Saturday, November 22, 2008

Make Over - Updated

Well, it appears I am (the blog is) getting a make-over today. To what extent, I do not know.

The Evil Twin is in charge of this and will only say, "It'll be perfect. You'll love it."

While he's feeling all make-overy, perhaps I can sweet talk him into also designing that tattoo I've been waiting more than a year for. If it ever materializes, it will be my fourth and final tattoo.

Being married to a designer is interesting (he won't use the A word - artist - he claims it sounds pretentious). It's even more fun for the kids. On the odd occasion where Buddy has had to take a bag lunch to school, he doesn't go with just a brown sack. He gets a full cartoon on his lunch sacks.

I suppose the Evil Twin will have to brush up on his princess drawing skillz for the time Sissy gets in school.

If you ever go to the Joe's Crabshack at Barefoot Landing at Myrtle Beach - they have a framed piece of the Evil Twin's doodlings. While were there several years ago, he picked up the brown paper they leave out for people to draw on and did a full cartoon of our family (minus Sissy, at the time - she hadn't been materialized yet, but we WERE working on her back then LOL) and the amazingly bad luck we were having on the vacation.

He handed it to an employee while we were on our way out and they said it was so good, they were going to frame it and hang it up. We haven't been back since, but we need to go to see if it's still hanging around. :-)

Probably the greatest thing is that we have a full graphics shop in our house. Lots of fun pens, rulers of all types, t-squares and for a birthday gift last year, I bought him the full licensed Creative Suites 3 for his computer - don't google it for prices if you don't want to pass out. I actually found it someplace for about half the listing price.

Also, it's looking like Buddy has been genetically blessed to have some of the Evil Twin's talent. He certainly has a fine teacher!

Okay, I'll be back later. Looking a little different, so get ready....

I've got a new header! Cute, innit? Now, I just have to figure out how to do some other stuff to the old blog here and since I'm a dummy and don't know about codes and such, this is going to be a work in progress for at least the next 24 hours. Be patient as you think of me, over here pulling my hair out and downing Tylenols and Chardonnay... Come to think of it, I may not make much progress.


  1. I can't wait to see what ET cooks up for your blog. I'd love to see the Myrtle Beach cartoon he did.

  2. I love it! Especially the lolly pop stuck to your apron.

    He made the rest of it VERY realistic! (Face wise, anyway. I have no idea whether you walk around with a feather duster and a soup spoon in your hands.)

  3. It's GREAT!! and tell him he may not like the word - but he IS an artist!! I would recognize you anywhere!

  4. I LOVE IT! But....where the hell's the box 'o wine?! ;)

    It looks awesome...tell ET he rocks the blogosphere.

  5. LOVE it. 'You' are so cute. The Evil Twin gave you a nice rack, too! I am so digging the sticky lollipop - I am thinking of banning them in my house...soon.

  6. Wow! What a hoot! You've one talanted hubby, that's for sure.


  7. did he rotoscope a picture of you? it looks exactly like your picture!

  8. Hacksaw - thar it is!

    Renn - No, I don't even use a feather duster (I use those Swiffer dusters).:-)

    kenju - thanks - he is talented.

    Laura - I think he should add at least a glass of wine. And he said, "I know." LOL.

    Gigi - yeah, I mentioned that and he said he was maybe "projecting" a bit.

    Janis - I'm just lucky he didn't draw me doing something goofy! :-)

    Fattie20xl - No, he didn't trace it, but he did use a photo as a guide (I'll post the one later - it wasn't my avatar!).

  9. Awesome!!! now I feel all poopy about mine....

  10. Tell ET that he really rocks! Where is your wine?

  11. It looks great!!!!! Lucky gal...handsome and talented.

  12. Very cool. Looks just like you. The Evil Twin is just brilliant.

  13. WOW!! I absolutely love it :) It looks great. ET is brilliant.. but you already knew that didn't you? LOL!

    If you ever want a blog design let me know, I've been making a few.

  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!! Awesome! Love it.

  15. TL - Thanks! :-)

    K - He knows what's important.

    Diva - Sorry!

    Ginger - Thanks!

    Rangerzfan - I think he's planning some tweaking. Perhaps we will see some wine.

    Robynbeth - I know, right? I shouldn't be so lucky!

    Chris - Thanks - I really love it.

    KatScarlett - Yep, I knew it. :-)

    Stew - He used the pic of me in my apron as a guide. Somehow, I knew you'd like it. :-)

    Bucky - Thanks! I'm just happy to be up with the times and have a custom header. LOL.

  16. I love it! Now he should make one of you wearing a cowboy hat sitting in a Texas style tub. Oh, and you would need to have a beard and just change the name to Silver Creek 78250... That would be a good one ;)

    Great new look. Fresh and crisp!

  17. So is this the new blog??? All white?? hmmmmmmmmmmm No color? Backround... give me something to work with here! lol Looks great!

  18. Now THAT"S a header - ET is amazingly talented!
    Love it!

  19. Great!!! ET seems to have combined all your professions onto that apron. Financial advisor, Mother, chef, housekeeper, hmmm....pencil in hair I will add to the financial end - or professional list maker!

  20. Love it! It seems the perfect fit. And what a great asset, having an artist around the house can be. :-)

    Thinking of a little bloggy makeover myself. But I'm pretty fond of my current 'do.

  21. D'ya reckon ET could be hired as a professional blog fixer?

  22. OMG! It looks just like your picture! I think you husband is a very talented (dare I say) artist!

  23. Just chiming in to say I LURVE the new header and the chosen font for the top line. This is gonna get interesting I can tell.

  24. Dave - LOL!

    Sabrae - thanx! I'm still fiddling with the background. I'll come up with something. :-)

    TGG - Thanks!

    Momma - Being married to a designer comes in handy sometimes!

    themom - yep, I think he did good incorporating all the hats I wear.

    Jennifer - I like your layout. :-)

    Renn - I wish!

    Chandra - He reads this, ya know... LOL.

    Ms. Barbara Jane - Me too! ;-)

    CitizenX - I'll try to find new ways to pimp the Evil Twin - it'll get him motivated on his drawing. LOL.