Friday, May 9, 2008

I Don't Believe in That

Disclaimer: This post is about my own feelings only in regards to myself and my own family. I have no problem with what anyone else does for themselves or their family.

I know I've groused about this in the past, but I really don't believe in sweatpants.


That's right - I don't believe in sweatpants or sweatshirts or even those nylon tracksuits. I know stores sell them, but stores sell lima beans too - I'm not going to purchase either.

I don't consider sweats to be "real" clothing items. I don't own any (at all) and if I did, I certainly wouldn't wear them out in public. They'd be considered more "pajama" items. I don't buy them for my kids, either. I figure if they're not in the house, no one can wear them.

The Evil Twin does have a couple of pairs of sweatpants, but he only wears them around the house.

Speaking of clothing, I'm so bummed that the weather won't shape up. How am I supposed to get out in my hammock with my new swimsuit on and get any sun when there is NO sun to be got?

Actually, I only bought the top. I'm wearing a different, black bottom. I asked the Evil Twin if he thought the barely legal male lifeguards at the private pool we join each summer would enjoy my new tankini top and he figured they would. Any thoughts?

Of course, if the sun won't cooperate, NO ONE gets to enjoy my new swimsuit, not even me!

I'm going off to pout.


  1. Having been recently fat, down now to merely Rubenesque, I can attest to the wonderful, perhaps even necessary, forgiveness which is a good pair of black yoga pants. After a long day, they're a big old hug.

    But never in public, not even to Walmart. (Hell, most of my clients spend their days there... ESPECIALLY not to Walmart.)

    My kids and I all do have clothing that is only to be worn at home. This started out accidental, because my mother-in-law buys clothing for my daughter that I find wildly inappropriate, string tanks and sweats with words on the butt and so on. She has become skilled at waiting until I have gone somewhere else before delivering these gifts. So we created an agreement: certain clothes are meant to be worn around the house or in the backyard, ONLY. It actually opened some good discussions about body image and privacy and such.

  2. I am a slave to comfort when it comes to clothing. I love sweats with no elastic around the ankle. Last two trips to the beach, I've worn these neat chiffon skirts I have and a tank. Chiffon is such a forgiving fabric.

    Love the tankini. On me though, constant movement would live it looking like critters were trapped under a colorful tarp.

  3. Kate and BB - I totally get the comfort factor, and I do have pj type pants I wear in the house during winter months. Summertime finds me in ultra low rise denim shorts. Yes, I am 40 - what of it? LOL.

  4. Oh, and BB - the tankini has an *underwire*. I ordered it for that alone. Somethings got to keep my tatas in line. And those pansy-assed soft cup bra swimsuits don't cut it.

  5. I love the color and design of that top. It reminds me of one I used to wear back in the late 60's and early 70's (not the color, but the style). Yes, they had tankini's back then, they just didn't call them that!

  6. Honey,

    The "girls" look pretty luscious in that top, even though it cruelly inhibits their natural gravitational state. All breasts need to be free! FREE, I tell you!

    Aside from that, Happy Mother's Day! I love you and I'm so happy that you're the mother of my children. We all love you and appreciate you for everything you do every day to make our home feel loved and happy!

    Also, a big Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers reading this. You mothers are probably THE most crucial pivotal factor in how the world works as well as it does. Just think about it.

    - The Evil Twin

  7. I have track pants and shorts that I only wear when jogging outside or on the treadmill. I can't exercise in jeans or dress slacks. I've never been a big fan of t-shirts with sayings on them either to wear outside my home anywhere, unless I'm jogging or exercising outdoors.

  8. Yoga pants as part of a "cute" running around kind of outfit are okay, in my book.

    Sloppy sweats = NO.

    And my peeve is pj bottoms worn as pants out and around. It's got a college laundry day kind of feel.

    ET - that was really sweet.

  9. I do have a few of the nylon pants, but they are for the gym. Big T has a few pair of sweats, but he wouldn't be caught out of the house (den) with 'em on.

    I like the suit. I hope all the sexy little lifeguards love it too!

  10. HAHAHA! You'd look hot in a burlap sack woman! I'm sure the bathing suit will be fantastic!