Monday, May 26, 2008

U Can't Touch This (it's Hammock Time) - Update!

LOL. Whoo boy.

I spent the day (literally - hours) in my swimsuit in the hammock yesterday, so I look like a lobster today. That's okay, my first time out each summer is a burn that turns into a really nice tan.

Anyway, I spent the day walking around the house like this:

And that was after about three hours of sun.

Okay, I totally need to lose about 10 pounds. But remember, the camera adds 20. So, maybe just five pounds? I don't know. My brain isn't working so well this morning.

The Evil Twin wears glasses and the pin on the side of one lense isn't holding at all, I guess we'll be finding a place to get eyeglasses today. He needs an exam too - it's been a few years and I wouldn't be surprised if his prescription has changed. Luckily, our insurance covers the exam and will reimburse us $100 on the frames, etc. It's not much, but it's something. It's really helpful for Buddy, who has been wearing glasses since he was 18 months old (eye issues related to his prematurity). So, his vision is covered under medical.

Sissy and I don't wear glasses, so that saves a little bit - those things are expensive! I hate spending money....

Ask, and receive. I know I've posted this in the past, but here it is again. There are actually three tattoos here. The lizard in the circle was my first one. I had the rose added later and it extended down below the circle, but no one could ever "get it", so I had it covered up with the third (tribal) tattoo. I got that at a tattoo convention in Pittsburgh. And, I'm waiting for my fourth one to be designed. I'm thinking upper right arm for the next one. I'm such trash! LOL.


  1. Totally cute suit.:-)

    We need a close up of the tattoo!

    Don't worry about the pounds - it's just a bad camera angle.

    All of us wear glasses except dd - and she would LOVE to wear them for the fashion opportunities they present. When we went last week for number one son's new glasses, she tried on about a dozen and found a really cute purple pair with little sparkly things on the temple. Total cuteness.

    I too, always burn then tan, but you know they say that's really bad for you, too. We're supposed to be totally paranoid about ALL sun exposure and lather up each and every day.

    BY my calculations we should each use about 2 bottles of suntan lotion every week. (Probably more, but I don't feel like doing the math - x number of ounces times x number of applications per day x 7 days in a week, etc)

    So, as a total guess, about 400 bottles a year for my family. Damn - I think I buy maybe 4 a year and we share. Oops.

  2. The Evil Twin took that pic and he wouldn't even stand up to do it. I'm totally going to just start setting shots up myself with the tripod (I have a remote control clicker).

    I hear ya on the sunscreen... I know, I know... I'm a unrepentant sun worshipper though. I do slather my kids down with super SPF (which is supposedly responsible for coral reef damage, they say now). Can't win....

  3. Yes, close-up of the tattoo is in order.

    I'm the only one in my family who doesn't have one. My wife has two, daughter has two and my son just got his first the other night.

    I have to admit, I enjoy looking at other people's tattoo's because I find them interesting, but it can get embarrassing trying to get a good view of some 19 year old girl's tramp stamp without appearing to be a creepy old pervert. And then it's worse when I stand in line at the grocery store attempting to discreetly admire some tattoo'd dude's upper arms!

  4. I only burn, peel, and freckle from the sun. I inherited thyroid probs from my Native American ancestors instead of the wonder skin that tans and tans. Darn that luck, huh?

  5. Dave - there ya go! I'm such a giving person. :-)

    Buzzardbilly - you do have fair skin. There's always the "tan in a can".

  6. Okay, I'm not EVEN going to say anything about global warming.


    Not one word.

    But when Algore finds that you're the source of most of it in the northern hemisphere I'm not sure what is going to happen. Don't say you weren't warned.

  7. I'm a huge proponent of Tube-O-Tan. I'm just glad I can get stuff that just provides a healthy glow without obvious Tan-in-a-Can unnatural neon.

    I'm a classic Celt -- dark hair, dark (well hazel) eyes, big redhead gene, and very pale, untannable skin. I ceased trying to tan when I was in my teens.

    And while I have to lose at least 50# before I even think about a bathing suit, one little thing I pride myself on is I don't think I have the face of a 45-year-old. I have a couple laugh lines, that's about it. I attribute that to using face cream with sunscreen and foundation with sunscreen.

    And, good genes. Mom still looks pretty good for 85, my eldest sis is a fine looking 62, and my 57 y.o. sis also has a mostly wrinkle-free visage.

    Love your tattoo. I do want one. My 57 y.o. sis and her daughter got the exact one. It's very cool, the dove of the Holy Spirit incorporated into a cross. I'd like something similar, but of a more Celtic style.

    And dahlink, you look mahvelous!

  8. I go outside into the vile sunlight and I burn the top of my head within minutes. Damn Sunlight!! I'm thinking I was meant to wander the night.

  9. Stew - duly noted, sir. :-)

    Juanuchis - Thanks! I am very careful about my face and do use SPF moisturizers. It's only the rest of me that will resemble a tanned handbag. Come down to visit. I have a friend who is a tattoo artist and I need a partner in crime for my fourth one.

    Ron - the same thing happens to the Evil Twin. He hates lotions (hates the feel of them) and so when he's out for the lawn, he gets his scalp burns. Then it peels and his shoulder looks like a breaded veal cutlet.

  10. You look awesome! You don't need to lose anything, sista! I love that suit, too.

    The ink is nice!

  11. Rebecca - thanks! I love my tats. I'm very emotionally attached to them. And the tankini top is from Victoria's Secret. The bottoms I got at Kohl's a few years ago.

  12. You do look fantastic!

    I LOVE the bathing suit. It is awesome!

    As for the whole tanning thing. Shockingly enough, I get very dark in the summer and I'm fair with blonde hair, green eyes....everyone else in my family burns....but I tan.
    Go figure.

  13. I'm the only one in our family that burns (the rest brown like biscuits). I burned like that one summer when I was 13, and I ended up wearing that same suit for about a week. Ugghhh...

    I like the tattoo. I can't have one (I'm hoping for a lot of plastic surgery soon and the image of a tattoo turning to silly putty scares me). My sister has a really cool one (it's her nickname & a wicked fairy in a henna brown color and faded, broken font), but she picked the perfect spot (at the base of her neck where our inherited camel hump sits between the shoulder blades). It so tempts me. That family hump should be good for something!

    P.S.-Thank you so much for your offer of help, and if I were you, I wouldn't be surprised if I took you up on it! :)

  14. Then I'm total trash myself!

    BTW, love the suit!

  15. BG - I can tell you have very "tan ready" skin. You and I grew up in an era of no SPF and sun-loving types.

    Honeywine - bring it on. I could talk about that sort of thing AAALLL day. I almost drove my hubby bonkers with it!

    Diva - Trash unite! :-) I love that suit top myself - it has an underwire bra thing, which my girls need desperately! (I don't want them playing hide-n-seek with my underarms! LOL).

  16. Is there a Red Lobster at Southridge? They could use you as the new mascot. I burn real bad too. :-(

  17. ...I like the lizard one best.