Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy as a Buzzy Bee

Buzzy Bee is what Sissy says for Bumblebee, and I happen to think it's super cute.

It's been a crazy week so far and things don't look much calmer for the rest of the week, either.

I had to run to the bank yesterday - and I had to go IN to the bank, which is always a hassle. Our insurance reimburses us a certain amount for eyeglasses/contacts per person on the policy every 12 months and I had submitted a claim for Buddy's new glasses not long ago.

They sent the check in his name. He's a 10 year old kid, for crying out loud. He does have a savings account at our bank and I'm the executor on both kids' savings accounts, so I had to run in and see what I needed to do to deposit the check.

Then, the Evil Twin's car needs a new registration. There is a place in town that can handle that and I knew they were closed for lunch - I thought it was noon to 1, but when I pulled up yesterday, the front door informed me they were closed from 1 to 2 daily. I was there at 1:15, after I had gone to the bank. So, I'll run down there today.

I don't mind running errands - except when it's so nipply cold already! It's a pain getting Sissy in and out of the van, only to feel that cold, biting wind. Yuck.

I am really not ready for this weather.

We have a full view screen door with the retractable screen and most all the time, the "window" part of it is up, but I still like to leave the front door open, so we have nice sunlight streaming in. With it being so chilly though, it doesn't pay to have the main front door open and so it seems really dark in here all of a sudden.

I like to call it a bat cave. And, I complained about it to the Evil Twin yesterday. He said, "Well, get used to it... it's wintertime." and "You've got a long haul in front of you if you're already complaining about the darkness."

I know, I know. Doesn't mean I have to LIKE it.

Are y'all ready to go on my Seasonal Affective Disorder ride?

It's not nearly as fun as this ride:

Damn. I'm gonna need a lot of nickels this winter....


  1. OMG!!! I almost peed my pants, I laughed so hard! Thanks, I needed that. It's snowing here in Pissylvania and I'm already looking for a bargain on SAD spectrum light. This blows.

  2. Just wait, daylight savings time kicks in this weekend and that should really help with the SAD. Oh, by the way I only charge a penney.

  3. I know! This weather sucks ass. It's freezing and windy. I hate going anywhere when it's like this. Once I'm home I stay home.

  4. I have to get out in this crap every morning at 5am and drive 30 miles to work. It blows.

    I don't mind the cold, but I could do without the wind and snow.

  5. MsPulp - Ugh. Snow. If you find that bargain, let me in on it, k?

    Ron - Yep, fewer daylight hours is sure to be real helpful. Seriously, I thought a nickel was a bargain price!

    Vinomom - I get home, throw on the comfy pants and that's it for me, too.

    Bucky - I feel for ya. I don't miss those early morning, scraping frost off my windows days.

  6. Only 5 cents? Cheap at twice the price.

    I'm not a fan of the darkness either. THe storm/screen door to the back porch usually stays open in clement weather, but lately I can feel the cold coming in and have to shut it. Doesn't help that by 7 it's pitch dark out either.

    I find that copious amount of bourbon help ease the pain of the encroaching darkness. What WOULDN'T it help? :)

  7. That's really cheap!!

    We had to go to the bank yesterday, to complain again. I may blog about it.

    It's too cold here today, but it will be back to 70 by the end of the week-

  8. The den in our place is downstairs... no windows and when I can't leave the big door open (the glass door doesn't keep in much heat) then it's like a dungeon.

    I hate the short, cold days ahead too!

  9. I agree with you on cold weather this early! Even here in Houston we're having cool temps - we never cool off this early!
    Well, at least you have the beautiful fall colors!!

  10. LMAO....uh...Do they sell that shirt at Macy's?

  11. Tiff - I know! Depending on the quality of the ride, he could really up his asking price. I find wine soothes most pains (not much on the liquor).

    Kenju - I expect you all will re-experience fall before too long! Luckies!

    Diva - You've got a bat cave too? Sucks... :-(

    Momma - True - the trees/foliage is all so lovely this time of year. Too bad it's too cold to get out and bask in its' glory! LOL.

    Efen - You could probably make one yourself on Cafepress. You might consider raising the price, though. Inflation and all, you know.

  12. We were already fooled by that little snow skiff yesterday. It's still bitter cold today but the sun's shining. Last Halloween we sat out in our t-shirts, this year we'll be in our long johns watchin' the weather play trick or treat, lol!

  13. LMAO! You so crack me up. You're all sweet and mommy-ish talkin' about cheese and stuff...then you bust out with something like this. You rock :)

  14. 5 cents...hmmm...that's economical! Though I'm not sure about the quality. lol

  15. Carolyn - that's what I say about WV weather... it always keeps ya guessing!

    Laura - Well, it gets dark so early. A girl's gotta find *something* to do!

    honeywine - Notice it says "rides" (plural). Maybe it's quantity over quality in this case.

  16. I'm with you on the 'bat cave' thing. I struggle with SAD that seems to be getting worse as I age. I try to lighten up my moods by purchasing my own fresh flowers every couple weeks, burning nice scented candles [honeydew being my fav] and using full spectrum lighting.

    Doing the Secret Santa things keeps me up, also.

    Hang in there, the daylight starts getting longer in just a few more weeks!

  17. So that's what you meant by the nickel comment in today's post!

  18. Muze - So far, I've been trying to keep the curtains open a bit. It helps a little. I'll just keep truckin' until Spring. :-)

    Dave - Yep. LOL.