Tuesday, November 4, 2008

True Confessions I

I'm going to come clean here, today, of all days.

I often felt stupid and unworthy of having a voice in the voting process. I was not registered to vote - EVER - in my adult life until 2004. Yep, I was 36. I worried that I would not understand the process and I'd be stuck in some shitty homemade booth contraption with no one to guide me in the process.

I remember talking to my dad about this. He died in September of 2004, so I know it was between March 2004 and September 17, 2004 when this conversation happened.

I told him about my insecurities and he said, "_______, you're a college graduate. You are most certainly able to navigate this important step." My dad always did have the utmost faith in me.... and he and I did not share the same world views on much. (But, go figure - my biological mom and I also differ about political outlooks).

So, later at some point today, the Evil Twin and I will go out to vote. We WILL get to it, even if we have to split up and go separately.

Our Tuesday is ... unreal. More on that later. I know! I've been teasing about it for a couple of days.... Shit! I'm only human! LOL.


  1. Well most importantly you became part of the process! I always say you can't complain about the Gov. unless you voted. I hope the voting lines aren't to crazy long.

  2. I am surprised that you were insecure about being able to do it. You're smart! Heck, even dummies vote. Get to it, woman!

  3. I just came back from doing it, and I completely understand. I'm mostly afraid of hitting the wrong thing and it being cast with no "do over".. whatever the reason- i'm glad you're not letting it hold you back. This is power, and power is rare :)

  4. Honey, don't feel bad. We've all been there...or at least it makes me feel better to think that. I, too, didn't vote until I was 28 or so. I had exactly the same fears (go figure), but am over it. Your dad was right. You are much better off than most!

  5. Thank god someone feels exactly the way I do! I didn't even know I was registered and wasn't planning on voting until a few minutes ago when I found out I could look myself up online.

    So I suppose I will go do the responsible thing. This will be my first time ever voting, so I'm not sure what to expect.

  6. Hooray for you for taking that step!

  7. Nothing to be ashamed of...Its the people who don't vote then bitch and whine afterwards...thats something to be ashamed of!

  8. Ron - it is just now almost 11AM and we voted AND did the grocery shopping for the week!

    kenju - I was worried I wouldn't know what to do. But, the people at our polling district are SO nice (it's the same crew every time I go).

    Maura - I was happy to see the old familiar paper ballots again! Whew.

    MsPulp - I'm glad I wasn't the only person to feel nervous about it!

    Vinomom - Good for you. If you have questions, the polling place helpers are generally quite friendly.

    K - I'm just happy it's behind me at this point. :-)

    Efen - Excellent point! Thanks!

  9. I've been registered since I was 18 and I've voted once. I quit. lol But, I'm glad you're psyched about it. :)

  10. Yay you! (pats back) Well done, both on the voting AND the grocery shopping.

  11. You need to sign up to absentee vote. You will get your ballot in plenty of time so you can review it and read your voter's pamplet at the same time. Then you don't have to worry about leaving the house and saying you will 'get' to it. No excuse if it is mailed right to you. Vote in the privacy of your own house - don't worry about the uncalibrated voting machines!

  12. I admit, I got a little confused today when the machine kept flashing that I left some ballots unmarked. I backed up to see where. There are some local magistrates and family court judges where you can vote for up to 5, but I only voted for 1 or 2 because

    (A) I didn't know more than that,
    (B) I didn't want to vote for any more than that.

    I finally just hit "cast my ballot" and all was right with my world again :)

  13. Well I did it I voted! I just logged on facebook and you made ANOTHER comment about Tues, so I assumed you'd posted about this hellish day, but no, no new updates! Hmph.

  14. This is the first time I have been registered and voted. I was afraid of the same things you were. Now I don't feel so bad.