Friday, May 16, 2008

Peace, Pot, Microdot

Ron came up with a good topic - my assessment of recreational drugs I’ve taken. I can do that. Keep in mind that it has been YEARS since I’ve done any of this stuff.

I started drinking at age 11. Yep. We would sneak stuff out of one kid’s dads liquor cabinet. It didn’t happen very often, but those were some fun times. We never really overdid it, either. We’d get a little buzz and laugh about stupid stuff.

By the time I was in junior high, around 7th grade, I was smoking pot. Like who wasn’t?? Getting our hands on weed was lots easier than buying booze, so my friends and I got high - a lot. I continued to smoke off and on up until about 5 or so years ago - however, I stopped smoking on a regular basis back in high school. I never really enjoyed the feeling that went along with being high. It made me paranoid and self conscious. I would smoke at parties every now and then. In college, my roommate was a small time dealer, so she always had it on hand.

These days, I still go to places/functions where people smoke. They know me as the one hold out who doesn’t though, so when the pipe or joint comes my way, they just pass it to the next person. I’m always too busy pickling my liver to indulge in other things.

You know what they say: smoking weed leads to harder drugs, sooooo:

LSD - ahhh, one of my favorites. The important thing is to have a good trip. I’ve never had a bad one. I’ve had ones that were more fun than others and that’s mostly thanks to the company I’m keeping at the time. Some people are just better to experience acid with than other people. I’ve taken blotter about a zillion times, but did microdot once. Both were fine, but blotter is easier to find.

Cocaine - another great one. I would do this until my nose bled often. I kept it contained to weekends or special occasions (parties, etc.). It was kind of difficult to run across here and it was also not cheap, so that kind of would make or break any weekend plans of being a coke-fiend.

Crystal meth - this is one I can’t believe I did more than once, but I did. I loved it. Now that I know what’s in that crap, I’m appalled that I even tried it to begin with. Again, this one was limited to weekends only. It was less expensive and more plentiful than coke, and really even a better time, so this was a popular one for a while.

X or ecstasy - super fun. Better than acid in that the trips aren’t nearly as long, but are just as intense. Sex is amazing and do-able (unlike meth, which will shrink a guy’s willy and no matter how great of attempt is made… that thing won’t be seeing an erection until the drug wears off).

Shrooms - or psilocybin mushrooms - they don’t taste very good at all, but the hallucinations are worth it. Again, these aren’t super plentiful, so they didn’t come around often. I did this mostly in college and a couple times afterward.

Heroin - only once. I snorted it. I was sick as a dog ALL night. I said, “Never again.” and that’s been true.

Pills (uppers, downers, speed, etc) - these are just okay. Not my fave and I wouldn’t take anything unless I knew what it was. This was something I rarely did because the payoff seemed shitty. Like the work involved in the procurement, etc. was too great for the thrill later. Also, some of that stuff just made my scalp crawl.

I think that’s it. Not too many, huh? I was practically an ANGEL!

Kids, don’t do drugs.

Additionally - I've never done anything, even have a sip of alcohol, while pregnant and I waited until Buddy spent the night at my parents' house to do anything major. Never when he was home. It's okay to have fun every once in a while, but not in a setting that might endanger my children.

* The title comes from a little utility building in Nitro, WV. It’s had this phrase, along with a pot leaf, spray painted on the side since sometime before 1983. I don’t know why it hasn’t been sandblasted off.


  1. It's funny... I'm extremely sheltered, chemically. I've had alcohol, in copious amounts... prescription painkillers, which might count except that I, um, use them as prescribed.

    And... that's it. Really. I've never smoked anything, at all. Never even been around most of the rest, with the exception of pot, and that was all secondhand (my first concert was Phish, nuff said).

    This is not because I'm uncomfortable or anti-experimental or treating my body as a shrine (hah!). It's because I never knew anyone who had access. How provincial.

  2. I grew up in a much simpler, more naive time. I was never offered pot or anything else other than alcohol, for which I am very thankful. I was so addicted to cigarettes that I am glad I never had the opportunity to get addicted to anything else. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't touch any of it for any reason.

  3. kate & kenju - I just happened to live in an area and hang around people where it was available. Thank goodness, I never got addicted to any of it (not even cigs - I smoked socially when the Evil Twin did).

  4. Party!!! LOL
    Glad all your experiences seemed to work out pretty good and no addictions. I've tried alcohol, but that's it and even then I generally only have 1 or 2 wine coolers. I've been around drugs and even known people so access wasn't my issue. I just fear addictions. I've seen what it does and that is enough to make me stear clear.

  5. Ron - nothing wrong w/ that. It's called "making an informed decision".

  6. Hmmm, I smoked cigs during parties, college finals and long car rides. I stopped more than 13 years ago when pregnant with number one son.

    Senior year in college I was introduced to coke and I was chicken so I only rubbed it on my gums, I smoked a little pot, but that was back in the days of a nickel bag making, like a *ton of joints. I'm cheap at heart and would never waste my money on drugs. In hs, I was pretty much a goody-goody, I only remember one night of drinking beer in the woods. I think I've generally been afraid of breaking rules.
    Now I stick to wine most evenings, but I sometimes get a buzz before bed. I like microbrews, too. :-) Cosmos or mojitos for celebrations out, sometimes.
    Now, *that was interesting, no?

  7. I did it all.

    Except crack. That came after my time.

    I once did windowpane and at one point thought I was growing another toe (between my index and middle toes). It was quite painful. No one around me could understand at all. That was teh bad trip.

    On shrooms, buy some cheap vitamins that come in capsules. Empty the vitamins out, and smoosh the shrooms in. They don't taste like anything at all that way, and still work just as good :)

  8. kwr - it's not money wasted if you have a great time with it! LOL.

    BB - I know, I know. I did a lot of it with you. You're such a bad influence!

  9. ETW, I do try \o.o/ (that's me with da horns)

    Actually, I think we've all mellowed with age. Mellow is good.

  10. You're far more experienced than I am - never wanted to do anything that fucked too hard with my reality that I couldn't titrate. For that reason I stuck with liquor and dope, which worked just fine for me. Me and hallucingens do NOT mix!