Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stomping Mad

Ugh. I am so frustrated by my new computer. There are many features I really like. But, there are just as many things that are driving me to the brink.

The laptop I bought is running Vista. You've heard the nightmares. But, the Evil Twin got a new computer last summer (not this past, but the one before) and it also has Vista. He hasn't really had any issues, other than it wasn't compatible with his flatbed scanner.

Also, after he got his new computer, I was no longer able to print remotely to either of our two printers that are in the office. I'm sure it was a matter of setting some administrator settings on his computer - but hey, I am not the Geek Squad over here.

In fact, when I leave the house, I glance down at myself to be sure I am fully dressed (I have jumped in the car before with a toddler Buddy, only to realize I had no shoes on and I also realized the pediatrician's office probably wouldn't like a shoeless mom in the waiting area). That's how scatterbrained I can be.

I'm not doing a whole lot of computer fiddling.

I get the basics. I can install software and download drivers. I understand the gist of troubleshooting.

But what I can't figure out is why the Evil Twin's computer will run the software for both our Canon cameras (both the Rebel XT and the Powershot A590), but mine keeps asking me to download a driver.

So, I called Canon (after trying everything else I could imagine). Turns out, I have the much shittier (supposed to be "better") Vista 64, whereas the ET is running Vista 32.

I'm about half ready to say "Fuggedaboutit" and install Ubuntu. But, I'm afraid I would really muck something up.

I am able to use my printer, which has a CF reader and is wireless to upload photos from my Rebel XT and my laptop has a digital media reader slot, so I know I can use the Powershot's SD card there.

It's just that I would like to use the USB cable and the EOS software for my Rebel XT.

The guy I spoke with at Canon was very helpful and gave me some tips on MAYBE getting around it, but he said sometimes what he recommended worked and sometimes it didn't.

Guess which category ol' Evil Twin's Wife fell into?

The big shit sandwich of wishful thinking.

Why do they make new software or new OS platforms that are "supposed" to be better (IMO, that should mean "easier"), when it's really just a huge, gigantic pain in the ass.

I guess I could always use the Evil Twin's computer to upload photos and then email them to myself from his account.

Which would be great if his Windows Email program was working. Which it is not.

Just shoot me now. LOL.


  1. Oh.... you only forgot shoes, I had an entirely different mental picture there ;-)

    I ussually wait a year or so before upgrading my OS to the "better" versions so they have time to work out buggy issues like that. Sometimes I wait longer because I'm cheap too.

  2. I feel for you. I am the one who ignores my computer problems until something forces me to get it fixed. I was 'up on' all that stuff for a while, but I have fallen behind in my computer 'fixability' knowledge. And it doesn't help when you talk to someone who DOES know what they're talking about, and they do not sound confident!

  3. Oh, I hate, hate, hate vista. I had it uninstalled on my laptop because it was causing me so many unhappy problems. Office 2007 isn't that much better.

  4. I love a good PC issue...if I can solve it ;-) lol

    So, you the problem is installing the software?

    I am running Windows XP at home. I had the chance for free upgrade and turned it down. However, we just got a new camera and I never attempt to install the software that comes with it. I never really need to do anything with the pictures except look at them. So I just plug in the USB cable between the camera and the computer and it runs a automatic driver search, download and then runs a camera wizard to download my pictures.

    So, I am guessing that when you try to do the same it asks for a driver? You may just have to wait for the driver to exist on your new "better" aka "crapper" system ;-)

    That help? lol

  5. So I've just found out that other people's computer problems can also make my brain hurt.

    I feel for ya - the new TH laptop had problems running the printer at first, and then a genius (not me) figured out how to hook it up so it works. I'm drowning in inch-deep water where computer shizz is concerned.

    Good luck to you!

  6. Ok.... I'm totally PC dorky and don't get alot of what the problem is... because, basically, I type and surf the web.. that's about it.

    But, I can tell you the PC we got last year super sucks. It's got Vista and even the basics are different. I hate it with a purple passion and I don't even use it for anything.

  7. That does suck! I'm running Vista at home and (knocking on wood) everything has run pretty smoothly...but it's not Vista 64, so I will not be able to help you at all.

    Yes, evidently I suck too ;)

  8. That does suck! I'm running Vista at home and (knocking on wood) everything has run pretty smoothly...but it's not Vista 64, so I will not be able to help you at all.

    Yes, evidently I suck too ;)

  9. WTF???? Sorry.....I should be more patient (Note to self: Don't hit 'submit' twice just because you think it 'didn't go through ;)

  10. Ron - I check for pants and everything, though. I can't be trusted.

    Gigi - I think I'm going to try getting a Microsoft person on the phone today. Although the guy at Canon was super helpful and nice, it didn't solve my issue.

    Robyn - I think I'm going to keep it. I don't fool with the Office software - I think I do have it though. Microsoft Works does what I need for now and the Evil Twin has Creative Suites 3 (all the design software and photoshop).

    AC - yes, that's it. It prompts me for a driver, which isn't available. Guess I'll sit back and wait for all that to catch up to 64. I have ways "around" my issue that work, but just aren't as simple as I'd like, so all is not lost on the sitch.

    Tiff - the printer I'm using now was no problem (I had made sure it was compatible with Vista before I bought it in case TET wanted to use it). Knock on wood it continues to work. LOL.

    Diva - I can live with Vista, but I'd like it to be compatible with my camera stuff, too. :::sigh:::

    Efen - LOL. I've done the same thing many times. Sometimes Blogger just farts and these things happen.

  11. Oddly enough most of the problems I've heard surrounding Vista involve the 64-bit version, which, as you said, is supposed to be "better" than the 32-bit.

    I've used the 32-bit version at home and work and haven't had any problems.

    Of course that doesn't help you at all, so why am I wasting your time? :) Good luck!

  12. Feelin' your pain. I have Vista 32 and it's actually ok. My pain is w/the LabelFlash CD drive the guy at Circuit City installed on my Gateway pc when he sold it to me. It isn't compatible with ANYTHING. Won't label any CD's other than the same brand CDs and no body sells them, not even Circuit City! What's with that? That's a post I'm going to do soon, would a done today, but I had a nice evening and decided to post it instead. I can always rant later, lol!

    Like your new "doo" btw :)

  13. Uh, yeah, you know how I am with computer "issues"... (pretty much just say "screw it" and go have a drink).

    Good luck...and loving the new pic, Smexy :)

  14. The next laptop we're buying will be a Mac just to avoid Vista.
    I've never been one of those Mac lovers.

  15. The one thing I made sure of when I got my new laptop - NO VISTA. I still hear nightmare stories from those far more computer literate than I - and they are pulling their last hairs out at times. Good luck.

  16. see? there is something to be said about being a computer dummy. i turn it on and it either works or it doesn't. it doesn't, i get pissed and turn it off for punishment. simple.

  17. RZ - thanks. At least now I know what the issue is, even if I can't resolve it right away.

    Carolyn - my last two have had LightScribe (not sure if that's similar to what you have) and I've had no problems with it accepting regular CDs/DVDs...hmmmm (I better not say that too loud with THIS NEW one, though LOL).

    Laura - time and place and I'll bring the hooch.

    C.Rag - I am not a Mac person either. In fact, I hate them. I've worked on both (as a graphic designer), but prefer the PC. Sometimes, Microsoft just needs to get off their lazy asses and work out the bugs! I don't need more compatibility issues, so we'll stick with PCs. Lots of people rave on the Mac, though!

    themom - but, it's only the Vista 64 giving fits and that's what I have. I thought I would be safe b/c the Evil Twin bought his a while back and has had no probs (Vista 32). Live n learn.

    rosemary - unfortunately for me, I am a computer addict. It's like TV for me. Only more frustrating lately. Gah! :-)

  18. It's amazing how incredibly irritating a slow or messed up computer can be!!! My kids are fighting over a power cord that one has misplaced from their laptops. JEEZ!

  19. Geez - I hadn't heard about the differences in Vista. I'm not a huge fan, but am ok w/ it. I can't run Itunes through it cuz it disables my CDRom and thats annoying.

    All in all I feel like it takes 3 to 4 years for any new OS to become Bug Free.

    For the camera issue - I don't know anyhthing about Canons but I use Picasa to download all of my photos and 86'd all the software that came w/ my camera. Love Picasa.

    Could that be an option?

  20. I am clueless with the computer stuff. Thats my husbands job. I have been known to go to the grocery in my slippers without realizing it until my kids point it out.

  21. Ubuntu? Honey, you're just not allowed to even think of loading that OS if you can't figure out vista.

    There's an easy fix. Purchase new software and accessories. That was Micro$oft's plan anyway...