Monday, November 17, 2008

The Home Office

Or, the HO, I suppose might work.

I take care of all the little things that happen in our household. Even though our health insurance is through the Evil Twin's employer, I'm the one who reads over the booklets and makes decisions each year regarding our health plan (they generally offer several different types of plans and the booklets go over all the deductibles, co-pays, services offered, etc.).

I'm the person who fixes lunches in the morning. For the Evil Twin, that usually means Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - on Wednesdays, he goes out with co-workers to a chinese buffet. For Buddy, it means just on any random day where the hot lunch offering is not something he wants.

If the Evil Twin's lunch plans differ on any given week, his co-workers will joke with him about "Running it by the Home Office". That would be me - the Home Office.

The Home Office makes many decisions, both large and small. The Home Office takes care of getting the bills paid on time and in full.

The Home Office scours the grocery circular to see what food items are on loss leader for any given week, clips coupons (as appropriate) and plans meals before the Monday shopping trip.

The Home is where the Heart is.


  1. Everybody deserves a good HO. I'm sure you do an excellent job as a HO and the Evil Twin appreciates you very much.

  2. I've been doing that for 44 years, all except the lunches. I don't do lunches....LOL

  3. ...Or rather, you are the heart of the home.
    I just told Lucky on the phone (in the midst of Monday morning exasperation) that working at home is much harder than any job I ever had.

  4. I'm the home office, too. Hubby actually called me at work one time to ask who our cable company was, because one of his coworkers asked him.

  5. Ron - I didn't say I was a good HO, just a HO. LOL.

    Gigi - good to know I'm in good company!

    Kenju - I don't mind doing lunches as long as I know about them ahead of time (tell me the night before if you want a lunch/don't want a lunch).

    MsPulp - it has it's pros and cons, though so it's a pretty good gig. :-)

    TGG - HOs unite!

    3G - Too funny!!Being the HO requires a brain capable of LOTS of storage!

  6. I kinda share the HO with my SO (significant other :-p).

    I do things like clip the coupons, get the lunches and coffee ready, get the car ready, make sure the cats have food/water/clean litter box and she pays most of the bills, handles insurance things and makes sure we have a roof over our head.

  7. I'm a HO, too. Geeeesh, I am soooooo tired of doing EVERYTHING and I've only been married for 9 months! LOL I have a long way to go, huh?

  8. Obviously HOs rock - Momma's one too! Ain't nuthin gets done that Momma didn't do!

  9. Hmm...I think I'll move my office to yours. You seem to get so much more accomplished ;)

  10. I thought home is where the HO is?

  11. I'm a HO and a WO. Leave one job at five to head to my "real" job.

    Coupons and circulars are a big hobby of mine. Saved $74 this weekend, which is close to a personal best. ;-)

  12. AC - When I worked out of the house, the Evil Twin and I had a similar arrangement.

    JFab - get used to it, HO. ;-)

    Momma - No kidding!

    Inanna - And that too. LOL.

    Jennifer - I bow to your superior couponing skillz! That's incredible!

  13. A friend who is a Navy vet, refers to the HO as COMNAVBERRYVILLE.

    The Navy is notorious for acronyms beyond the pale. The Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations is the DICNAVAB.

  14. You're a fine HO, young lady.

    The best HO I ever had as an entrepreneur was my sister (and we didn't even live in West Virginia!). She did the books & bills, and told me how much my paycheck would be each week.

    Sadly, I live several states away now. I could use such a service, but all the commercial HO's are too asspensive.

  15. The house office is the most important office of them all. I want one, how do I get one ????

  16. It's hard to find a good home office gal these days so I take care of my own home office.

  17. I used to be the HO until my dh lost his job. Now I am just the worker bee, I do it all and teach the kids. No wonder I am tired.

  18. Janis - See? And, the HO is so much shorter!

    db - Sometimes you have to be your own HO.

    The Girl - Find someone dumb enough to volunteer? LOL.

    BBC - Good for you.

    Chris - Now, you have a dual HO-ship (although I think wives/moms tend to do the bulk of the work anyway...just the way things go...).

  19. Mike and I kind of split HO duties. :) He does all the paperwork and deciding for insurance, bills, taxes etc... and I do all the organizing, food planning, and shopping.

    Which reminds me, I really need to get a nice file cabinet. We have the little stackable boxes with hang-folders, but we've definitely outgrown them.

  20. I'm still trying to get used to making lunches... I'm so not a morning person!