Friday, October 10, 2008

Feeling Uninspired

Since Buddy is off school today (teacher in-service - whatever that means) and he and the Evil Twin both have Monday off as well, I'm feeling like today is the beginning of my long holiday weekend, which means I am in "vacation" mode.

I watched Survivor last night, just as I have for the past three weeks. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I do like that show. I'll watch bits and pieces of American Idol and I'm a big fan of Dexter. However, with Dexter, since we don't have Showtime (and I'm not inclined to pay for it), Buzzardbilly had loaned us her DVDs of Season 1. She's also going to let us borrow Season 2, which just recently was released.

Anyway, back to Survivor. One reason I like this show is for the sociological aspect. They take 18 or 20 total strangers, divide them into groups and set them on a remote location with nothing but the shirts on their backs. I think it's interesting to see how those groups get along with one another. How they work together or how they fall apart.

I don't really care too much about the challenges or who goes home (although by the end of the season, I will have one or two "favorites" who I think deserve to "win".). For me, it's all about how the people interact with their other tribe members.

I do realize that the show is edited and we (the viewers) get to see only what the producers want us to see. I'm okay with that.

I also like that these types of reality shows have a beginning, a middle and a definite end. There are no cliff hangers and I don't have to watch every season to understand the next season. (although I HAVE watched every season, except only the last half of season one... I was late getting into it!).

And that's it. Those three shows comprise the entirety of my television viewing.

Last night, I made mini-meatloaves, corn and rolls for dinner. I did the meatloaves in a muffin tin, so they were like little hamburgers - sorta. I thought they were tasty. The rest of the family seemed happy enough with them.

The Evil Twin had chopped one up for Sissy, but I noticed that some of the chunks were kinda on the big side.

Sissy is a lazy cuss and will typically play around at meal times. If someone picks up her fork to show her how to do something (in this case, dip a piece of meatloaf into ketchup - the finest food product known to mankind, in her book), then she will want someone to put every piece into the ketchup and in her mouth. Even though she's very capable with both a fork and a spoon.

So, the Evil Twin gave her a piece of meatloaf. She could barely get it in her mouth all the way and had to use her hand to shove it in to chew. I kept watching her. She kind of gagged a bit. I asked if she was okay and then she vomited.

Great big, copious amounts of vomit. Right at the dinner table. Huzzah.

The meal was over for everyone.


  1. Awww... poor Sissy, but I can't help but imagine people jumping from that table like rats on a sinking ship. LOL

    I hope you don't take that as her critique of the meal :)

  2. I do the 'survivor' thing's called 'work' and I have to survive morons...both employee's and some customers. Actually, I voted one (employee) off the island last week ;)

  3. Ha! I was actually thinking of making meatloaf for dinner tonite, but suddenly changed my mind...

  4. familiar with that scene. I think Bananas has thrown up on the kitchen table at least four times. Kinda ruins the appetite. Even mine.

  5. Ron - you got it! I'm not taking it as critique, but I really screwed up a meatloaf *years* ago, which the Evil Twin won't let me live down. So, there may be no more meatloaf - mini or otherwise in my house again.

    Efen - I think we all have our little "Survivor" episodes in real life. The normal to moron ratio seems awfully high on the moron side.

    Carolyn - sorry to put you off your planned meal. :-( Luckily, a pound of ground beef has lots of possibilities!

    Lauren - I seriously hope it never happens again here. We didn't have that issue with Buddy. And, really, once was more than enough in my book! LOL.

  6. My daughter thinks that ketchup is the greatest food product known to man also. Everything gets dipped in ketchup.

  7. I now have a different perspective on my favorite meal - meatloaf! But the visual is another thing - poor Sissy, I doubt she was expecting that outcome either!!!

  8. I used to watch Survivor, but now I see Ugly Betty. Survivor was better in the first 3 seasons, when they had a smattering of all ages participating. They have gone back to that this year. I think that makes it a better show, other than when all of them look like movie stars or strippers.

    I made your "chicken in a garden" last night and had it again fo lunch today. Pretty good! Next time, I'll back off a little on the Worcestershire and use some Mrs. Dash instead of paprika, just to see what will happen. LOL

  9. Awww!! That's never a good way to have a meal end. I have the new season of Dexter and I'll try to get it to you guys as soon as I possibly can. Saw the doc this morning for my annual check-up on everything that isn't a girl part and was surprised to find I still have pneumonia. No wonder I'm moving so slow. At least I must be on the tail end of it because I feel a lot better than I had been feeling.

  10. checkout

    You can watch pretty much any show on that site.

    Maybe Sissy thought of Joe Biden's hairplugs and that's why she blew chunks...?

  11. Bucky - I consider it a veggie. She won't eat any others. LOL.

    themom - Amazingly enough, she kind of took it in stride. She did look a little surprised though!

    kenju - that's the beauty of the chicken recipe. You can try all kinds of different things. And I also like Survivor when it's a good mix of ages and backgrounds - it's way more interesting.

    BB - no hurry on the Dex. We're patient. I'm just glad you are feeling somewhat better.

    Stew - Thanks for the tip. And LOL. I hadn't noticed the hair plugs - only the baby butt smooth forehead (unlikely at his age w/o botox), but hey... whatever floats his boat.

  12. TThing 1 was like Sissy - HUGE bites of food, with the attendant gaggin and such. Lovely. He never puked though. Guess you're the lucky one.

    I feel for ya.

  13. I've never had any problem with my meatloaf.

    Or with letting my meet loaf.

  14. I left a comment the other day but blogger was giving me issues...Poor Sissy, puking is never fun, but I still laughed pretty hard at the story.

  15. Woooowww... That was fun I bet. I'd make him clean it!

  16. Boy, am I glad I missed that family gathering! YIKES! Poor Sissy.