Monday, May 19, 2008

I Have a GIANT Muffin Top

At least, according to the Evil Twin, I do. Now, I don't profess to having the same body I did when I got married. I mean, that's obvious. Ask anyone who has known me a while and they'll tell you that I had mosquito bites for boobs back then too.

After two babies, and nursing said kiddos and gaining a little weight along the way (1993: 108lbs. 2008: 128lbs), well, things will just be different.

What the Evil Twin fails to realize is that because I wear low rise shorts and pants that often fall below my hips, what he's seeing are my hips that are larger, not so much a GIANT muffin top. Maybe a bit of extra flub around the middle.

And he gave me shit about posting the underpants blog.


I've had a lot of fun finding ways to bring my GIANT muffin top into the conversation.

Thank goodness I'm not an uptight asshole, cause I could make his life hell over that remark. LOL.

All this talk of muffins is making me hungry. I need to go to the grocery today, so I think all I have for breakfast type stuff is cereal. Oh well. Cheerios will have to do.

If you have a moment (and I know you do, friends), please go to visit the Blonde Goddess and wish her a very Happy Birthday today!

Why is it that everyone around me ages so well and me and my GIANT muffin top are going to hell in a handbasket?? (that's a rhetorical question).


  1. Ummm... If your going to hell in a handbasket then I'm scared... Cause damn girl your lookin alright to me. Muffin top and all! LOL

  2. Hey, my big ole giant tentlike Coleman brand granny panties would slide off your little muffin top without ever touching skin. But I'm not going to hell in a handbasket because my ass would never fit in a handbasket. Bodies change with time (both his and hers). And, you know what, it really rarely bothers me a bit. To me, that is aging well...not letting the ravages of time to the body define the moment I'm living.

  3. Thanks, guys. You do know I'm just giving the Evil Twin a hard time, right? I don't really care either. I just had an issue with the word "Giant". LOL.

  4. I couldn't see a muffin top in your last photo! He's got to go to the eye doc!

  5. Muffin top, check.

    Yep, mine's still here.... damn low-rise jeans.

  6. kenju - he wears no line bifocals already. LOL.

    Diva - but they're so damn comfortable! I can't wear muffin top restrictive pants anymore.

  7. We went to see ZZ Top last year. There was a chick who appeared to be around our age who looked pretty spiffy in her ribbed-around-the-middle-with-elastic half shirt and low-rise jeans. Then she got on a guy's shoulders.

    With the way she was bending on his shoulders, she obviously had more sag to her belly than was showing when she was standing up.

    Her stomach laid like a giant saggy tit on top the guy's head and spilled saggily down the to his ears on the sides. Curmy was scarred by the sight of it. For days later he'd just pipe up out of the blue " was like a big tit drooping over his head..." while staring off into space.

    Tell TET that that is what a giant muffin top can do. :)

  8. I've met you in person and you do NOT have a muffin top. In fact you're one hot mama...

    Thanks for the nice birthday wishes...we are all getting older but personally I think you look a lot younger than you are.

  9. Everybody likes muffin tops.

  10. BB - Wow, that is a giant muffin top!

    BG - thanks, I hope you had a great day yesterday.

    Tiff and PP - I agree and to prove what a good sport I am, I even bought Banana Nut muffins at the store yesterday. Harhar!

  11. Now I'm depressed because my body looks very much like the Michelin Man.

    MMmMmm....Muffins....why'd you have to go and bring this topic up anyway?