Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Day!

Whew. Monday started out normally and I had a plan - an organized plan.

My normal Monday routine involves leaving my house a bit after noon so I can get to the WalMart, do my shopping, hopefully (if I time it right), check out by 2 pm and get to Buddy's school for the afternoon pick up. That way, I just come home from that and unload my groceries. Buddy can look after Sissy for a few moments for me and it's just a whole heck of a lot easier than unloading her, unloading the groceries (while she's unattended in the house for short moments), getting the groceries put away, then turning right back around and putting her back in her car seat to go pick up Buddy. See? I have it planned.

A little after 10 AM, I get a call from the Evil Twin wanting to know what my WalMart schedule was like. I tell him the time frame and he says, "Well, the photographers (at his office) need a little girl for a photo shoot and they want Sissy."

Fine with me. Oh, and it's for the Fall issue of a WV publication, so they want her in fall clothing - like a hoodie. Oh, and also? They want her in a different county fifteen miles away at 2 pm.

I told him I wouldn't be able to pick up Buddy from school with that schedule, so he agrees to leave work early and pick up Buddy while I go do the photo shoot (or rather, Sissy does it....I'm just along for shits n giggles).

She does have some fall clothing already, but no light jacket, hoodie or windbreaker. No big deal. I'm going to WalMart. One stop shopping and all that, eh?

I proceed to get her and myself ready much earlier than planned and we fly out the door - because now, I'll have to shop and get back home, unload the groceries, put away anything that needs fridge/freezer storage, change Sissy's clothes and head back out the door to make it to the next county by 2.

I went flying thru WalMart. My "local" WM that I usually shop at is undergoing remodeling, so it's difficult to get around in and it's difficult to find your items (nothing is in it's "regular" spot). So, I'm flying thru as fast as I can. I buy some leggings and dress shoes, in case they want her in her fall dress. I buy a zip up lightweight jacket - which is actually perfect for the rest of the year.

No, I won't be buying my daughter a winter coat. Before you go calling social services on me, let me just explain that Sissy does not appreciate being stuffed into a winter coat like a sausage. It doubles her indignity when she is then further stuffed into a car seat and strapped in and strapped down like a critter in a rodeo.

It sort of reminds me of that movie "A Christmas Story" when the mom sends Ralphie's little brother out during winter and his appendages are sticking straight out, she has him so bundled up in all that puffy outerwear.

So, with her, I just layer during the winter and we don't spend any more time outdoors than absolutely necessary.

Anyway - I digress.... I'm standing in the checkout line, breathlessly counting items of the customers ahead of me and furiously looking at my watch over and over again.

My cell phone rings. It's the Evil Twin.

"Honey, the photo shoot's been moved to tomorrow."

Well, at least I picked up the clothing items I needed while I was already out at WM.

It's now Tuesday morning. Let's see what I hear today. :-)


  1. Sissy is a STAR! Don't let the fame go to her head, you saw what it did to Jamie Spears. I can just picture the photo shoot... "Look pouty for me dahhling, yes, now look angry, yes that's it. I want you to feel like Fall, be the Fall, yes!! That's it dahhling!"

  2. Ooohh Sissy is on her way to WV Stardom! This is going to be her big break!

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see the pics! With her gorgeous eyes she is bound for stardom for sure.

  4. A photoshoot for the young'un huh? Nice!

    Our WM recently was remodeled, and I still can't find out where they moved half the stuff to. :(

  5. Ron - LOL about "Be the Fall". Now, just keep your fingers crossed she cooperates!

    Vinomom - this is SOP (standard operating procedure) at the Evil Twin's office. The photographers grab employees' family members for different things.

    BB - She seems excited about it. She woke up this morning with the "Something about Mary" hair. I had to brush that down as best I could.

    Bucky - We'll see...she's 2.5, full of piss n vinegar.

    And, our WM is remodeling to look like another WM I shop at sometimes, so I'll just need to learn that new layout - seeing as how I'm there once a week, at least, hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

  6. Good luck to Sissy! What's the product?

    You get my admiration just for GOING to Wal-Mart in the first place. I can't deal. I've discovered that I am a Target girl through and through!

  7. Don't you hate when that happens? Hurry up and .....wait.

    I hope you will post the pix on the blog - I'd love to see her!

  8. But the little tweed girl's coats are so cute. Why don't they make this stuff in my size?

  9. I love WM, and wish we had one here in the city limits. There are a few in the Houston area, but they're in the 'burbs, and just too far away.
    That's exciting for Sissy, and I bet she'll look adorable!

  10. What fun, despite the schedule fart! In a past life I was an occasional model for the ex. I once was abreast cancer patient...or at least the back of my head was. The actual nurse got all the press. :)

  11. Lauren - it's not an ad as much as it a shoot for a fall magazine (there's probably an article on a related topic involved, but I'm not sure). And I would totally shop at Target if we had a Super Target - but we don't.

    Kenju - that's exactly how I described it: hurry up and wait. I'll have to see how the pics turn out.

    honeywine - because nothing looks cuter than on toddlers. They just have that market covered.

    Momma - the one I go to is 8 miles away, so not too bad. The other one I sometimes shop is 8 miles in the other direction, so I'm good on the WMs.

    Tiff - I think this will be neat, as long as she acts right. LOL. Not always a given with her.

  12. Your schedule made my head hurt. I would have been pure-t crazy (as they say here) by the time it was all said and done!

    They recently remodeled our WM in Tarnation. I STILL don't know what they did with the potting soil.

  13. I totally relate with the winter clothing confinement aversion. I HATE winter, mostly because of the bulky clothes. Bleh!

    Cool about the photo shoot! I hope it went well!