nothing, but I'm only on day 1 of a 2 week program).

    Jennifer - I don't have any big plans for the next couple of weeks...whew!

    Laura - I've always secretly wanted to try one of these anyway.... I'm sick like that.

    rosemary - When I went on Paxil a few years ago (not on it now), it changed my eyes from blue to green. Hoping this will have the reverse outcome and maybe they'll be blue again (if not, I have contacts - I just need Laura's help for lessons on how to use them!).

  21. What a Christmas 2008 memory you are going to have to share with the grand children!


    BTW -- I double-dog dare you to participate in the Straight Outta Appalachia forume! [hee hee]

  22. Hmmm I've always considered trying one of those products. However, I'm so "regular" as it is I'm scared it might tip the balance somehow in my body. I have heard its a nice way to lose some pounds though! I'm curious to see how it works out for you.

  23. I totally hope it all "comes out" okay...eww gross!
    Keep us updated. If it works, I am SO buying it!

  24. If you're looking for cheap and effective check out the master cleanse diet. Basically a 2 week fast that will get you squeaky clean through and through.

    I'm not sure anything packaged and sold to you as a remedy is worth a sh!t...

    First time reader here swinging by from thewsvr

  25. If you're looking for cheap and effective check out the master cleanse diet. Basically a 2 week fast that will get you squeaky clean through and through.

    I'm not sure anything packaged and sold to you as a remedy is worth a sh!t...

    First time reader here swinging by from thewsvr

  26. Muze - I'll think about it... I don't walk away from double dog dares often. ;-)

    Vinomom - if nothing else, I hope I shed a pound or two!

    Chandra - So far, nada.

    Buckshot77 - Welcome! I let my curiosity get the best of me sometimes! I saw the Master Cleanse, but it was more expensive (more than I wanted to gamble). So, if nothing else, I'll find out if this is something or nothing, right? ;-)

  27. LOl.. the fish.

    Must've been one of those ... soccer team type of situations. every man for himself..
    you like dark meat or white?

    Tail or gill?


    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gag.

    I would've puked. No need for butt cleanse... just go by the tanks.

    your blog's hilarious.


  28. It may make you really tired. Or flu-like.

    I've tried those before; Five pounds lost is five pounds lost!