Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frosty the Pumpkin?

It's been so weird here lately - weather wise. Frost on the windshields in the morning and lots of fog in the valley.

Then, by mid day, it's usually at least close to 70 degrees.

In WV, Trick or Treat night is always a dicey proposition. You have to get the kids' costumes together and also figure out ways you can layer for them in the event it's a super cold evening and still retain the look of the costume. I usually plan on trying for layers under the costume, if at all possible. Long sleeved shirt, sweat pants or thermals under everything.

This year, Sissy is going as a pumpkin witch. It's an orange costume with short sleeves, but I've purchased a pair of thick black tights and if worse comes to worse, I'll get a black long sleeved cotton shirt to put under the top part.

Buddy wants to be an alien, but the one costume we had seen at Target we could only find in one size and it was a size too small for him. I told him we'd swing by WalMart or somewhere one day after school and we'll see what we can find.

In the past few years, we've gone to visit friends we have down the street a little bit. They live in a more "trick or treat" friendly area (more families with kids, flatter walking areas, etc.). Their oldest son is Buddy's best friend.

My plan for the evening is that the dads (the Evil Twin and Buddy's BFF dad) take our two and their two kids to schlep around for candy while the moms (yours truly and Buddy's BFF mom) sit at their house and enjoy cocktails. LOL.

That evening/day is also our 15th anniversary (more on that later), but I feel like since we never get to go to dinner on our actual anniversary, I deserve a few glasses of wine and the customary anniversary bonk, but that is also a different story.

At least when we get home from trick or treating, the Evil Twin and I can go through the pumpkin buckets and help ourselves to the candy.

Or, as we like to say, "Checking it for pins, razors or poisons." We're good parents that way.


  1. I bet the poor kids wonder why so many people put razor blades in the Snicker Bars and other Good candies LOL

    I generally trick or treat as a homocidal maniac.

  2. Hilarious! Here in TX, we always find our kids shedding their costumes (which 99% of the time are 100% polyester) within 5 minutes of getting to a party. It has held true this year, too. One party so far, and both kids were sweaty and all 'sugared-up' by the time we left!

  3. anniversary bonk - great band name!

  4. With the quite chilly temps now - we are figuring out the layers for thegrandson. Thankfully, his Batman costume has room underneath for such layering - it will make him look muscular - at least that is what we are telling him. Such fun!!

  5. When I was growing up in my little corner of Boone County, the popular costume for extra cold Halloweens consisted of putting the kid in adult long johns and letting them stuff them with pillows however they saw fit. Super long john boobs, bellies, and butts were the norm. Somehow I don't see that working with an alien mask, though.

  6. I like the way you're planning to celebrate Hwe'en. So sophisticated! Add on a celebretory boink, and it just doesn't get much better than that, now does it?

  7. sniff...we are too rural for trick or treating. I liked to dress up and scare the kids...really.

  8. It's already cold here all day long (cold to me, anyway), and I'm not looking forward to trick or treating at all. It's just no fun wearing a coat and gloves!

  9. Ron - and wouldn't ya know it's always the GOOD candy. Necco wafers simply can't be tampered with, so the kids can dig in! LOL.

    Gigi - It's like that here sometimes. Some years, it's warm...others, too cold. We just can't know. :-)

    M - what kind of music would that be? ;-)

    themom - Batman is a good one to add the layers under. I hope you all have fun!

    BB - that's an interesting concept. I'm thinking perhaps sweatpants under an alien's flowing "body" might work....???

    Tiff - we love Halloween around here! It's better than New Year's!

    rosemary - we live on a dead end street with a steep drive way. No kids ever come here either. That's why we go other places.

    Ginger - I know! My fave years are the ones I can wear a short sleeved top and still be comfy.

  10. We don't trick or treat here.

    We shove a bowl of candy at Nooze and say "Here. Eat 'til you puke."

  11. Please send that cooler weather down here!!

  12. Here's to you, the costumes, the candies, and the bonk!

  13. Renn - That's a good way to do it.

    Momma - I wish I could. It's too here too soon for my liking.

    Diva - thanks! ;-)

  14. Well, I for one, would like to hear the "other stories" so don't tease me.

    Growing up in WA I've always hated Halloween, cuz of the temps and I don't have much of sweet tooth anyways. In MD, the weather is hit or miss, but usually still quite chilly. I honestly can't wait til Haley outgrows Halloween. But until then I'll be schleppin' the kid around the neighborhood for a bunch of candy I'm going to hide after the weekend anyways.

    And, What? You got married on Halloween? Do tell!

  15. Since my birthday is the 30th, I always loved going trick or treating as a kid in WV. All I had to do was tell them it was my birthday, and I got an extra handful of candy. I never tried the boink thing....LOL

  16. I hope Nate goes trick or treating one more year... dont' know what I'll do without the candy!