Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New on my Shitlist*

I had some errands to run yesterday and finished up the grocery shopping sooner than I thought I would.

Rather than come back home and unload all the groceries, only to rush back into the van and then to pick up Buddy, I decided that Sissy and I would kill some time by eating lunch at Wendy's. IN Wendy's.

We are almost strictly drive-thru patrons of the fast food places, but like I said, we had some time and it seemed like a nice idea. Plus, she and I can have a decent lunch on the cheap.

We ordered and got a table. Everything was lovely. My sandwich was tasty and done just right (Double Stack, no onions) and a value size sweet tea. Sissy had a 5 piece chicken nugget and we shared a small order of fries.

When we were there, it was about 1:45 pm, and most of the other patrons were older people -- older people love Sissy and so everyone who passed by stopped to chat with her/us.

Then, a store employee came around. He looked to be about mid 20s. He got in the corral area where the queue winds around until it's time to order. So, I immediately surmised he was on his break and was getting something for lunch himself.

He started chatting with Sissy and asked her if she was ready for Halloween, etc. I answered back for her, mainly because she's still at an age where she doesn't really "get" question and answer sessions... some things she understands, like "What's your name?"

Anyway, I'm getting the vibe that perhaps this young man is not playing with a full deck. He seemed a bit on the "slow" side. (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it may explain this next bit).

He asked me if she was mine. That is not shocking to me. I've been asked before. She's a strawberry blonde and her facial features favor her dad more than me. I said, "Yep, she's mine. My husband and I have a son who looks just like me, but I don't think she looks like anyone." (my standard line on that query).

Then, he says, "Oh, I thought maybe you were her grandmother." WTF? What I WANTED to ask was, "Do I look old enough to be her grandmother?", but then I thought to myself, "Well, the kid doesn't seem too sharp, and that would be a rude thing to say."

So, instead, I just laughed and said, "Nope, she's mine."

I was so thankful I had picked up my favorite hair coloring at WalMart!

Now, technically speaking, I know I AM old enough to be her grandmother, but I'd like to think I don't really look my age (I'm 40 if you don't already know... I don't make any big secret about that). Oh, I am going to have SO much fun with this story this week - while I slather on the moisturizer thicker than normal this morning. LOL.

*I will never actually truly put Wendy's on my shitlist. I love their fries too much. Dipped in bleu cheese dressing. Nom, nom, nom.


  1. That wasn't a nice thing for him to say. In fact, that was just plain rude!

  2. The guy was certainly missing a few brain cells. The appropriate comment would be to say I thought she might be your younger sister :) At least the guy was friendly even if a little dim.

  3. Aaack! Grandmother!?

    Clearly, he was delusional....(as I head off to the Clinique counter...hey, I'm older than YOU are.)

  4. Was he partially blind, too? He probably stunk. I can just picture the type. Honey, you look better that most 30 year olds I know, and waaayyyy skinnier, too!

  5. Dude....that is teh suck. As an 'older' mom myself, I sympathize.

  6. I need to color. Mine little secrets are coming in and giving me away.

  7. People ask me if my daughter is mine too. She is blond-haried with blue yes, and I am brown/brown! Its annoying, but that granny comment was so not what women want to hear - but, like you said, maybe he's a 'sandwich short of a picnic' and didn't know any better.

  8. Bucky - I don't think his social skillz were really intact. So, I'll give him a pass. :-)

    Ron - yeah, he was sweet, he was just trying to be friendly.

    Laura - I still maintain that all the moisturizer is paying off for us!

    MsPulp - LOL. The "probably stunk" comment is killing me! Luckily, he wasn't *too* close.

    Tiff - yes, being an "older" mom definitely has it's ...moments.

    Diva - With hair as dark as mine, I've been coloring for a while.

  9. Gigi - It's sort of like the golden rule I have of not asking a woman if she's pregnant unless the baby is actually hanging out of her. It's just not a good question. LOL.

  10. No, 40 is not old enough to be a grandma, and you definately do not look like one! Now ME on the other hand, just turned 49, and I refuse to look like anybody's grandma- ever! I'll drown in a vat of Oil of Olay first, LOL!

  11. I'm not generally thought of as slow (at least as far as I know) but I am an idiot from time to time.

    I did the same thing to a woman at my curch. I had never met her but it turnd out she was a neighbor of anther family memeber.

    I asked if she was a grandma to all these kids running around. And then I compounded it with another incredibly stupid follow up question.

    I don't remember what I asked but I do recall being terribly embarrased and my wife telling me I was a total idiot.

    I'm sure I'm on that lady's list. And I deserve it.

    Does it at all matter that I'm aware that I'm an idiot and regret my error terribly?

  12. Geez....you sure took that well :) But, seeing that he was 'slow' means 'no harm, no foul'.

    I was asked by a girl (maybe 30)once 'if I had any kids or GRANDKIDS'...I said "yeah, a daughter...how about you?" Sadly, this went right over her head. I shoulda just said what I normally say....and you know what that is ;)

  13. Poor delusional thing. However he was thinking you were the hottest granny ever. I would still want to kick his butt. We have one gran in my graduating class, and it is amazing how old she looks and how young I look.

  14. Wow what a dipshit! But I guess that's mean, if he had a few screws loose. I get the same Q all the time about my daughter too. She's fair skinned w/ dirty blonde hair and I'm Olive complected w/ black (now dyed reddish-brown) hair.

    Efen - is there some double meaning to that comment? Cuz I don't get it either...?

  15. Oh. WOW.

    Here in NC, the correct response would have been "Oh, darlin'. Bless your heart!"

    This can translate to many things. In YOUR case, it would mean "You are the dumbest critter I have ever met. You get a pass."

  16. It would be wrong to hit a "slow" person right? He'd so have gotten hit if it were me! LOL Kidding...somewhat. ;)

  17. Thats right up there with someone asking if a person is pregnant and they aren't...eek.

    Glad you took it with a laugh.

  18. I agree with the "bless your heart" comment. Wow. HOW RUDE!

  19. Well, you're a lot nicer than me...

    That's all I can say!!!

  20. Carolyn - is there room in that vat of Olay for me? LOL.

    Jorge - I think we've all said something regrettable before. I know I have. :-)

    Efen - A lady at the grocery store asked the Evil Twin once (in regards to Sissy), "I bet she's grandpa's favorite, huh?" Which is so strange because I have a hard time gauging men's ages at all.

    Robynbeth - I think it's teens that ages a person. I guess we're up soon? Ugh.

    Vinomom - yep, I give the guy a pass if he's just not mentally capable of being socially aware. And, I think Efen took exception to being asked if he had grandkids, then only answered that he had a daughter (no grands).

    Renn- I doubt he would have "gotten" that. But, that reminds me of the Southern ladies' way of saying "Well, isn't that nice?" instead of saying, "I don't give a shit." LOL.

    Honeywine - yeah and besides, I didn't want to interrupt my meal. ;-)

    Chris - and I have totally done that before. Oh, the burning shame when one is wrong....

    Ginger - I'll definitely have to remember that one.

    Momma - What can I say? I'm a walking doormat. LOL.

  21. Having seen you in person, I can truly say you don't look old enough to be a grandmother!!! That kid wasn't playing with a full deck!

  22. So...seriously I want to undestand what I'm missing here...the part that went right over her head was that he was asking HER if she had kids or grandkids too? But she didn't get that he was sorta insulting her??

    I'm a blunt bitch. I don't get subtlety. :)

  23. Well.. NO comment on how YOU look (because, dahlink, I think you look MAHH-voh lous!) BUT, I've been getting that since Kayleigh was BORN. Well,NOT the 7 months I was OBVIOUSLY pregnant with Seth.. So, welcome to the club?