Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Good Samaritan

Every month at Buddy's school, one child from Kindergarten through 2nd grade and one child from 3rd grade through 5 grade is chosen to receive the "Good Samaritan" award.

It's given out to a child who has demonstrated exemplary behaviour or done something kind for a classmate or a child who is just a good, kind person.

Buddy had received the Good Samaritan award once in 1st grade for befriending two new boys (twins) who had come to the school in the middle of the year. He showed them the ropes and was helpful to them.

I was called last week by the principal and told that Buddy would be receiving the Good Samaritan award again on Oct. 2 during the 8:15 AM Mass. I haven't been to a morning Mass in forever, thanks to a certain Miss Sissy. I used to go quite often and considered it a great way to start my day.

So, I woke up a half hour earlier than normal this morning and jumped right in the shower so I could get at least halfway ready before waking Buddy up.

Now, this Good Samaritan award is supposed to be a secret and that's why I hadn't blogged about it until after it happened. I didn't want it to leak out and possibly get back to Buddy, so we kept it super secret here.

I figured he might wonder why I was at the church this morning with my good camera, but he didn't get a chance to speak to me before Mass began.

I haven't taken Sissy to church with me since she was an infant. This little jaunt was.... interesting, to say the least. She just chatted the whole time, in her normal voice. I'd lean to her and whisper, "Be quiet." and she'd just blurt out "Be quiet." She's in the repeat everything she hears phase of toddlerdom.

In fact, I had asked her the other day if she was a parrot, and she said yes. Then she said, "Arrgggh." LOL! Not a pirate!

Anyway, the awards were done at the very end of Mass and Buddy was very surprised to hear Father call his name! He had to walk past me to accept his award (a small pin), and as he past, I asked him to turn to face me after he had received the award so I could get a pic of him and Father.

My pics turned out kinda blurry for some reason. I think I was just in too much of a hurry to really try to set up the ultimate shot.

But, here he is accepting his award:

You didn't think I was going to show his face, now, did you? :-)


  1. That's wonderful. Our school does something similar--it's called the Christian Life Award. It's a wonderful feeling as a parent to watch your child be recognized for something so special. Congrats to Buddy AND parents -- it's a team effort, you know.

  2. Congrats to Buddy, he has learned well. You threw me off there with the Oct. 4th reference, I thought maybe you were letting the cat out of the bag.

  3. Very cool! I'm glad they're doing that.

  4. Gosh no real surprise on the Good Samaritan award, look at his parents :)

    And LOL at Sissy, how did you know I was feeling like a pirate today? I've sent several e-mails today in pirate speak. Arrrrg...

  5. Congrats to Buddy! My daughter also attended Catholic schools from K-12 so I'm familiar with those awards.

    I got awards too as a kid...Uh, wait a minute, those really weren't awards I guess...think they were called 'citations'....and not the good kind ;)

  6. Wordnerd - thanks. We're very proud of him.

    themom - thanks! And I have Oct 4 on my brain (it's the feast of St. Francis), but I've changed it to reflect the REAL date. LOL.

    Maura - it is really neat and the kids are so thrilled and surprised.

    Ron - awww, thanks. She cracked us up with that Arrrrgghh line. :-)

    Efen - I wish we could continue with the Catholic education, but next year, he'll be in public junior high for transportation and $$ reasons. I'm sure you were a good student! :-)

  7. He is a great kid! Nate and I will make it back up there very soon, hopefully!

  8. Awwwwww! Congrats! That's such a cool award. It just shows what awesome parents you two are.

    It's difficult to get a good shot in a church because the light is dim, usually. You need a slower shutter speed, which means that you have to hold the cam really still. If you used autofocus, try a tripod when the light is dim like this. (Also true for other indoor situations, like around the Christmas tree, etc...)

  9. How cute. Today was the blessing of the pets at my son's school. While most kids brought pets from home, he brought his lovey (which is a puppy). Too sweet. I hope we can afford a Catholic school someday. They are very pricey and scarce in Houston!

  10. Buddy rocks! That's awesome! Can't wait to tell him so next time I see him :)

  11. Please tell him that Kenju said congratulations and he should keep that pin for at least the next 50 years, so he can show his grandchildren!!

  12. Inanna - thanks and we can't wait to see y'all again!

    Rebecca - thanks for the tips. This is my DSLR Rebel XT (and using my best lens). It normally doesn't disappoint. I should have used my point & shoot where the shutter speed would have been slower.

    Gigi - that's why there are all those stuffed animals up at the altar! :-) Our school is quite reasonable - but we're in a much smaller state and have a lower cost of living on many other things, too.

    Laura - thanks! Since we missed you (busy bee on a conference call), I'll tell him you said so.

    kenju - That is if he can remember to bring it home. He "forgot" it in his desk today. Boys - sheesh!

  13. Aaawww...that's such a special moment. That's so sweet. Or should I say, "Aaarggghhh!"? It's like "shalom" right? lol :)

  14. That is so awesome...we don't have anything like that. Makes me want to make a little parent teacher suggestion. What did he get the award for this year? Anything in particular?

  15. It's nice to see a kid recognized for doing positive things rather than negative things.

    Congratulations, Buddy. Keep up the good work.

  16. Yay, Buddy! He's growing into such a fine young man!