Monday, November 24, 2008

Now With More Glamour!

As you can see, the Evil Twin has made a few changes to the header from yesterday. He wasn't happy with the font (typeface), so he found one he liked better. This one is called "Girls are Weird" (the part that has the glamorous life of a).

So, he changed that and he added the glass of Chardonnay over there. My hands are full, but it's waiting for me.

And, notice how the glass is almost completely full? None of this tiny half glass servings for me. That's just how I roll, people.

He wanted me to send him a few pictures of myself, so he could have something to look at as a guide in order to draw me.

The one he used was this one:

Which is very funny. I took this shot myself in order to entertain one of my friends over on Facebook when he had commented on a different photo that I looked deranged or something.

I had never shown this picture to the Evil Twin - but he agreed it was perfect!

Because we all know: Looking like a deranged Betty Crocker is hot.

Hey, my blog, my rules.

And, he also added some pupils to my eyes, so I don't look like a deranged Betty Crocker Zombie. That's not hot.

I fiddled around with the cookie cutter templates that Blogger offers and chose a new one. The jury is still out on that one.

Who knows? You might wander by and it'll be all different again. Of course, I am lazy - so my motivation to really fiddle around with this stuff is LOW.

I am excited about my new header, though. I had often wondered how people had such interesting headers - and all it took for me to figure it out was just clicking around on the ol' template for a second.

I'll be running out later to buy groceries for the week and to pick up our Heavenly Ham and Heavenly Turkey (neither of which I will eat). I hope you're all anticipating the holiday feast and having a glamorous Monday!


  1. The new header ROCKS!! LOL... It's awesome. And who said a deranged Betty Crocker Zombie is not hot?!

  2. Honey, it's always a glamorous Monday ;)

    Have a great week!

  3. ruh may be hooked. Possibly having daily tweakings of the old template. Just kidding. I think it's neat that it can be done relatively easy and changed seasonally or for mood alone. Looks great.

  4. Love the header! Site looks fabulous!

    Now. About this ham and turkey thing. You don't eat either? Huh???

  5. Ron - My blog, my rules, bro.

    Laura - It'd be more glamorous if it weren't cold and rainy... Bleh.

    themom - nah, I'm really far too lazy to have to replace that thing on a regular basis.

    Wordnerd - thanx! No, I don't like ham or turkey... just never have, so I don't eat either. Meats in general just gross me out. :::shrugs:::

  6. Nice new layout.

    You won't eat ham or turkey? Are you a vegetarian?

  7. I love the new header. I think your current template looks fine. It would be nice if blogger offered more to choose from though.

  8. that header! :)

    And you're right....all guys think Betty Crocker (or a look-alike) is very, very hot!!

  9. He did gooooood!!! And you look very glam!

  10. The pencil stiuck in your cartoon head must hurt like a beach. :)

    Yay for new layouts and such!

  11. look total "Stepford Wives" in that pic!

  12. 3C - I used to be, but I didn't like ham or turkey even before that time - and I still don't like them.

    Hacksaw - Yep, that's what I was thinking too. Would like more options. Oh well.

    Efen - I think that would be what the Evil Twin calls "The Hot, Horny, Housewife" syndrome. LOL.

    Carolyn, thanks!

    Tiff - I don't even like pencils (of the #2 variety). I use a drafting pencil to do my crossword puzzles. Regular pencils make my teeth hurt.

    NCP - Thanks!

    The Girl - He did a good job. :-)

    Johnnie Avocado - Thanks, that's *exactly* what I was going for in that pic! :-)

  13. That's a great photo and a very good header! I like full glasses, too!

  14. How neat! :) Love the picture you are just tooo cute! :)

  15. I really do like it. That guy has talent. Now you'll have to get the T-Shirt orders going!

  16. Oh ETW - I love it! LOVE it! You are a beautiful Momma!!!

  17. kenju - less walking back to the fridge. LOL!

    Sabrae - awwww. I'm going for deranged here. LOL.

    Dave - Or maybe aprons. Though I think I'd have to give them away for free.

    Momma - Thanx! ;-) I think I'm a dork, though.

  18. That picture is awesome! You look like a Stepford Wife!

  19. Loves it! Loves it! Loves it!
    I want a smart looking one, too!
    The picture is a really pretty one. :)

  20. Hey the new Header is Da Bomb!! Makes me wanna go fiddle around with mine.

    Of course I don't have an awesome artist husband to DRAW me, but ya know, I dos what I cans.

    Love it! He's got some major talent!

  21. The new header is tres chic! LOVE IT!

  22. This is my absolute fav pic of you of all times! I think it captures your sweet but occasional smart-assed-ness (that I love you so much for)beautifully!

    ET did a fabulous job, geez, he should get a job doing that stuff of something...

    Happy Monday nite - it's wine time!

  23. Now you're just messin' with me.


  24. Ginger - That was the aim - LOL!

    JFab - You're too sweet!

    Vinomom - Well, he is talented, but it's not all wine and roses around here. (i.e. don't be too jealous ;-))

    Inanna - And I didn't even have to beg for it!

    MsPulp - how I do enjoy taking demented pictures of myself....

    Stew - You're welcome!

  25. I love it!!!!


    The photo made me giggle, too.

  26. Sorry I'm a day late and a comment short, but I love the new header. Your blog indeed rocks.