Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

We had our Trick or Treat last night. In the county we live in, they never do Trick or Treat on the 31st and they also never have it on a weekend night. So, next year, it will most likely be on the 29th (since the 30th and 31st will fall on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively). And, it's never on a Sunday or Wednesday.

The Sunday/Wednesday rule is because this is a huge Bible Belt area and Sundays and Wednesdays are church nights. It's never on the 31st or a weekend because the powers that be feel like either of those things encourages more mischief and mayhem than ordinary.

So, with all our rules and regulations, Trick or Treat was last night. Which, as you already know, was also our anniversary.

We take the kids and go to our friends' house a couple of miles down the road. They're in the same little burg as us, but they have a more "kid friendly" neighborhood and the houses are on a relatively flat area. Our house is on a dead end street and we have this huge long uphill driveway and then concrete steps to get to the front door. The couple we bought the house from said they had only had a couple of trick or treaters in the 30+ years they had been here.

My plan was to let the dads take the kids around while my girlfriend and I sat out front of their house to greet the Trick or Treaters. That way, I could consume a goodly amount of wine (hey, I was celebrating!) and I wouldn't have to keep up with the bigger kids.

My plan worked perfectly.

Sissy was the cutest little pumpkin witch and Buddy was some sort of grim reaper. His costume was so creepy that Sissy just screamed in terror when she saw it.

Before we left, I wanted to get pictures, but Buddy couldn't have his full costume on if I wanted Sissy to stand next to him. Too funny.

I managed to get pics of him later at our friends' house.

As I suspected, the big kids (Buddy and his BFF, both 10 and BFFs brother, who is 6) all ran ahead of the adults and the Evil Twin walked along with Sissy as they went from house to house.

They returned a little earlier than the bigger guys, but Sissy still made out like a bandit. Her pumpkin bucket was about half full!

Buddy had a pumpkin bag that was quite full as well.

I was VERY full of wine by the time we returned home.

I'm a bit tired this morning, but can't afford to be.

Today is Buddy's school Halloween parade and class party. I have to pick him up at 11:30, then have him in his costume and back to school by 1. I'm actually going to go back a little earlier because I have homeroom mom duties.

That's okay. I'll get him and Sissy back in their costumes and we'll have a little bit more Halloween fun before we call it a year (again!).

I'm off to get a shower and get truckin' today.


  1. Around here we celebrate Christmas on the 18th of December....much less conflict with schedules than on the 25th ;) Hehe...Just Kidding...I do find that very interesting though.

  2. Have a great time! There is nothing cuter than a bunch of kids on halloween all dressed up. Ummm... I wouldn't recommend taking the wine to the school though, I hear they frown on that sort of stuff :)

  3. Efen - yep, it's weird. But, I don't make the rules around here. ;-)

    Ron - What's left of the 2nd bottle is safely in the fridge. Remarkably, there is still a lot in the bottle. I can't party like a rock star much anymore these days. LOL.

  4. Here in Yankee-ville, they are complete heathen's - we have Trick -or-Treat on Friday the 31st and let the whole town go crazy! All twenty of them...can you say "Green Acres"??

  5. laughing at Efen's comment...

    That is weird though, I've never heard of such a thing. I mean I can see the Wed and Sunday thing, but then add to it No Weekends?

    I hope you and your hubby get a chance to celebrate properly! 15!

  6. I remember days like that, and I am so glad they are all behind me!!

  7. Sounds like you had fun both last night and more today. I really miss takin' the stepboys and their friends trick-or-treating! We lived a mile from the county line, and both counties had it on the same night. One boy that lived in our county on our road attended school in the other county. His mom didn't take him, so we took him with us in our county, then we took him with us again in his, lol! (Shhh...;)

    Ours is tonight. I'm ready, I hope. We expect about 100. Last year I had to make a candy run up to Krogers! First time ever, never did that in the country.

  8. We usually get quite a lot of trick or treaters. with Shark recuperating, we have set up a nice little area on our front porch for passing out candy and sipping wine and visiting with parents. It's a fun evening - but I hope doesn't go too late!

  9. I, uh, conveniently worked late last night. And ate candy at my desk.

  10. MsPulp - y'all try to keep it down up there, ya hear?

    Vinomom - welcome to the Bible Belt.

    kenju - giving out candy while sipping Chardonnay is not a bad deal at all. Being on my feet for 5 hours while entertaining a gaggle of 10 year olds today was a drag.

    Carolyn - I wish we got some trick or treaters at our house, but we're just off the beaten path enough. Have fun handing out candy tonight! It's warmer than it was last night, at least.

    Momma - it sounds like a perfect set up. Hope it's great!

    Laura - When you're done with that candy, you can come help us. The kids got SO much. Ugh... we'll be up to our ears in candy for months.

  11. Happy Halloween and belated Happy Anniversary!!!!

  12. Happy Anniversary!! I'll bet both of the kids were adorable.

  13. Thanks for picking up Little Bit and taking her with you guys yesterday, I truly appreciate it!
    That was the first Halloween parade I've missed since Little Bit was in preschool :(

  14. LOL We had the same problem but with the giant spiders someone had put on their lawn. The kids were having none of it!

  15. with my family we celebrate thanksgiving like 5 times. NEVER on thanksgiving though. because I always have to work.

  16. no kids, no candy, lots of fun stuff by the door, but no kids. We live too far out. Happy Anniversary a bit late.

  17. I don't do Halloween anymore, it's just teaching the next generation to be greedy.

  18. I did pretty much the same thing. I dressed as a pirate, drank, and let my son and daughter-in-law treat the little buggers.

    Trick-or-treat isn't done on Fridays because of high school football, or Saturdays because of college ball.

    Thanksgiving is coming and I'm looking forward to some serious gluttony!