Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Young Ones

This is one of my favorite bits from the British TV show, "The Young Ones":

And that's how I feel sometimes.

"God, I'm bored!" And it's another game of travel Scrabble.

Luckily, I don't have anywhere I need to be today, but I do have lots of little busy-body activities, like sorting through old magazines and such, to keep me occupied.

That's a good thing today - we had some snow last night and a light dusting on the ground this morning.

When the Evil Twin came in from work yesterday, the first thing he started on was a fire.

He has become quite the "Hearth Master" as we like to jokingly say.

Oh, he works those fires, my friends.

The bad thing is that once the fire dies down, it feels a little chilly in here. The thing can put out more heat than we anticipated. Which is great - we're always concerned about the power going out and the house getting too cold. We don't have to worry about that this winter. We can all gather around the fireplace for a bit - our electric company is generally very good at getting the juice running again quickly.

Well, those two weeks of Fall we had were nice while it lasted.

I'm outta here for my day of busy work.


  1. LOL... I forgot about the Young Ones. Back when MTV had some quality programming.

  2. OMG! I haven't seen that in years! It makes me feel old...I do love scrabble, though!

  3. You got snow? WOW - that is so kewl!

  4. LOL! Have a great day...don't do too much, though! ;) Even the HO needs some time off.....

  5. Ron - and that was probably the last bit of quality programming for them.

    MsPulp - We have the entire series on DVD that we haul out every so often. Scrabble is fun!

    Momma - kewl is relative. I think it is the sux. LOL.

    TGG - The HO will definitely get some downtime today!

  6. Snow.....geez. Only a flurries here and some sleet.

    Is it almost spring yet?

  7. Ugh... snow. I really think I was meant for tropical climates. I really don't winter well. I literally freeze all winter and can't feel warm. And I have no energy -- I want to curl up in a warm spot and sleep all winter until it gets warm again. I did invest in one of those sunlight lamps for my underground bunker of a classroom. So far, they seem to help... some.

  8. Since mr. kenju's stroke, we have not built a fire in our fireplace - too much trouble and too hard to clean up after. I miss them!

  9. I have that "bored" feeling too at times. There's always plenty to do, just nothing I WANT to do at the moment!

  10. I do like snow! I miss having a fireplace. Second to the Youngest Child and her husband have a pellet stove and it puts out nice heat...I think of all sorts of excuses to go over there when it's cold :)

  11. There's always knitting...

    Being bored reminds me of the vultures from The Jungle Book.

  12. We got flurries here, but nothing to write home about yet.

    It's sooo cold. With Big T in the hospital, I have had to take over as Fire Master... and I suck at it!

  13. Efen - I'm hoping it just speeds by like always.

    Rebecca - I think I need those lamps, too!

    kenju - I know how hard a stroke can be. When I was in college, my mom had a stroke - it was devastating.

    The Girl - you n' me both!

    Vinomom - I know! Sometimes, I love doing nothing, but then I'm still bored at the same time!

    MEL - You're welcome over here anytime too, ya know? :-)

    Kathleen - indeed and I have a backlog of knitting projects too.

  14. Diva - it was a light dusting here too. If I had to take over fire duties, I think I'd just flick the thermostat up a notch or two instead (I'm a wimp!).

  15. If it's gonna snow... snow a foot just once this year. I like snow.... I just don't know how to drive in it!