Friday, May 30, 2008


Yesterday evening, we had the last PTO meeting of the school year. As usual, it was ... interesting. It's always fun to be in a room full of people who have being parents as the only thing in common. It really gives one a glimpse into true personalities.

This year was odd in that there were three people nominated for Vice President and two people nominated for Treasurer. Typically, people who agree to do the different post on the PTO board run unopposed. In a way, it made me happy to see that more than one person was interested in the job(s).

Volunteering is something few parents do at Buddy's school. It always seems to be the same handful at every event - yours truly is one of that crew. I go and do stuff because I can - not every mom has the flexibility I do. Many of them work full time. And, I understand that, but PTO meets in the evenings and it truly is a team effort, so whoever serves doesn't have to do all the planning all by themselves.

And, the officers have the small network of other parents who are willing to pitch in too, so it makes it easier. We also have some people who truly love to do certain activities. Like, we have one mom who believes in the book sales and the benefit the school receives (more books for classrooms and the library), so she always heads up that activity.

Another mom feels strongly about the blood drive and the lives giving blood can save, so she has been doing those for the last couple of years.

The Evil Twin and I think the yearbook should look nice and professional, so we're involved with that effort. I won't tell you where the Evil Twin works, but I will say he's a professional graphic designer and we have all the equipment and software necessary to design things at home. Sure, it's going to be time consuming this summer, but the kids will have a yearbook they can be proud of.

The last couple of years, since Sissy was born, I have not been as involved as I was early on. So, I mostly just show up to activities and they can put me where they need me. Yes, I have my little sidekick with me, but as long as she cooperates, I can do whatever is needed.

I enjoy being involved too. I think you learn more about the school and the people who run things and how your child is doing if you stick close to the action. That's not to say I want Buddy to get special treatment, but I do want to know if there's an issue right away and the teachers feel comfortable talking to me.

Next year will be Buddy's last at that school. Sissy will attend preschool there, but we're not sure beyond that. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!


  1. I think it's great that you stay involved and volunteer. You have a lot to offer and the kids really do appreciate it.
    That's why I do it...for the kids.

    It's irritating when some parents don't even attend things at school with their children. Last night for instance, tons of parents dropped their kids off to sing at their spring concert and didn't stay to watch them.
    One boy told me his parents have never heard him sing because they don't come to any of his performances.
    That made me very sad for him.

  2. I supported to PTO at my daughter's school for many years with both donations to whatever cause (money) and with my time.

    I always enjoyed being there with them.

  3. Way to go on the PTO! It's really good when you can find things you enjoy doing or is one of you causes and you can incorporate it into helping out the school.

  4. Mom was always really involved in school until my last couple of years in high school (when she decided to go back to work). I was fine with the less involvement in high school because I got away with more stuff, but I would've rathered her to be able to be involved all the way through.

    We used to do a haunted house to raise money for the band. It was a hoot and it's an activity that all the kids and parents loved. I miss that. Seriously. Every year Grasshopper and I discuss wanted to do a haunted house.

  5. It sounds like a really nice place. It's so hard to find those these days. People end up starting in-fighting and power plays among the groups I've tried to be involved in. Sours me on the whole idea.