Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pimping My Husband

Well, I'm not pimping him as much as I am pimping something he designed for a friend.

Many of you are already loyal readers of the West Virginia Surf Report and huge fans of Jeff Kay. Jeff and the Evil Twin go way back, to a time when the Evil Twin worked in one of this area's most influential record stores.

Back in the 70s and into the early 80s, Charleston wasn't exactly the cultural hot spot that would attract national record chains, but there was one local store and that store still stands today.

The Evil Twin worked there from the late 70s to about 1984, so he met many people during that time. Anyone who loved music and wanted to buy music shopped at this store. It was THE ONLY record store around.

Over the years, the Evil Twin met many people like himself - people who truly loved music, sometimes very obscure music or imports and he liked to share his enthusiasm with like minded individuals. One of those people was Jeff.

The Evil Twin did a great deal of artwork for the shop and when Jeff wanted someone to design new tee shirts for the WVSR, the Evil Twin volunteered. Jeff remembered his work from the record store and so they began talks on what to do.

Here is the final product:

(Click for larger image)

How cool is that? If you'd like to own an Evil Twin original design, not to mention a really cool and well made t-shirt promoting a fine website, click here.

Now, I promise: it may seem as I'm trying to sell things here recently. But no.... yesterday's blog was just so I could brag I won something and perhaps send a few people Lorrie's way (after all she did send me something free and pay for shipping, I wanted to do something for her) and today's blog is all about bragging about MY husband and his talent, plus helping out a friend.

Besides, everyone can use a mug or a t-shirt! ;-)


  1. i'm gonna buy one.

    they look fantastic.

    does the evil twin do freelance work?

  2. Awesome design! I mean I would like to add a few squirrels to it too. ummm... and maybe some cars, and maybe a jet, and possible a thermonuclear explosion in the background. Do you think that would be a little to busy?

  3. That is a really cool design. I'll have to wait until after Christmas to get mine. He's a fantastic artist. I can't draw worth a lick unless it's a stick figure with puffy hair.

  4. I love the design! The colors don't excite me, but maybe I'll get one later on.

  5. Very cool! I am envious...might have to get one myself! ;)

  6. Ya know, I just stumbled over to WVSR last week after seeing it on your blog and have been reading it ever since - I love it!

    I saw the ads for the T-shirts and thought to myself, "What a cool logo." In hindsight, I should have known that the ET designed it.

    He's ultra talented and never disappoints. You are so lucky!

  7. Ordered one a few days ago! Props to the Evil Twin -- GREAT work.

  8. Lucas - yes, he does freelance when he has time.

    Ron - I'm sure the ET could draw a squirrel for you. :-)

    The Girl - He's the talented one in the family...I'm with you on the stick figures.

    kenju - I actually love the colors (I can wear both of those easily), but I don't *do* t-shirts...It's the cut or something.

    TGG - T-shirt or not, do yourself a favor and read Jeff's stuff. Always funny!

    MsPulp - Yep, I did get lucky. So did the kids. The Evil Twin likes to draw things for them as well.

    wordnerd - He's pleased to have been able to help out.

  9. But do they come in a long-sleeved design?


  10. Wow....that is really cool!

    Sigh...I wish had some kind of talent :(

    I'm always envious of people who have ET's talent :)

  11. That's one mean looking catfish. Love the design.

  12. Tiff - I don't think Jeff is gonna budge on that one! LOL.

    Efen - I know. Even my stick figures need help.

  13. Hacksaw - unknown detail: the original design was a trout. Jeff requested the catfish. :-)

  14. That is a pretty freakin' cool logo. Shouldn't he be working on a new one for your blog by now? lol I'd put him to work!

  15. You know I love the Surf Report, thanks for the nudge. I totally need a smoking fish (or non-smoking. whatever) on my chest!

    And anyone who hasn't spent hours reading Jeff's archives...I promise, the LOL's are non-stop!

  16. I do not know what the West Virginia Surf Report is about, but I've seen it on your blogroll. I thought maybe it was about surfing, but now I'm getting the irony. :)

    I love the design. What can he come up with for Vinomom?

  17. Momma's gotta have one -thanks for the tip!!
    BTW, awesome artwork!

  18. Honeywine - thanks for the tip. He said he would get to work on it for me.

    Laura - he is smoking (look closely). Jeff's sense of humor is priceless.

    Vinomom - I'm not sure. I'm still waiting for him to design a tattoo for me - I've been waiting over a year now.

    AC - I'll let him know. Thanks!

    Momma - thanks, he'll be happy to hear it!

  19. I lerves it: kinda makes me think about that book where the kid feeds the goldfish too much....

  20. You are pimp-a-licious, mamas!!!

    And I don't think it's so much a sales pitch as it is pride in your man!!!!

    You go girl!!!!

  21. Of course, as I mentioned in my blog, I am LOVE the new design and I LURVE the splash of F9C000 (orange for the non hex reading)

    Pre-ordered and awaiting!!!

    THANK YOU EVIL TWIN! It rawks and does Jeff Justice. I will be sending in a pic to Jeff wearing it. We all should!

    This will be #4 of my WVSR shirts.
    The best by far...

  22. How neat!!! Congrats to your hubby for making and aweseom thing!!! :)

  23. Pretty sweet. How did Evil Twin get his name?

  24. Lorrie - LOL.

    Diva - thanks!

    CitizenX - The Evil Twin appreciated your keen eye for design on the color. :-)

    Sabrae - thanks - he is really talented.

    themom - It turned out much better than I had even imagined (I saw the very first rough draft and was skeptical).

    LBB - If you look on the right sidebar, under where it says "Follow me on Twitter", there's a blog about exactly that subject! :-)

  25. I made the pre-order purchase on the first day, I think. Just hoping to receive one that is clean, dry and serviceable. Can't wait. It is an awesome design and will look splendid on me. Or perhaps I will look splendid in it!