Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Picture Day

Today is school picture day at Buddy's school. Thank goodness I saw a reminder for it on the daily lunch menu and quickly filled out the forms and a check. I always order the smallest package, because really, his photos don't vary much - except the frames on his glasses.

The boys have to wear their uniform, tie and school sweater. They also are supposed to wear long pants (as opposed to the shorts) for the group picture. Someday I will have to line up all those photos and marvel over the glasses changes. LOL.

So, I got him up and ready to go this morning. I packed lunches for him and the Evil Twin (although Buddy took his lunch yesterday, too - but forgot to bring his lunch box home, so his lunch was sent in a used plastic grocery sack. I'm out of the brown paper lunch sacks.... remind me to put that on my WalMart list for next Monday).

I swear that I function as the brain of this house and that's pretty scary, if you ask me. I can be as absentminded or forgetful as anyone, but I'm in charge of remembering what must be done every day - and that changes.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Buddy's school are gym days. The boys have to wear dress shoes with their uniforms, so they must remember to bring tennis shoes on Tues and Thurs for gym.

I have to stay on top of the lunch menu and ask Buddy in advance if he wants the school lunch that day or a packed lunch (alternately known as: hot lunch or cold lunch).

I was planning tonight's dinner last night - taking inventory of what I had, what needs to be used up before it goes bad and what I think my family will eat given the food items I have on hand to work with.

So, I was pulling frozen chicken tenderloins out of the freezer at 11 pm last night. I'm planning on Chicken in a Garden. That might change though and I can always switch to another chicken dish.

Because my poor brain must work at warp speed the majority of the time, I've decided today is "Be as lazy as possible day". It's almost 9 am and I haven't even made the beds or had a shower yet. Egads. This place might go to hell in a handbasket!

I think I'm going to snuggle under a blanket and laze around with Sissy for a bit. (or as long as my OCD will allow). Wish me luck! And remind me about that item for WalMart later on!


  1. It was the good old lunch menu that reminded us, too, that today was picture day! So what began as a sane morning became frantic as blowdryers and curling irons were plugged in (girls!) and Little Bit began screeching over the whereabouts of her favorite pair of earrings and her uniform sweater. It all got styled, it all got found, and I'm assuming the photo has been taken already. Side note: today is my Oldest Daughters' 32nd birthday, aren't I nearing Mom Retirement??? :)

  2. Move over and let me in. I need to go snuggle too!

  3. That sounds like just to much work... I haven't even decided what I'm having for lunch yet.

  4. I totally support "Be as lazy as possible day"! I think I'm going to join in on this celebration. I need a day for that. Write your congressman and see if we can get this to be a national holiday.

  5. Hehe...'school picture day'...reminds me when my nephew, who was maybe 10 at the time and even then VERY particular about his appearance, had got up early and had my sister make sure his favorite clothes were ready for 'Picture Day'. Just before they left for school, he went out to let their dog in (a yellow lab that weighs close to 90#). The dog jumped up on him and knocked him into the pool! LMAO.... He wasn't a very happy kid ;)

  6. MEL - LOL. And yes, I already wished your oldest a happy day on her MySpace page. :-)

    Honeywine - just don't hog the blanket!

    Ron - I rarely get lunch (no time). Dontcha feel sorry for me?

    BB - I totally agree. Although my lazy only lasted about 10 minutes after I hit the "publish" button... Damn OCD.

    Efen - lucky for us, Buddy goes to Catholic school, so I have *several* of the same shirts/pants/shorts/sweaters, etc. All identical.

  7. I know what you mean about being the Brains! Some days I think I am ill equipped to be a mother - the older they get the more you have to remember.

    Have fun lazing around - Wish I was right there with you!

  8. I believe the Dollar Store right down from you has brown paper bags. Much closer than the WalMart and you can stop by on the way home from picking Buddy up from school. :-)

  9. Whenever my kid's schools had picture day, all the kids usually had bruises, scrapes, scratches, funny hair or missing teeth. School pix are not very good, most of the time. I hope yours turn out better than ours always did.

  10. Vinomom - I know and as they get older, they should be remembering some of their own things... Don't be too jealous, I was in the shower after 10 minutes of lazing.

    Inanna - You're so right. I forget about that cool Dollar General for some reason. But when I go, I love it.

    Kenju - Why do you think I order the smallest package possible? LOL. It's so I'll at least have a record of it.

  11. Last week was school pics for my kids, too. They've switched photographers, and this one won't even let you see the proofs -- you get an order form the week before photos and have to pay on the day of school photos. What's up with that?!?!? I got the smallest package, and if they're good, I might buy more.

    Our school photos are today, too. It's so weird to see all my kids in "normal" clothes. :)

  12. I think I have NoCD (No Compulsion to do anything) :)

  13. I love Picture Day. Just wait 'til Sissy gets a little older. You'll see what I mean. :)