Monday, December 15, 2008

Running Late

Last night, the Steelers game went a little long, then stupid CBS decided to run 60 minutes in it's entirety (which was frankly 60 minutes too long - it always is) and so my beloved Survivor finale didn't start until 8:30.

For those who don't know, the finale for Survivor is always a 2 hour deal, then after that, they have a one hour "reunion" show where all the contestants share the stage and talk about their time - short or long - playing the game.

Well, I like to watch it all and as I watch, I enjoy swilling Chardonnay like it's going out of style.

This morning, I've been a little slow on the draw - plus a certain special monthly friend flew in to visit yesterday and I'm not feeling so hot.

Add that to what I'm sure will be a very crowded Mart of Wal (hey, it's cheap and I need LOTS of stuff this week), and I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to get my day going.

The plus side is that it's almost 70 degrees, according to my digital indoor/outdoor thermometer here in the house. The weather channel icon on my laptop is saying 57, but I suspect it's just warmer around my house than in the burg as a whole. So, at least I don't have to get bundled up like the Michelin Man just to leave the house! That almost makes going out worthwhile.

So, I will leave you with a question... Have you ever been to an office Christmas party where one co-worker Xeroxed their butt/crotch/boobs? I've never witnessed that type of shenanigan, but I do have some office holiday party stories coming up. And let me just add: I am SO glad I don't have an office to deal with any longer. Give me a whiny toddler any day. Even whiny, it's a lot more bearable than most co-workers!


  1. Oh, I do agree about co-workers, except mine is on anti-depressants now, so she's better. Thank God for that.

    We're suppose to be 69* here today, and it is already 61*. Hooray!

  2. That was a good Survivor - I was happy that Bob won everything!

    No office parties - I was a teacher in my former life before kids - so we only had class parties - teachers are usually so exhausted by the time the break rolls around the mere thought of one more thing is mindblowing!
    We did go to an office party once for Mr Wonderful - not his office, one we were invited to - and a girl was on her boyfriend's LAP grinding him during the dinner.... It was nasty.
    That's my exciting story.

  3. Yes, I agree. I'll take my kids over the 'kids' I came across in the corporate world any day! Never had witnessed any office craziness at parties - I tried to leave them all ASAP.

  4. Never, during a Christmas party...but I was guilty once of Xeroxing my boobs and faxing them out to a certain somebody....

  5. I was at a company Christmas party once at the CEO's beautiful house, and one of our female coworkers wanted to do cartwheels (she was obviously drunk) and she was wearing a skirt. So in front of everyone, seeming totally oblivious, she was making sure that Victoria's Secret wasn't such a secret anymore.

    ...and at least your Steeler's won, us in Baltimore aren't as lucky!

  6. I am thrilled that Bob won! I expected that Sugar would have made a stronger showing, however, so that was odd.

    I just went to a party where one of my co-workers (and a good friend of mine) got really, really, drunk and mooned us. It was at someone's house so there was no chance for her to Xerox it.

  7. DAMMIT! It was 10 degrees here today. 10!!!!

  8. I only Xeroxed my balls once and now everyone has to keep bringing it up. Geesh people I do something embarassing once after smoking herion and nobody will let me forget it!

  9. Geez.....15 degrees here. Girl I worked with copied her boobs......and I still have a copy ;)

  10. My office party is sedate to the nth degree, just lunch in a room together. Bill's is more fun but held at a country club so no copier available. Just lots of drunken attorneys dancing.

  11. I always made sure to skip the office party -- so not a joined that way. We don't have one where I work now, bit copying our boobs isn't out of the question.

  12. My employer is giving everyone a frozen turkey this year, in lieu of an office party. Sounds good to me! At least I'll get a turkey out of the deal; I wouldn't have gone to the party.

  13. Never really had Christmas Parties at work....hospitals and all. But, some of the docs had some wild ones...quite surprising, but held in a hotel suite so no copy machines just disappearing guests and docs

  14. I worked at a state agency where the ex director dressed like Santa, put a woman on his lap and announced that it made his "bells jingle."

    I almost puked.

  15. kenju - gotta love the pharmaceuticals!

    Momma - Ewww. That is nasty.

    Gigi - Oh, I've got some tales coming up.

    The Girl - now that is what I call a good time!

    JA - Yep, booze and company parties can result in some hijinx! Yay, Steelers. Sorry about your Ravens.

    Alex - I think Sugar said some strange things during the question part that made her less likeable. I was surprised too. And, at least mooning isn't going to hang around for years (like a photocopied bum). LOL.

    Ginger - Oh, I'm sure that will be us in a day or two. :-/

    Ron - ROFL!!!

    Efen - the gift that keeps on givin'!

    Blair - Yours may be dull, but at least it doesn't require you to use up an evening of your own free time to hang around people you can't stand at the office. :-)

    Laura - I have also been an office party avoider, when possible.

    Jeff - I don't even like turkey and that sounds like a better deal to me!

    rosemary - hmmmm. Sounds pretty interesting! All those doctor and nurse fantasies coming true! LOL.

  16. Muze - nothing says "Merry Christmas" like office sexual harassment!

  17. i xeroxed my nards and put them in the mailboxes of the board of directors of my college's radio station. that wasnt at a party but...

    i also used to host my show without pants. "PANTLESS FRIDAYS" was what we called it. Every week. For 2 years.

    Once at a party I went to the bathroom and came out naked riding a spiderman bouncey ball. This was only a couple of years ago.

    I'm not ashamed of my naked hairy fatness.

  18. Crazy weather today, right? My BF just keeps talking about "global warming" Mostly I ignore him but seriously why is it 70 degrees in December?

    You watch Survivor like I watch Gray's Anatomy :)

    I have been to some fun office parties and once one of the guys came out dressed in a Santa Thong or something like that. He was a real exhibitionist - I don't even think he was that drunk.

  19. I totally agree with you about work. No matter how hard it gets sometimes with toddlers, I would rather stay at home any day. AND it's still a much harder job to stay at home.