Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saturday Night Special

Our family enjoys a special little treat on weekends, known affectionately as "Saturday Night Special". This means that someone (usually the Evil Twin) runs out and grabs dinner from any random fast food place.

Sometimes, it's on Sunday night if we skip Saturday. Like: this past Saturday, we had friends over for a cookout and thusly, did not have fast food on that night. So, Sunday found the Evil Twin on a mission to McDonald's for dinner.

My personal #1 is Wendy's, but I usually get vetoed because everyone is burned out on Wendy's, thanks to me.

Anyhoo..... I sent the Evil Twin to MickyD's and asked him to get two Happy Meals - one Mighty Kids meal and one regular with a sweet tea (the meal is for Sissy, but the sweet tea is for moi!).

At the drive thru window, he was told by the employee taking the orders, "I'm sorry, sir, but we're out of Happy Meals."


How does a McDonald's RUN OUT of Happy Meals? Isn't that, like, their main draw? I mean, not many parents would voluntarily choose to eat their food if it weren't for the fun Happy Meals the kiddies enjoy so much.

And furthermore, couldn't the restaurant just sell him an order of chicken nuggets, a small fry and a drink for the Happy Meal price - even if they were out of Happy Meal boxes or bags or even toys?

Any reasonable human being would assume that would be the case, but no! He had to purchase the fricking nuggets, fries and drinks separately.

What a bunch of assclowns. As he was driving up to the window to pay, he heard the drive thru employee tell the lady behind him they were out of Large Cokes. I wonder if they were just fucking with people that day?


  1. Just wait, I bet the next guy to order heard, "Sorry we're out of fries." I think perhaps they should have just shut that store down and done a good inventory and re-stocked :)

  2. I think they were just fucking with people.

    Mickey's CAN'T run out of da happy!

  3. One time I went to a KFC at 11:05 AM. *Before the lunch rush. They told me they were out of CHICKEN! Hello!? I was the first customer of the flippin' day!

    Note: They did not say anything like, "They'll be ready in 10 minutes" No, they were OUT.

    Apparently, they were waiting for a truck to arrive with a shipment.

    I think they should fire managers at places like that - I mean what else do they have to do besides schedule pimply employees and order the food that's made them famous?

  4. I ran out of Happy Meals once. I blame Bush for it.

  5. Ron - it's incredibly short-sighted!

    Tiff - I wouldn't be surprised.

    KWR - that same thing happened to us YEARS ago at a KFC. Unreal!

    Stew - that's going to be my running mantra. I'm sure ppl can blame him for anything and everything.

  6. I think you should pose this question to McDonand's corporate. They obviously had all of the Happy Meal components (except the toys or the bags). They should not have charge you guys for full price individual items since they didn't come with a toy. If you're lucky, corporate will send you some free Happy Meal coupons to make up for your trouble.

    If they don't, they truly are bastards.

  7. My guess?

    The staff (especially the drive through dude) was drunk/stoned/mad about having to work/trying to get fired.

    McD's is usually franchised. I'd contact the local 'owner' with an inquiry.

    I'm betting you'd get more than a free meal.

  8. I've had something similar happen at the Taco Bell when it ran out of meat!

    But you know what I find really troubling? When we cleaned out our kids' toy chest, there must have been dozens of Happy Meal toys.

    I need to learn how to prepare a decent meal.

  9. Hmm I wondered why they told me they were out of change and so kept my $20.

    Surely a "happy meal" is not a single product. So what were they out of? Toys? the boxes?? I would have said "Get me a fricking Happy Meal, asshat". In a polite way of course.

  10. This post totally reminded me of this classic Monty Python skit:


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  12. It's almost as bad as Sonic running out of ice cream.


    We have our Monday night thing with the kids. They (both 17) take one for the team, but aren't so much into hanging at the house with us anymore. LOL