Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In The Weeds

I'm so far behind, I may never catch up. I've been given at least three awards in the last few weeks and I haven't had a chance to put that information together for a post.

November is a strange month. The Evil Twin's job has many holiday days, so he's home more often. He also has half of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (at Thanksgiving time) and he plans on taking the half day off on Wednesday. Buddy will also be home those three days and I'm looking forward to it.

Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday and not for the day itself. I "get" that and I respect that. I just don't care for Thanksgiving foods. Specifically, since I was a vegetarian for nine years, and I still don't really like ham or turkey, it's a holiday of side dishes and rolls for me.

That's cool. I still enjoy the planning of it and the anticipation.

Up until 2005, we had always gone to my parents house for the big meal. My mom was one hell of a cook. They only lived 10 minutes away from us, so we were there quite often. Buddy was the first grandchild for them and they enjoyed a close and special relationship with him.

Then, my dad died in September of 2004. Then, my mom got really sick in October of 2005 and spent roughly 5 weeks in either a hospital or nursing home before she passed away two days after Thanksgiving 2005.

So, of course, 2005 Thanksgiving planning was on me. Instead of enjoying time with my parents, I was trying to keep things as normal as possible for Buddy. I was about 6 months pregnant with Sissy (in a VERY high risk pregnancy) and worried about my mom in a nursing home.

Since then, I have tried to keep the holiday very fun for us all. I include the family in meal planning. I accommodate all requests - but I have yet to cook a bird (or a ham).

Let's face it, any large production is going to be wasteful as I won't eat any of it. This is where Heavenly Ham steps in. I buy the amount of ham and turkey I feel appropriate - Sure, it's a bit on the high priced side, but I have to offset that with the amount of no waste. I think it evens out. Everything is eaten, nothing is wasted... Win/Win!

I do make all the sides by hand, though. That's the part I love.

The kitchen is so warm from the oven/stove action and the house smells wonderful.

I'm already working on my menu.

At Buddy's school, they've already had the family Thanksgiving lunch (they always do it early). And they always have some sort of cranberry concoction that is not just the cranberry "can form" thingie. It seems to be a mix of items.

I won't eat it because I don't like cranberry much, but Buddy really loves it, so I'm on the hunt for various cranberry recipes. If you have a special one you'd like to share, you can email me at

Why do my last few posts seem to be about food? Seems to be the season for it! :-)


  1. Sounds like you guys need a smoker.
    Basically it's an outdoor slow cooker for meat, fish and seafood.

    Apple or plumbwood smoked pork loin with a rosemary/dry mustard rub.

    Hickory smoked salmon with dill/lemon.
    Just 2 favorites among many.

    2 tsp. paprika
    1 tsp. each salt, ground pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper
    (sound familier?)

    Put this combo as a dry rub on a whole chicken that has been halved and smoke over mesquite, hickory or apple. (I'm adding this rub to the book, thanks)

    I have an electric smoker, I wouldn't trade it for the world...well, maybe for the world.

    If you are not a woodsmoke person, nobody says you have to put wood in, or you can put very little or a lot. It's just another ingriedent in this type of cooking.

    Tradition is a fine thing but it has to start somewhere/sometime.


  2. I've been working on an idea that I've been trying to convince people on and maybe you are the one to make it work. Take a chicken, wrap it in bacon, insert into duck. Wrap duck in bacon and insert into turkey. Wrap turkey in bacon and insert into a pig. Wrap the pig in bacon and insert into cow. Deep fry the whole thing for ???? until crispy and enjoy with a side of bacon. Mmmmm.... can you help with the planning on this?

  3. Ah-HA!

    Try this on for size:

  4. Sorry I have no receipes, I suck at cooking. But once again, you've made me starving this morning. I love making my own family traditions. Have a great day!

  5. Our colder weather here gets me thinking about food alot. I've been trying some new recipes myself, lately. Thanksgiving is catered this year because I am lazy, and my morning sickness has kicked into high gear (*sigh*)!

  6. I am exactly the same way about Thanksgiving! I really don't like Thanksgiving foods, except mashed potatos and rolls. Plus our family nearby we saw every week, so it was always the same old thing just with more food.

    Now I use thanksgiving as an excuse to get extremely drunk, and thats about it.

  7. Skully - that spice rub sounds awesome. ;-) The Evil Twin would probably love a smoker. He's all about the meats. Me: not so much.

    Ron - why don't we just fry up a pound of bacon and call it a day? Sounds good to me!

    Janis - that one sounds good. I'm sure what he likes at school has something sweet in it.

    The Girl - Thankfully, the Evil Twin's mom wasn't a great cook, so he doesn't expect much. LOL.

    Gigi - I'm the same way about fall and foods.

    Vinomom - We have so much in common. It's the only day I start drinking early in the day!

  8. I like cranberry sauce w/ the berries in it...not so much the 'jelly' kind.

    I give everyone here either a Honeybaked Ham or a whole smoked turkey...their choice. I get a 'thank you' from about 70% of them. I should just give them to those that showed their appreciation the year before. Then when asked 'why?'...I'd say 'You didn't say anything so I figured you didn't like it'. You have no idea how this pisses me off.

  9. I echo your sentiments about Thanksgiving. We have it at Lucky's mother's house and it typically involves some of the traditional receipes in addition to pasta and sauce. I swear, you'd think they would give it a break, already, but every holiday has pasta. This is the time of year I really start missing home and Southern comfort foods.
    BTW, I am always the maker of the cranberry salad and it's usually THE favorite dish. It's my mom's recipe and it has pecans, oranges, apples, etc. It's awesome. I'll e-mail it to you in a while!

  10. You sound like Toots - she isn't interested inthe turkey or any of that - she's into white foods like rolls, mashed potaotes, etc.
    I love cooking, so for me it's fun! But the best part is eating - yummy!!!

  11. Curmy's a cranberry lover. I do not like them at all. I always buy this cranberry salad stuff in the deli section at Kroger's for his turkey. It has all kinds of stuff in it and the rest of the family (save me) likes it. The cranberry salad comes in a little tub where they have the tubs of macaroni salad and stuff.

    One year we got tired of the whole cook all night for five people to eat scenario and decided to have spaghetti for Thanksgiving. It was great.

  12. I can't believe it's already that time of year. I honestly didn't realize that Thanksgiving is not so far away. :-O

  13. I don't really care for turkey either (neither do my girls)... But, I make it for Turkey day - just for my hubby & make sure we have loads of family/friends over to eat it! Christmas is my thing...I'm already looking forward to cooking prime rib (mmmm!) - though my hubby would probably prefer the turkey again!

  14. Better Half does not like turkey, so early on we made a deal that I make turkey on Thanksgiving and prime rib for Christmas. That prime rib for 535 people is getting expensive :)

  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, turkey. Me loves Thanksgiving. My family hates turkey so it's the only time I ever get any good grub.

  16. Ron - Yay! Bacon!

    Efen - I do know. In fact, I do not gift people if they repeatedly do not send Thank You notes. It's not hard... That's a blog for a different day!

    MsPulp - I await the recipe. My email has not shown up yet. A-Hem. ;-)

    Momma - it's all about the CARBS! Toots and I would rock the Thanksgiving table.

    BB - I often wish for a pizza holiday!

    Ginger - it snuck up on me, too!

    TGG - I don't do turkey or prime rib. That's when Heavenly Ham (and Heavenly Turkey) comes into play! LOL.

    MEL - Try pizza from Little Caesar's. Or Chinese take out (but not Dragon Garden!!!) LOL.

    Diva - you're welcome to any leftover turkey from our house anytime. In fact, if you visit, I would cook a turkey breast just for you and the Evil Twin!

  17. I'm getting all geared up for stuffing and deviled eggs. And pie. And...dammit! Now I need a snack.

  18. (Um, that up there [@.@] means that deviled egss give me the hynotized swirly eyes they're that good.)