Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Anniversary Gift

Get yer minds out of the gutter. Although I did get gifted from the Evil Twin in that fashion. Yay!

We have never exchanged gifts between the two of us as a married couple. Not for birthdays, Christmas or the anniversary. We just don't. Number one: that crap gets expensive. And, number two: we figure that we both buy what we like throughout the year - so we don't need special "gifts" on certain occasions.

If we are both interested in some big ticket item, we discuss it at length and might buy that item around a holiday as a joint "gift".

I had to take my mom's engagement ring for repair and I also needed a watch battery several weeks ago. While I was in the jewelry shop, I saw that the 15th Anniversary gift was watches. I even joked to the employee that my husband would probably say, "I just got you a new battery for your watch. Happy Anniversary!" LOL.

But, the one thing that makes us both happy is having a decent sit down meal at a restaurant. It doesn't have to be any exclusive super expensive place. Generally, we're happy with someplace we just don't visit often because of a higher cost (than other sit down places) or location. Plus, the place needs to be family friendly because we don't leave our kids with anyone.

Initially, we had considered an upscale local restaurant, which we've been to before - Sissy was just a baby and Buddy has flawless manners. Then, we decided we couldn't spend that much, so we landed on Outback.

It was very good, as usual. We got there right when the restaurant opened for a Saturday (2 pm). And were seated right away. The Evil Twin requested a boof - no problem.

I even ordered a margarita, on the rocks with salt, thank you very much. I rarely have margaritas, but I do love them. When I do them at home, I always buy the pre-mixed margaritas and I have my own salt and special glasses I use.

But, buying the box o wine is much more economical and easier to deal with, so I pretty much stick with wine. This has been a weekend of copious wine intake. Hey, it's not everyday I'm celebrating 15 years of marriage.

The Evil Twin has Tuesday off as a regular holiday day. He took Monday off as a vacation day, so he has a nice long weekend. I'm glad he's going to be home. We have to take the van for new tires tomorrow. We had gone on Saturday and were told it would be a 2.5 hour wait. We didn't really want to window shop for that long and with Sissy, you just never know how long she'll tolerate any given activity.

I'm going to try to keep up with my daily posting schedule this week, but I can't make any promises. It's going to be another ball-buster of a week. As of this moment, I have activities planned every day except Wednesday. Tuesday is going to be especially brutal - I'll go over that day later.

This week, Monday means grocery shopping, but it also means new tires. I'm just glad to have the Evil Twin along for help. Time to go work on my shopping list!


  1. Don't forget the orange tic tacs! Glad the day out was nice, I always enjoy Outback when I go and congrats again on fifteen years! Woo Hoo!

  2. Congrats on #15!! I absolutely love Outback! I often order over the phone and just bring it home...just like being there!! Enjoy your hectic week!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary - I am few weeks away from only 5 years of marriage myself. I can't imagine what life will be like 10 years from now!

  4. For crying out loud...don't forget the flippin' CHEEEEESE! :)

  5. Next time I'm in Charleston, we'll have to meet at Outback for a Margarita!! They're my favorite.

  6. Mmmmmmmmm, margaritas. You just made me want one with extra salt.

    Enjoy your extended weekend with the Evil Twin. I am off until Wednesday, and I don't think I am even going to take off the pj's today.

  7. Streuth! Outback! hehe It's nice going there. Especially that yummy bread.

  8. Just took my parents there (because my Mother loves the Coconut Shrimp) for their Anniversay :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I'm tickled that you and ET have such a wonderful bond! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  10. Mmmm...Outback sounded good...even to a vegetarian! :) Maybe it's time I got out more. lol It's nice to have extra time together. Maybe you'll get a repeat of your "gift". lol

  11. No no no no no no! Authentic margaritas are so easy to make! No reason to use the cheesy mixes!

    Oh, and happy anniversary. :)

  12. Ron - Orange tic tacs are the work of the devil! LOL.

    themom - I wish ours was close enough for a just a quick carry-out. Their food is awesome.

    Gigi - you'll just be older and tireder. LOL.

    Laura - My shopping trip has been delayed...I am really gonna need that cheese!

    Kenju - Absolutely! Yum!

    Robynbeth - I know! I've thought about Margaritas all weekend now. I wish I could have stayed in my pjs today. :-)

    AC - we went through two loaves of it. My kids are total carb addicts (acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, there!).

    Efen - I like the shrimp on the barbie appetizer. Sometimes, if I'm not super hungry, I just get a salad and the shrimp.

    Diva - thanks. I figure we're like barnacles at this point (neither of us is going anywhere).

    Honeywine - their garden salad rocks!

    RZ - Thanks! And I only use the mixes because I can't be trusted to measure the appropriate amount of tequila as the night wears on...

  13. I haven't been in an upscale place for years, they just bother me.

    And I have never been in a real fancy place. Helen and I went to breakfast downtown this morning.

    The total of our two meals was just a tick over ten bucks, plus a couple for a tip.

    Many so called good places I've gone to in the past I wasn't impressed with for the most part.

    I can fix food better the way I like it than they can. And I wouldn't give two bits for any steak I've have here, they just don't have decent steaks in the restaurants in this area so I stopped looking for one.

  14. Oh, my sister took me to an Outback in Richland about nine years ago, wasn't impressed at all.

    Want a really good steak? There is a little bar, the only one, in Dueshesne, Utah, that puts out a killer steak at a reasonable price.

    Well, did when I lived there anyway, but things can and do change.

  15. Happy Anniversary! I got new tires for my car for our 18th in Sept. We don't do a lot of gift giving either. I got a new laptop for Mothers day, my Birthday and Christmas gifts and that is fine with me.

  16. I know I read yesterday, but apparently left out a comment...

    Hope you all are having a lovely long weekend...copious wine intake..I love it!