Saturday, May 31, 2008

Worth a Thousand Words

I've really been enjoying my new Canon Rebel XT camera. It's the proud owner of three lenses already. Two of them are IS (image stabilization) lenses, which I really love.

Anyway, I've been working on getting to know the camera and playing around with different things and also learning to "clean up" in Photoshop, Picasa and my HP Image Zone software. I've taken some truly amazing shots of my kids, which sadly, cannot be displayed here.

However, Sissy has the most unbelievably beautiful eyes and I will share a portion of a photo I took of her the other day:

I've belonged to an email loop (on yahoo groups now) of Moms of kids due in April of 1998 for over 10 years now. Those of you who know me best know that Buddy was due in April of 98, but was born in January of 98. Nevermind, I stayed with the group and we're still going strong today.

As an offshoot of this group, about six of us have branched off to form a digital SLR photo group. We post pictures, questions, etc. and receive advice, constructive criticism or simply answers. We have assignments each week to familiarize ourselves with our cameras and post production software. Last week, the assignment was a self-portrait.

My submission is the "About Me" picture I have now. I have a tripod and a remote control tool I used for that.

This week, the assignment is: landscape. Well, I live in West Virginia... how hard will that be? The hard part will be deciding on just one submission!

I'll post my finished product here, too.


  1. I will agree that Sissy has some cute peepers there. Nice phote of yourself too. Before long you will be doing some photo journalism. Let me know when your class gets on to the nudes...

  2. I look forward to seeing your landscape assignment, R. West Virginia is such a beautiful state. Your self-portrait is a hard act to follow. You did a great job with that--of course with such great material, how could you go wrong?

    Back in the days of silver emulsions, I loved my SLR but since going digital I've been content to stay away from dSLRs. I have been tempted to upgrade tho...

  3. You sound very tech/geek today....that's a good thing. I understood very little of what you posted.

  4. I LOVE the eyes-only pic. I do that with the Things too - something about just their eyes that's so fascinating.

    New toys are awesome fun, ain't they? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the landscape thing.

  5. Ron - if we do nudes, the Evil Twin will have to model for me. LOL!!!

    Utenzi - the dSLRs are coming down in price, too. :-) Just being helpful.

    Rosemary - I'm turning into a photo geek. :-)

    Tiff - I love shiny new toys.

  6. What sweet baby blue eyes!!!

    Your self portrait is also very nice, good job!

  7. You look so clear and comfortable in that pic. No wonder! You took it yourself. I suck at self-portraits. And Sissy's pic does her peepers justice! Blue is such an ornery color sometimes. Excellent job on both pics.

  8. Oh, cool!!! The photo group sounds fun! I can't wait to see what you post.

  9. I want an SLR. That would be one fine Yuletide gifty. I do love my Fuji point&shoot though. I get decent pics, but I'm pretty sucky at the action shots.

  10. It's not the price, it's my eyeglasses. I don't like looking through a viewfinder.

  11. It's a beautiful picture! Not only are you gorgeous, but you take a great photo as well!
    I love the one of Sissy! I recognized those little eyes immediately.

    I'm looking forward to more pictures!

  12. Utenzi - I think the newest Canon (XSi) and the Sony dSLR both have the screen view now (My Canon XT does not).

    BG - thanks, doll! I just need to learn this camera!