Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With The Old

And in with the new.... a newly painted bedroom and hallway, that is!

As I said yesterday, the Evil Twin and I have been wanting to paint our bedroom for a while. In March, we will have lived in this house for 5 years.

Of course, Buddy's room got the first make-over, then when we were expecting Sissy, her room got a fresh coat of paint.

Shortly after Sissy was born, we had a MAJOR remodel: all existing wallpaper (except the kitchen) was removed and all newly exposed walls were painted. The kitchen floor was replaced with porcelain tile. The carpet in the Den,(living room to non-Southerners), Dining room and hallway was all pulled up and the original oak hardwoods were refinished. The main bathroom was gutted and completely redone (complete with porcelain tile floor to replace fugly pink CARPET - yes, carpet in a bathroom!), many light fixtures were replaced and all the carpet downstairs was pulled up and replaced with berber carpet, the two bedrooms downstairs (we use one as an office) were painted and lastly, we replaced 18 windows with vinyl double hung, Low E Argon Gas windows.

I think we had contractors in our house for a month - and it was chaos, but so worth it at the end.

We had three more projects to tackle: painting our bedroom, painting the hallway and removing all wallpaper from the kitchen and painting. This weekend, we get to knock out bedroom and hallway.

The kitchen wallpaper removal process will be slow and painstaking. There is a lot of wallpaper that needs to come down. I think we'll save that one for this Spring or Summer.

We do as much work as we can ourselves - obviously to save money.

At any rate, the Evil Twin did 2 coats of primer in the bedroom and one coat of the new paint today. One more coat of the new color tomorrow and we'll have a new bedroom to move back into for the New Year! Last night, we got to sleep in the guest bedroom. Like an adventure!

It's interesting that a large portion of our bedroom furniture is in the dining room and lining the hallway. it's sort of like one of those little puzzles where the pieces are shuffled all around until the puzzle is solved. Only in our case, it's a musical rotation of household furniture until it can be returned to its' rightful location.

Our room is on the small side, so I didn't get any before pics. I'll try to get an after if I can get a decent angle, but just imagine...

Our walls were a putrid peachy-pink color in FLAT paint. Our room was always so dismal and dark looking. I hate flat paint - we went with a satin this time around! Yay for new old spaces!


  1. I remember visiting your master bedroom when I stayed over and I remember your pink walls quite fondly. I don't recall however what kind of carpet was there, full shag or bare. Wondering if he's going to be working on your carpet next?

  2. Ohhhhh, I'm so jealous. The only way I get stuff done around the house is to do it myself. I singlehandedly turned Lil "D"'s room from a pink nightmare to a boys sports haven. Glad your getting your projects done. Happy New Year !

  3. Happy New Year! It's a wonderful feeling to be able to accomplish something that brightens things up. I'm still working on getting Mr.Man to fix the tub surround before it falls through the floor into our kitchen.
    I am hopeful is...after all...a new year right around the corner.

  4. that "spif" stuff makes removing wallpaper pretty easy. Happy New Year!

  5. Ah yes ... Furniture Tetrus. Been there / done that. Don't want to do it again any time soon. In fact, I live in a reality where I will have copious amounts of money to hire someone else to do it next time. Obviously I need a better drug dealer.

  6. I love to's just too darn cold herre to do it with the windows closed. Ugh! The smell!
    BTW, you never said what the new color is that you chose. Do tell...

  7. Curious about your new color as well.

    Isn't it great to have that fresh color up? Doing it yourself is a pain (oh, how I know), but what an accomplishment.

  8. Ron - we have wall to wall carpeting in there, but it's a low pile. I think we'll keep the carpet.

    MEL - Yeppers!

    The Girl - It's all the Evil Twin around here. Otherwise, I'd be hiring peeps. LOL.

    BG - Well, it has taken me a while to get him to agree to it. LOL.

    JA - yep, I love the Dif, but we still have soooo much to remove.

    Crazy Mo - Furniture Tetris! ROFL. It's a pain, but when it's's over!

    MsPulp - I actually like the smell. Weird. The color is called "Cotton Whisper" and it's a shade darker than an off white (a hint of yellow in it).

  9. There is nothing like a freshly painted wall. I too have painted like a madwoman this year (Front porch, living room, dining room, study, kitchen, then woodwork in living room and kitchen. Still need to do woodwork in dining room and study!) Bet it looks great! Here's to spending 2009 in your "new" bedroom!

  10. Tiff - It's called "Cotton Whisper" from Home Depot. I think you can find it on the website. I love fresh paint!

  11. I painted our office in August and that completed the remodel that began when I met Mona. I have now redone every room in my house. Some of them twice. Here's the list:
    Main floor
    Living Room- Walls, furniture, etc.
    Dining Room- Paint- 2x, furniture
    Kitchen- Paint, floors, countertop
    Full Bath- Gutted and redone 2x
    Master Bedroom- Paint & New Furniture, closet system
    Office- Paint and new furniture
    Hallway- Paint

    Refinsihed hardwood throughout
    Half bath- paint, floors fixtures, plumbing
    Guest room- Paint, some furniture, curtains, etc.
    Peanuts room- Paint, furniture, closet system
    Hallway- Repainted

    Some waterproofing
    Some furniture moved down from main floor
    Work area- Walls sealed with drylock, new electrical, new wall framed for pegboard, existing workbench modified.
    Laundry area- Walls sealed with drylock, new floor, new washer and dryer

    Outside- New roof on house and garage, repainted front door, stipped, sanded and stained same door, new storm door, awnings and railings removed from porch, new landscaping front and back, new paver patio.

    It took a total of a 5 years, almost exactly..

    I'm now done.


  12. Our kitchen had some serious Fugly wallpaper on's now repainted in 1 single (mocha'ish) color & I love it! It's amazing what a single can of paint can do! :)

  13. I used to love to paint, but now it is a real chore. congrats on the change - great way to start a new year. Happy New Year to all!

  14. Ooooh I love a good remodel...amazing what a coat or 3 of paint can do!

    Happy New Year :)

  15. Happy New Year to you and yours!!
    Enjoy the fruits of your labour and your new bedroom!

  16. What IS the NEW color?

    Can't say that I enjoy it, can't even pretend to enjoy it, painting that is. So worth it in the end but it's just the hassle of it all that drives me insane!

  17. I admire you two! A little elbow grease and look what you've done :)

    We do a lot of that around here too. I think you're way ahead of us at this point, but you've been in your house 2+ yrs longer. But it IS worth looking back on isn't it! Not to mention the $$ saved on these DIY projects ;)

    Happy New Year!!

  18. Now that's a very unusual way to usher in the new year, ETW. Well, I hope you find some nice way to initiate that newly painted room in a style befitting its new beauty. Happy New Year!

  19. Susan - I love new paint!

    Jorge - whew! And I forgot about the closet system in Buddy's room and soon to be closet system in Sissy's room. Then the kitchen and we are done forever too. (I hope). LOL.

    TGG - I know! It's like a whole new room!

    themom - it's not me painting. I just did the picking. Evil Twin is in charge of most household improvements, although I am the one to remove wallpaper.

    Laura - Happy New Year to you, too! You'll have to swing by sometime and see all our projects.

    MsBarbaraJane - Happy New Year! I think we're ready to move back in soon.... :-)

    Chandra - Cotton Whisper from Behr (Home Depot brand). The Evil Twin is official painter. I'm just the supervisor. LOL.

    Carolyn - it is sooo satisfying and Happy New Year to you!

    Dave - have to strike while the iron's hot (or rather when the Evil Twin has time off and the inclination to do it! LOL). Happy New Year!

  20. Good luck with the finish coat and re-arrangement of furniture. You've just reminded me of why we only painted the house once. A happy new year to you and yours.

  21. Happy New Year Sweetie. I'm so glad that we became blog buds. Hope your night was excellent and your 2009 is the best year ever. XXXOOO

  22. Sounds like an adventure! I can't believe that I'm considering re-dooing our bedroom after the Windows Nightmare here...oh well...hope springs eternal! Take pictures when you're done!

    Happy New Year!!!

  23. flat paint makes everything look dull and old....sating is a brightening way to some pics. I do remember the window installation, the chest issue, lights for free and lots of other house fixitups.

  24. We to are in the middle of a semi apartment remodle. LOL! All done ourself! Just an effort to make it a bit more homey for us until we venture out and acutally buy a home or move to Georgia and build! Needless to say tho when we do it ourselves it takes forever to finish! lol Yea the wife 'says' she plans on finishing the bedroom tonight!