Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As you can see, I added a new profile pic. This one I took this morning (only moments ago actually) from my webcam. I'm trying to play around with the thing and figure out how to add elements to different things.

I'll probably try to take a different pic in a few days (with my good camera). We'll see how motivated I am.

Over the weekend, the Evil Twin wasn't feeling well. He said he felt nauseous. He never did throw up or anything and we had all eaten the same foods. But he was the only one who didn't feel well. He has had ulcers in the past and I wonder if that's what was acting up?

Anyway, he ended up taking the day off work yesterday. That was good for me because Mondays are grocery days - I actually got to run to to the store all by myself and I must say that the trip was much faster than it is with a 2.5 year old. LOL.

So, I got the shopping finished and came home to make dinner... after dinner, evenings here are just a blur until I end up getting so sleepy I have to go to bed.

I did get a phone call from Ron and we chatted for a bit. I always enjoy talking with him and we had several interesting conversations, which I do want to explore more in-depth here on my blog - but I'm already running behind today and don't have time to do it justice.

Happy Tuesday, peeps!


  1. I hope hubby is feeling better. Maybe it is just a "change of season" thingy!!!

  2. Ulcers are the pits.(HAHAHAHAHAA!)

    Ahem. Sorry about that. Hope he's feeling better now. Nice to have had him around so you could have that unemcumbered grocery trip yesterday. That's almost as good as a nap, isn't it? ;)

  3. My wife loves it when I watch the kids and she can go out by herself for a while.

    I should probably do it more often for her. :)

  4. I hope your husband feels better. Yay for shopping with no kiddos!

  5. New picture is hot.....and ya know, I'm all about 'hot' ;)

  6. Geesh after that long conversation about cleavage that's the shot you posted ;-) LOL

    It was fun catching up with ya.

  7. themom - I think he's fine. Just an upset stomach. Maybe it was all that Frito Bean dip he ate while watching football. LOL.

    Tiff - I also got a nap later in the day. I'm going to get spoiled!

    Bucky - those are magical times for us moms. :-)

    Ginger - I know! :-)

    Efen - thanks, but I think I need my better quality camera.

    Ron - It's kind of hard to get both my face and the cleavage on the webcam. Without looking really stupid. LOL.

  8. I hope ET only had upset tummy and no ulcer issues.

    Can't wait for the webcam hijinx!

  9. When my kids were small, the only time I went to the grocery was at night, when their dad was home! I hated to drag kids through the store, and still do.

  10. I like the new pic!
    Yes, it is much easier to shop alone! Mine are now 12 and 14 and I'd still rather go by myself.... They want everything!!

  11. Is it the squirrels again? Ohhhh...they are tricky! :)

  12. Catscratch - Who knows what I will come up with?

    kenju - I do enjoy the solo shopping!

    Momma - It does increase the grocery budget if the whole crew is with you.

    Honeywine - No squirrels this time.

  13. Love the new pic! Congrats (I think) on the new computer!

  14. Is this your subtle way of admitting you poisoned him? :) Hope he feels better soon. And I hear ya on running behind. Theres about five million things I wanna blog about and never get to - or forget by the time I get to the computer.