Saturday, October 4, 2008

Always Learning

I'm happy I get to watch pre-school shows most all day. I learn so much.

On Curious George this morning, I learned a new word: flopification. Curious George was in an Italian restaurants kitchen. He found a dry spaghetti noodle (hard) and also saw the noodles in the pot. The spaghetti in the pot was floppy.

So, he assumed it must be some sort of flopification procedure and dropped in a few other items: two hard shelled eggs, an onion, a piece of cheese and an eggplant. None of the other things went through flopification. The eggs became hard boiled, the cheese melted, etc.

Good to know.

Sissy and I also enjoy watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

It's a cute show and we learn lots of things from that one.

Things such as:
Don't bite your friends.
Wait to take your turn.
Don't eat dirty food off the floor - it has germs on it.
(Although Sissy doesn't really prescribe to that last rule just yet. She likes to find some unidentifiable tidbit on the floor and stick it in her mouth real quick.)

I enjoy watching Muno:

He looks like fun. Notice all those "pleasure" bumps? I want Muno when he retires.


  1. Those are warts. Still want him?

  2. I'd probably love Muno, too.

    I have a soft spot for Cyclops.

  3. My kids are obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. They have the dolls, they are tiny and always thrown about the house. I like the show, and think it has a good message.

  4. You'd remove the arms, wouldn't you?

  5. Stew - Muno has an STD? What a scandal!

    Renn - he looks really squashy too.

    Gigi - I suspect that we might be inundated with YGG toys soon - maybe Christmas time. And I promise to not defile Muno.

    kenju - I guess I'd have to, huh? They'd just get in the way. LOL.

  6. Muno brought dirty thoughts. Yes.

    Anyway, I still largely adhere to the 5 second rule of dropping food. The rule is flexible of course. :)

  7. What is this 5 second rule? I generally go with the mold or no mold rule :)

  8. Thank you. Even though it is our favorite show, I will never look at YGG the same way again...

  9. Any show that teaches kids about DEVO and The Aquabats has to be a force for good in the world!

    Unlike Dora, which I am convinced is evil. There's just something sinister about her--like she's Stewie from Family Guy in drag.

  10. Janis - In Sissy's case, it's *very* flexible. As in Mom gets alarmed thinking "How long has that been there??" LOL.

    Ron - mold is good. Haven't you heard of Jonas Salk and the penicillin?

    MsPulp - You're welcome!

    Rudy - LOL. Dora isn't evil - she may just be a little boring for your tastes. That jingle is enough to drive a person nuts, though!

  11. I'm with Stew: Those are totally warts. Perhaps you can use a ribbon to tie off a Ziploc bag around his bumpy memberness as shown on Redneck Wedding last night. That's a homemade condom if you don't know.

  12. So that's why you watch those shows. You're secretly looking for adult toys! Aha!

  13. Flopification:

    When my mother caught me masturbating I experienced flopification.

    Did I use the word correctly?

  14. BB - I know you're lying. A redneck wouldn't spend extra money on the name brand sandwich baggies. LMAO.

    honeywine - This character is practically begging for a name change from "Muno" to "Dildo". No secret there! :-)

    Ron - close, but I think in this regard it was meant for things put in boiling water - and you wouldn't want to try that. Ouch!

  15. Oh,my. I'm not sure that's what you're supposed to do with preschool tv icons. Aren't they sacred or something?

  16. Eye first or feet first, that's what everyone is really wondering!

  17. K - I would never defile Muno, even if he was made into a rubber toy. I would feel just too icky about that, but his shape is.... suspicious, huh?

    Dave - LOL. I think it's fairly obvious that it must be eye first. Unless a person might be into double penetration (you know, front AND back holes), then feet first might work for them.