Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

I made a pumpkin gingerbread trifle yesterday and that's been in the fridge. Mine doesn't look anywhere near as appealing and attractive as Paula Deen's, but hey, she's a pro.

I finished my cranberry sauce that was emailed from Juanuchis. I had a couple recipes that were sent and it was hard to pick, but last minute - this one seemed easiest. It certainly smells tasty.

We'll also have green beans (made with bacon fat, natch), mashed potatoes (made by hand) and gravy (made from a packet), corn, dressing/stuffing (Stove Top variety that my family digs), rolls and sausage roll croissants. Oh! And the ham and turkey from Heavenly Ham.

I'm taking a break with some coffee while I wait on the potatoes to boil.

I'm thankful for many things: my husband and children, having a safe home, all my family and friends - including those of you I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know through my blog, several of you becoming my friends in real life!

I'm grateful to live in the greatest and free-est nation in the land... which provides me freedom of speech, in which I can come here and vent my spleen on any topic I can think of - free from censorship or persecution.

I'm thankful for wine in a box and getting to snuggle in bed with the two strongest, most supportive arms around me every night. Life is good and now, I'm off to finish the feast!

I hope each and every one of you has a glamorous Thanksgiving!


  1. i'm thankful for the fact that i can take a duck, stuff it with a chicken and some sausage and stuff that whole conglomeration into a giant turkey.

    yes... that's 4 animals that got to die for one meal.

    and if it weren't for the howls of protest, i'd've added smoked oysters.

    but that's okay.

    happy thanksgiving etw!

  2. Damn that triffle looks yummy! I am actually using one of Paula's recipes today too. It's a sweet potato casserole and i'll prolly' post about it next week! It's full of sugar and butter! LOL

  3. Have a Happy Turkey Day!! I personally think you could have found some more ways to work bacon into the mean, but whatever floats your boat :-) Hmmm... maybe if the turkey was wrapped in bacon...

  4. Love ya, ETW!! Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. It sounds like a wonderful meal. I prefer stove top dressing too, cornbread style.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving...the meal is probably over and everyone is stuffed, so kick back and just relax and enjoy those around you.

  7. Well, I am rather jealous of your quiet quality holiday.

    Lucky's grandfather tried to knock Wild Man out with a cane, I got yelled at for not naming my kids after my in-laws and was told I was disrespectful, it was hot, loud and tiring.

    Nonetheless, I am thankful for my family and friends. Glad you had a good day. Happy t(of)urkey day!

  8. Very well put!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love ya!

  9. We'll also have green beans (made with bacon fat

    Mmmm. Bacon fat. I love green beans and I love me some bacon fat. Any leftovers?

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! I am certainly thankful for YOU :)

    Hope it was a great day...that trifle looks crazy good!

  11. Mine was not glamorous, but it was tasty, filling and sleep-inducing!

    Hope yours was too!

  12. I went to a community dinner, it was very good, I'm stuffed, I'm not used to eating much. And I brought back a big plate of goodies for Helen.

    I posted what I'm thankful for on my blog. I hope that your day was peaceful and quite and good.

    Ah, wine in a box, beats the hell out of trying to make your own.

  13. I hope your Thanksgiving was the best. My homemade cranberry sauce came out a little watery, although it tasted good. And I had a stuffing blooper. But other than that dinner was awesome. Have a great weekend.