Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not An Easy Road

I've had a lovely day. I did make dinner - ground beef was in the fridge and needed to be turned into meatballs. I froze some and used the rest to make a spaghetti dinner, so it was easy enough.

The Evil Twin and the kids have all been super sweet to me, but they're kinda like that every day. I always feel corny when I tell people how amazing my relationship with the Evil Twin is, I'm sure it seems unbelievable - but we continue to be just crazy about (and because of) each other, more and more each day.

We had been married for about three years when we decided to start to try to have a baby. Or should I say: when I finally nagged the Evil Twin half to bits and he relented. It took us nearly two years to get pregnant with a "keeper". (I had lost two before I met the Evil Twin, then had a miscarriage and an ectopic [tubal] before Buddy).

After Buddy was born so prematurely, the Evil Twin was leary about having a second child. I was also diagnosed with MS around Buddy's 2nd birthday, so that added to the Evil Twin's fears for the future. He worried that a 2nd child may be born even earlier than Buddy was or not fare as well as Buddy had. Plus, he worried about my physical limitations.

I had always wanted two children, though - and I wanted Buddy to have a sibling. After a few years of cajoling, the Evil Twin gave in, again.

It took two more miscarriages before the OB decided to test both of us for a host of possible problems. My chart was marked "Habitual Aborter" and my husband's work order sheet said, "Wife is habitual aborter" as a reasoning for the extensive testing.

The blood work turned up a blood clotting disorder on my part. It's called Lupus Anticoagulant. It's not an anticoagulant disorder as stated, but a problem with the blood clotting too thickly. This will result in repeated miscarriages unless treated. Treatment is twice daily injections of blood thinner medication.

I got pregnant for the EIGTH time. I started on the blood thinner. I lost another baby.

More Clomid, more trying and finally, pregnant again. (I tested 5 days before I expected Aunt Flo, so I knew VERY early on). Immediately start blood thinner. Hope for the best.

My HCG blood work all came back great. I started spotting. Thank goodness, it went away as quickly as it had started and we had a very early ultrasound. There was a blob with a blink, blink, blink - a tiny beating heart!

Two weeks later, we had another ultrasound. The blob was bigger and had an even stronger heartbeat. Sissy was on her way!

Blood thinner injected twice a day, morning and night. I also rented a hospital grade fetal doppler. I listened to her heartbeat every single day, as much as I wanted to listen in.

The Evil Twin and I were put on "pelvic rest". That means nothing poking my pelvis, nothing that would cause my uterus to contract (that means no sex and no orgasm, for those who might be confused).

Going thru everything I did to have my two kids was worth it. I'm soooo lucky and I realize that. For Buddy - coming into this world at just over 2 pounds and Sissy - over 500 injections and a lot of nervousness on my part. I'm incredibly blessed.

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers, to include my blog buddies who don't have children, but are dog and cat moms, special aunts and all around wonderful people. I hope you've had a terrific day!


  1. Wow. You did have a rocky road. Glad it all worked out in the end.

    I thought ET's comments on your other post were realy sweet. :-)

  2. A difficult path, but I'm sure when you see the results it is entirely worth the effort. Enjoy your day!

  3. OK, you win. I thought I had a high-risk pregnancy with Jacob, but it's all about perspective.

  4. Happy Mother's day. That is some serious commitment - and I'm not even talking about the 9 months of "pelvic rest"!

    Regardless of how they come about - kids are a blessing.

    Of course, I'm pretty pleased with the two I got...

  5. Eight times? I can't imagine! Good for you for persevering!

  6. Happy Mother's Day! (Though I'm sure there's nothing anyone can say here that will compare to your sweet comment by TET!)

  7. kwr - someone once told me I was very optimistic, but I said, "No, I"m just stubborn and I don't take NO for an answer!" ;-)

    Ron - thanks!

    Kate - I loved being pregnant... too bad I'm not better at it.

    Dave - thanks! It was tough, but I think we've made up for it. Heehee.

    Kenju - technically, Sissy is pregnancy #9. I get pregnant okay, I just can't stay that way.

    BB - Did you have a nice day? The Evil Twin is also a "keeper", don't you think? ;-)

  8. I hate medical terminology. "Habitual aborter" makes it sound like you're doing it on purpose. I know they don't think of it that way... it just sounds horrible.

    I can't imagine going through all you did! It had to have been heartbreaking! You both must have such a strong marriage and such strong belief in one another to go through that! It's entirely worth it. I can tell by the way you write about your kids. They are awesome!

  9. Yikes - that's some perseverance! Remind us never to pick a fight with you...I suspect you'd win. Against ALL of us.

  10. Yikes - that's some perseverance! Remind us never to pick a fight with you...I suspect you'd win. Against ALL of us.

  11. I'm loving the love between you and your long time love, girl!

    And I'm so happy for everything working out for you, having 2 wonderful babies.

    The road can be hard, I lived it too, between kid#1 and kid#2 there were 4 traumatic experiences.

    God bless ya, girl!

  12. It sounds like you worked a miracle! I can't imagine what you went through, but I applaud you :)

    Hope your Mothers Day was terrific too!