Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Cheese Conspiracy

Remember last week when I went to the grocery store, and I returned to discover that I was running low on cheese slices?

It appears that I'll have to do inventory on my cheese slices prior to any trip to WalMart.

I went to the store on Monday, while the Evil Twin was home, so I could get up there and shop by myself. It was nice and not nearly as crowded as I had anticipated (being a holiday day and all).

But, I did my shopping - whew! - that's out of the way. We had dinner, I got the baby in her bath, the Evil Twin got her ready for bed, I had a few evening chores to knock out and then, I got in the fridge to gather lunch supplies. Buddy had decided he didn't want hot lunch at school, so I knew I had to make two lunches.

I try to gather all the refrigerated items together (like lunch meats, cheese, yogurt, apple, juice box, Coke, etc.) That way, it's all in one spot when I open the fridge the next morning and all I have to do is put the sandwiches together, load each box with the items that person is taking and I'm done.

I lean over to the cheese drawer and discover that there were only 3 slices of cheese left. Dammit! I needed exactly three slices, but still!

I just figured I would go to the IGA after the Evil Twin got home from work the next day (being Tuesday).

Then, I remembered that the Evil Twin goes to the Chinese place on Wednesdays with his co-workers and Buddy said he would eat hot lunch on Wednesday - so yay! No lunches.

I plan on taking Sissy out to Kohl's today and picking up some fall clothing for her and Buddy. When I'm finished there, I will run to the WalMart up the street and buy MORE CHEESE. I would buy the giganto enormous box o' cheese, but sometimes, those filthy processed cheese food slices tend to get hard on the corners if you have them for too long.

We sure burn through the fake cheese around here, though!

Good thing I'm not buying the real cheese. We'd be in the poorhouse (as if we're not at the doorway, with one foot on a banana peel already! LOL).


  1. Train Buddy to only like PB & J, (tell him cheese attracts girls with cooties), and then convince the Evil Twin that not only is cheese not heart-healthy, but that it makes his junk smaller. *taaadaaa* No mo cheese issues!

  2. I'm sure these unusual cheese shortages are due to squirrel plots against society, I'm sure of it.

  3. We are Velveeta freaks around here. I use it on sandwiches, dips etc. Thedaughter only like Kraft wrapped slices - she always has to be different.

  4. I love two slices of fake cheese on each grilled cheese sandwich but I don't eat them anywhere else. I sure do eat a lot of real cheese tho.

  5. If you keep it in ziplock bags, that crusty edge thing won't happen.

  6. Is there a color preference too? Earl will only eat YELLOW American cheese...never WHITE. I try to tell him that yellow just has dye in it...that it all tastes the same...but he's standing strong on his "yellow only" campaign.

  7. Bucky - I like the Packers ok. Kind of miffed that Favre took Pennington's job on the Jets...

    Laura - Buddy looooves PB&J, but isn't supposed to bring them for lunch b/c there is a kid with severe peanut allergy in his class. If I said that to the Evil Twin, he'd say "I could stand to lose a few inches." LOL.

    Ron - maybe the squirrels are making me forget to buy cheese when I need it.

    themom - I buy whatever my crew will eat. They don't seem to be too picky, but they do like a piece of cheese on the sandwich.

    Dave - I eat a lot of real cheese too. For lunches, the fake cheese slices are quick and easy, though. IF I remember to BUY them. LOL.

    Kenju - thanks for the tip. Now I can go to Sam's and buy an enormous box! :-)

    Lauren - no color or brand preference here. I just buy whatever is cheapest. LOL.

  8. You are sooooooooooo nice! When I was a kid it wasn't 'what would you like for your school lunch today?' was 'here's your lunch'. I wasn't picky so whatever Mom put in there..I ate...'cept for 'head cheese'...she knew I wouldn't eat that crap ;)

  9. You're going to have to cash in the 401K if the prices keep going up! I buy the "real" cheese, but I swear it all tastes yucky to me anymore. Maybe I'll buy a goat and start making it at home...hmmm... lol

  10. Efen - both of my kids are picky and I want Buddy to eat at school, so I kinda have to be accommodating. (i.e. I'm a doormat).

    Honeywine - I'm going to have to cash in something. Buddy is still a few years away from teenagedom and can already hoover down a gallon of milk in no time flat! LOL.

  11. I feel lost without cheese as well, but we buy the Kraft shredded kind in the bags. BF puts it on wraps, I melt it in quesadillas or sprinkle it over chips and put em in the microwave. We usually have at least 3 bags in the fridge at a time. Come to think of it I emptied the last bag last night. What is this, some sort of cheese conspiracy?

  12. We burn through the fake cheese, as well. I almost have to hide the cheese to keep the kids out of it in the fridge, or they'll snack on it when I'm not looking.

    I'm going through a blue cheese thing, myself. Blue cheese with just about any kind of fruit is sooooo good... just toss it together like a salad.