Saturday, May 3, 2008

Buzzardbilly and The Power of Suggestion

Okay, so most of you know that Buzzardbilly and I are friends in real life - she's known the Evil Twin for, literally, decades - since they were little kids.

We chat on the phone sometimes and she is always chock full of interesting information. The other day, she recommended I try the Steakhouse Burger from Burger King. She said it was really, really good. Well, the commercials had already intrigued me, but then a personal two thumbs up from a friend was practically a red carpet welcome to hit the BK.

We don't have a BK in our little area of town. The closest one is directly across from the Evil Twin's office. With visions of the Steakhouse Burger dancing in my head, I decided one afternoon that after I picked Buddy up from school, I'd take the kids to their dad's office and then we'd all have dinner across the street.

At the office, we all chatted with several of the Evil Twin's co-workers - they all love it when I bring the kids in.

The next day, a male co-worker came by the Evil Twin's office and told him how nice it was to see the family, etc. Then, he said, "Your wife is looking good these days. She's put on a little weight." And, then he did the international sign language for tits. The Evil Twin asked, "Were you staring at my wife's tits?"

Co-Worker: "Well, yeah."
TET: "They're really great hangers."
CW: "I bet you're having fun with that."
TET: "What do you think??"

So yeah - my bust was the topic of conversation at the office. Niiiice. I'm flattered? Sure, why not!

Oh! And the Steakhouse Burger? As big as my head and really tasty, but if I get it again, I'll order it without mayo. You know these fast food joints - they like to put about half a jar of mayo on sandwiches. Some sandwiches, I can wipe the bun off and be fine, but this one was a bit messier. Still damn tasty!

If you're dying to think of ways to consume about 5,000 calories in one sitting, I can highly recommend the Steakhouse Burger method!


  1. I've never tried the Steakhouse Burger, but now I have the urge...

    I find it amazing you haven't found the Evil Twin's blog yet. It's all about your "hangers" and your lack of need in the anal bleaching department.

    It's amazing what you learn reading blogs...

  2. AS I read, I wondered what your "hangers" had to do with the BK sandwich. Then it hit me...

    Burgers... cows... tits!

    Methinks you and TET need to get away soon! ;)

  3. Mmmmmm Steakhouse Burger!

    Imagine how many calories the Loaded Steakhouse Burger is. They slather a layer of baked potato onto that one too.

  4. Ron, LOL. I'm just repeating what I hear.

    Carolyn, the corelation is that we were on our way to BK and the office stuff happened - oh, never mind!

    BB, when I was looking for a pic, I saw a review of the Loaded Steakhouse Burger and one guy likened it to a baked potato that had gone out drinking, then threw up on the Steakhouse Burger. LOL. I think I'll stick with just the regular sandwich (no mayo!). Hee.

  5. LMAO at the tater spread review.

  6. Your husband actively participated in a conversation - about your BOOBS - with a male co-worker?!


    You have power, my friend. POWER!

  7. I bought a steakhouse burger on Friday. I get no mayo, no veggies because I know I can't eat all of anything at one time and sandwich with mayo and veg doesn't set well in the fridge.

    I just finished Friday's steakhouse burger. That thing came out for four different meals and three times went back in unfinished. I feel like I'm my own Joan Crawford sometimes.

  8. Renn, no power - just a weird sense of humor and a weird husband, too.

    BB, those burgers are huge, aren't they?