Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well, this weekend is the Oktoberfest at Buddy's school. It's their version of the school carnival type thing.

Each class sponsors a "basket" that gets raffled off (hopefully for lots of money!). And 5th grades theme is Sports. It's up to the homeroom mom(s) to get the basket together, provide an itemized list with the item values, and a smaller box to collect tickets.

The baskets are set out and the little box is next to each basket. People can buy tickets and then decide which basket they would like to try to win by putting the ticket in whichever box they like.

So, if I wanted to buy 10 tickets and put all 10 tickets into the Sports box, I would have 10 chances of having my name drawn to win that basket.

Each class wants their basket to look stunning and amazing and wonderful. That way, it gets people excited about wanting to win it and they'll buy more tickets!

I had to meet my co-homeroom mom at the school this morning to do our stuff. She had brought a large tote and a styrofoam cooler, because she didn't know what kind of items had been donated and what size of container we'd need to showcase the Sport theme.

We had WAY more stuff than I had expected. We had to use both containers to fit it all in. So, whoever wins the sports baskets will have loads of cool things to play with and take home!

My co-HR mom and her family have to be out of town this weekend, but she gave me money to buy her some tickets and put in the various boxes. She really wants to win the Sports baskets! Although, neither of us has ever won and we've been putting in tickets every year. Maybe this will be my or her lucky year. :-)

I also found out that so many of the 5th grade students will be out of town over the weekend, they will not host a game table. Whew. That means all I have to do is show up with my family and have fun. Otherwise, I'd be supervising the game table all day and if lucky, grabbing a hot dog with my family.

My stress load just got lowered by about half! I won't have to eat ALL my Ativans to survive the weekend. Yay!

I mean, I can't even express how relieved I am about all this. This is the one activity each year that makes me want to pull my hair out.

I'm also excited that this will be the first year where Sissy can do some of the games and get prizes. I'm sure she's going to have a fun time. And that's what it's all about: seeing my kids have a great time.


  1. Woo Hoo! Nothing like a weekend of grabbing hot dogs and stuffing boxes!! Ummm... did I say something wrong? Have a good time.

  2. Have fun and good luck with the raffle!

  3. That sounds like an awesome tmoe - ya'll have fun and I hope Sissy gets lots of prizes!! (And Buddy too!)

  4. Enjoy your weekend!

    I thought that serving as a sometimes chaperon at Nooze's school was tough! I have no idea how you do it.

  5. Awesome! I hope you get some good pictures!

  6. Since there are several old German communities around here, they too have an Oktoberfest tradition..they raffle baskets as well...but their full of german beer, sausage, and wine..kinda the same ;)

  7. Sounds like fun; especially since Sissy can participate.

  8. I hear ya! I just love it when I get out of stuff like that. Covenant School here in Huntington used to do that when my kids went. I was always too much of a brokey-broke to win any of the baskets.
    They had some ROCKIN' stuff in them too,, like cruises and golf vacations and maid service.
    Wow.. what I wouldn't give for that last one! LOL

  9. Ron - LOL. Maybe some of that, too.

    rosemary - yep, I'm happy when they're happy.

    Ginger - thanks! I don't ever really expect to win. I'm buying tickets for my co-HR mom, since she won't be there. I bet she wins!

    Momma - all the kids, big & small, love this thing. It's such a madhouse. LOL.

    Renn - I just show up and people tell me where to be and what to do. And, I figure if I'm lucky enough to stay home, I should give back to these kids while I'm able.

    Diva - thanks for reminding me to take my camera! :-)

    Efen - I'd rather have the booze. LOL.

    Kenju - I think she's going to have a fun time.

  10. That sounds like a really nice day you have planned. You're a modern day Leave it to Beaver family. Aaawww... :)

  11. Crystal - I rarely get a break when it comes to that school. They smell stay at home mom from a mile away.

    Honeywine - It's rare we get a fun family day out where we don't have to SPEND a fortune.

    Stew - Whose name is on the front door here? It's all about you on your blog. Here, while I love you and all, it's all about me, baby! ;-)

  12. I never win anything either. Wait until Sissy starts school, you will have double the fun :). Enjoy your day.

  13. Fun! Hope you had a great time, and look forward to some stories :)

  14. We have a similar fundraiser during christmas at school. It is a lot of fun! Hope you had a great time!

  15. I thought that the whole point of having kids was to screw with them so that you could enjoy your own mind fucks.

    You know, teaching them stupid stuff like christmas, halloween, religions.

    I just got back from four days of camping, I didn't want to come back but I have duties here in town.