Monday, October 6, 2008

Falling to Pieces

This getting old business is for the birds. I know I don't have any real room to complain about my minor aches and pains when there are people with real disabilities and issues.

But, my stuff is the weird stuff. Back in 2002, when Buddy was in preschool, I was carrying his car seat down the stairs (at our old house, which was a mid-entry). I thought I was on the last step - I couldn't see my feet - and I stepped off. Unfortunately, I was 2 steps from the landing and when my left foot hit the landing, my ankle twisted and down I went.

OMWord - the pain. I can't even begin to describe it. I managed to hobble back upstairs to the phone and call the Evil Twin, who came home from work to take me for X-rays. The ankle was just severely sprained, not broken - which I've heard I would have been better off with a clean break as far as healing goes.

Every so often, that left ankle will just begin to hurt out of the blue. This weekend, it mysteriously started hurting early Saturday evening, but by mid Sunday afternoon, it was fine. But, for the time it was bothering me, I had to kind of hobble around the house and that's no fun.

I had a post a few weeks back where I talked about making Apple Crisp and I had a comment from a friend about this contraption:

I ordered it and put it together. On Saturday evening, I was going to put it away until I needed it and with both hands on either side, I lifted it up. Unfortunately, my left index finger gripped the slicing blade. That blade is true to its' name. Ouch! It's just a small cut, but it hurts like the dickens!

I put a band aid on it for Saturday evening and went on about my business.

I also got a bug bite on my left elbow a few weeks ago. It STILL is all itchy and it hurts when I pick at it (I know, DON'T pick at it, right? That line doesn't work with me.... I'm a picker).

So, there I was on Saturday, hobbling around on my bum left ankle, with my left index finger throbbing while trying to scratch the skin off my left elbow and relieve the itch.... the mother-loving, never ending itch! Arrggggh!

I'm telling ya, people, it just doesn't get more glamorous than that!

I think the only thing that would have been better is if someone caught me shaving my hobbit toes or something like that. Oh shit! Did I say that out loud? Just forget that last part, k? Thx.


  1. When you are a child you can fall six stories and get up and walk away. When in your twenties things heal normally. At around thirty things break and never seem to heal completely and as you get near forty things just start breaking for no reason.

  2. I also have hobbit toes. For the moment - it seems though that this whole menopause thing means less hair grows in places it once flourished. So there's THAT to look forward to.

  3. Those blades are sharp, but I guess you already know that now. :)

    The small cuts always seem to hurt worse. I think it has something to do with nerves not really dying or numbing like they would in a larger cut.

  4. The worst thing about all those small indignities is that it's hard to get much sympathy when you try to whine about them.

    A nice cast or bandage will garner all kinds of oohs and ahs.

    But a tiny band-aid? Nothing.

    (even though we ALL know that those tiny cuts hurt the WORST!)

  5. But Tiff, even though less hair grows where it used to - the hair just migrates to places it isn't supposed to grow!! LOLOLOL True!

    ETW, you are too young to be worried about aging, but small injuries hurt and when you have more than one - ouch!

    The bug bite may have been a spider bite, if it still hurts/itches 2 weeks later.

    I broke my right little toe in 1956 and it still hurts whenever it rains.

  6. Ron - yeah, I guess it's all downhill from here, right? :-)

    Tiff - that is good to know! Thanks!

    Bucky - I think the little cuts just tend to smart longer. Anything more serious, I'd have been at the ER and sent home with good meds! LOL.

    NCP - I didn't even try for the sympathy angle. I knew it wouldn't work, so I just steamed in my own pain and hatefulness.

    Kenju - I think my ankle tends to get worse in high humidity or rainy times, too. At this point, I've excised the raised bump of the bite and the fluid, so it might be the little scab healing that is causing the itch. Scabs and hobbit toes. Damn! I am such a catch!

  7. "Scabs and hobbit toes. Damn! I am such a catch!"

    LOL... stop it with all this sexy talk, I'm only human!!!

  8. My son is a picker, too. He got some mosquito bites and said, "I'm taking my boo-boo off mommy." I just try to ignore it, but I hate seeing those nasty little specs of blood on his bed sheets!

  9. Yep, I getcha!

    I had a pounding sinus headache Sunday-- until I stubbed my toe on the metal bistro table leg. Then that hurt like the dickens until I banged my elbow into the basement doorframe.

    I'm a scab picker too. And sunburn skin peeler.

  10. SUPER-COOL shout-out in the Surf Report today!


  11. We had one of those apple peelers once but it never really worked all that well. That's why I buy pie in a can. Hmmm...that sounded dirty. lol

    And getting old...could so do without it!

  12. A few zits and you'd be down right irresistable!!! :)

  13. Ron - sorry... I didn't mean to send you into a frenzy there!

    Gigi - the big difference there being that he is a *little boy*. I am a grown person who is clearly deranged.

    Carolyn - or perhaps I'm not as deranged as suspected. ;-)

    Lauren - I was pleased. I'm glad the Evil Twin will be designing the new shirts for Jeff.

    Honeywine - this one works remarkably well (on apples and on fingers, too!).

    MEL - Well, I've been known to sprout up a bump or two... Ironic, really. Fighting wrinkles AND blemishes. Ahhh, aging.

  14. If you keep being klutzy and falling apart that fast you will be lucky to make it to my age.

    Have your will made out?

  15. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in the hobbit toe area.

    Do you have a chia chin, too?

  16. BBC - LOL!! My mom always called me a bull in a china shop and I've lived this long. I love that you used the word "klutzy". That's exactly the word I'd use to describe me.

    Renn - Not so much the chin, but the fine (as in light and whispy) jowl hairs, which -- really -- can I describe it as anything other than just "Classy"?

  17. OMGWTFBBQ!!11!!!!1! You are my cosmic twin these days. When I got home from my freaking 4-hour visit at the doc in the box, Curmy just looked at me so pitifully and said, "I really hope you get to feeling better soon."

    Got different antibiotics this time. They say right on the bottle "may cause the rrhea." Yay! Given my track record lately we'll have to rename my ass Old Faithful.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon too.

  18. Life is hell, hon.
    Getting older and healing slower is worse by far.

    So it seems I am the *only* one pressing ETW with behind the scenes glimpses of Evil Twin's design for the next tshirt.

    (Excuse the uber nite owl)

    Can you give us a glimpse?
    Or do we not have the required clearance?

    I just know it will be great.