Friday, November 14, 2008

Brain Bug

I get so frustrated when I get a song stuck in my head. Often, it's a decent song, so it's not too bad.

Earlier this week, it was the theme to the Popeye cartoon, which the Evil Twin had been singing to Sissy. That was pretty awful.

This morning, I woke up with this:

I liked this song back in the day.

And the video even features a little person. It's a known fact that I find little people fascinating. Always a bonus...

I'm sure I'll hear enough music on Noggin throughout the day to erase the over and over and over again in my head - that's the annoying part.

Because I was too busy watching "Survivor" last night to try to work on my blog last night, this is late and now I actually have to deal with Sissy (I try to write later in the evening after she goes to bed, then schedule it to publish in the morning), this is it. I hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. ETW: I did as you suggested and I have only one thing to say........WHOA!!!!! :):)

    Hmmm...maybe we could do posts together ;)

    Uh....sorry, I don't have a comment to this post...totally distracted ;)

  2. Flashback, flashback. I did have "I wanna write you a love song" in my head, and now - is the annoying beginning of that song, and "We can Dance, We can Dance"

    I need a radio and a new song in my head quick !!!!!!

  3. Wow...that just gave me TOTAL deja vu!

    The two amigos were peering over my shoulder when the video came on and it was interesting enough to break them away from Dora the Snow Princess.

    Wild Man even went to get his telescope for a closer look. Maybe he's intrigued by the beebles on the crazy chick...

    Luckily, this song was replaced by "Come on, vamanos!"

  4. I remember first hearing this song in my dentist's office when I was a kid. 80's tunes get stuck in my head all the time.

  5. So bummed out I missed Survivor last night - was talking on the phone to my brother...

    Yesterday I heard an REM song I couldn't get out of my head. Amazing how that happens.

  6. That is mildly addictive, ETW. I remember hearing it on the radio ALL THE TIME way back when it was released.

  7. It has been an interesting day so far, nice to get away to the "Safety Dance" LOL That video had everything music, boobies and a little person :)

  8. That is my absolute FAVORITE 80s song. Period. LOVE IT!

    I am desk-dancing right now. Srsly.

  9. Wow! I had to turn that song off as soon as I heard what it was. I saw them in concert in the 80's and it was not good.
    My friend swears that the only thing he learned at music school of any use was this bit of info:
    if you have a song stuck in your head and can't get it out, just sing Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head to yourself. It is said to wipe out the brain chewing gum, like hitting reset.
    He says you need to stop singing before the trumpet solo for this to work. Try it, I found it does actually work.

  10. Can't even turn on the video for fear a hunger for the smell of aqua-net and neon clothing will come ravaging back. :)

  11. This is the sang that has no end
    Yes it goes on and on my friend...

    THAT is what pops into my head whenever anyone mentions that they have a song stuck in their head... not the song they have. No... Immediately...

    Some people STARTED singing it not knowing what it was.

  12. Efen - sort of like a blog duet?

    The Girl - it has an insipid way....

    MsPulp - Sissy is usually always looking over my shoulder too. Even if it's NSFK (not safe for kids), she's too young to really "get it".

    hacksaw - at least I know I wasn't suffering alone this morning.

    Momma - you can watch past episodes on I missed one a couple of weeks ago and had to watch it Friday evening online.

    Dave - according to my research, it was their most popular song of all time (they weren't totally one hit wonders...they had a couple more well known songs).

    Ron - I know! I miss the 80s!

    Rebecca - it is catchy!

    MsBarbaraJane - I'll have to remember that. Some tunes will linger for DAYS.

    Tiff - I still use Aquanet! LOL. Seriously, the pink Ultra Hold aerosol can.

    NCP - Try MsBarbaraJane's remedy. I know I will next time I get stuck on something. :-)

  13. You forgot to mention that even though I think Men Without Hats pretty much stink on ice, their song "Pop Goes The World" is probably in my top fifty favorite songs of all time. I'm totally serious. It's got to be one of the most perfectly crafted pop songs ever written.
    - The Evil Twin

  14. it's really bad when you have a song in your head that you made up.

  15. Right now I have TNT by AC/DC going thru my brain and I would not like to trade it for the Safety Dance.

    This was from the days when MTV actually showed videos.

    I' waiting for Duran Duran and Devo to show up.

  16. A couple of days ago someone Twittered "dum dum dee dee dum dum dee dee dee"....that annoying Rihanna song...called in an earbug.

    Shit. Now it's back in my head!

  17. Because I was too busy watching "Survivor" last night to try to work on my blog last night,

    Is that something on TV? I have a TV, I should turn it on to see if it still works.

  18. Baby, I tried to include it, but all the YouTube vids were embed protected (meaning: I couldn't share it on here like this).

    Lucas - that has GOT to suck. I go crazy with just sing-songy kid crap.

    Laura - thank goodness I don't listen to the radio. I have NO idea what Rihanna sounds like!

    BBC - "Survivor" is a TV show. It only runs about 13 episodes each time and that's the ONLY TV I watch. I hate TV.

  19. Totally not my genre of music.. but damn it it is stuck!!! lol

  20. Every time I see or hear that song I see a picture of my friend Dennis from college singing that song and doing the arm motions of the Safety Dance. My roomie around the same time played Falco's "Der Kommissar" (or however that's spelled) so much that it sometimes gets stuck in my head out of the blue without hearing it. "Don't turn around, oo OO, Der Kommissar's in town, oo OO O...nicht war, Der Kommissar"

  21. I woke up at 3:45am with that new Gavin Rossdale song rolling in my head. Uugghhh...lately it seems like my brain is picking out a new song to torture me with daily! lol I think I'd have to kill him over the Popeye song. lol I'm trying to forget you mentioned it before it gets in my head...dang it's too late.

  22. Wow. I assumed that Safety Dance would replace yesterday's ear worm, but no dice.

    It simply mixed in with it. Now I'm hearing portions of Safety Dance with "Sober" and "Fun House" by Pink. Makes for a rather interesting non-song.

  23. it's even worse if you get some sort of atonal experimental jazz or something where there's no tune... just noise and beats....

    *sigh* i've gotta stop listening to college radio at night.

  24. Sabrae -'s kind of infectious!

    BB - thanks - now I have "Der Kommissar" too (I also don't know how it's spelled).

    Honeywine - Ugh!

    Renn - LOL!

    Lucas - I'm not even going to try to think of a tune like that. I know I'd be stuck with it!

  25. To get a song out of your head, you either sing the theme to The Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island (I can honestly never remember which it is). It'll get rid of the earworm, but for some reason doesn't stick in your head as a replacement.