Thursday, May 8, 2008

Book Reviews

I posted a day or two ago about the Sex Ed book I bought for Buddy called What's The Big Secret? . I had purchased the book several months ago, but the Evil Twin and I were both a little hesitant to hand it over.

After we finally gathered up the courage, I - of course! - went back online to find a link to it so I could write about the great find on my blog here.

In looking over the relevant info on the page, I had somehow not really paid much attention to the "ratings" given by other buyers of the book the first or even second time I visited the page. By the time I searched for the link, I had a bit of extra time to give the reviews a cursory glance.

Some wack-a-do posted her (I'm assuming it's a mom) opinion on the book:

"By A Customer

While this book is colorful and covers many common questions, it is not for attachment parents - or any parent who wants to teach her child a more natural parenting approach.

It does have one breastfeeding picture, but it also includes pictures of baby bottles and a baby bottle-feeding, newborns in a hospital nursery, a hospital birth with the mom lying on her back (which is very difficult and can lead to unnecessary Caesareans), and a newborn crying (which is not really natural, and rarely happens in a waterbirth), and a bit of rudeness (a child calling another child "silly").

The book also states that puberty can start at "ten or twelve or fourteen" but many children are starting earlier these days (possibly from the growth hormones in cow's milk, a good reason to switch to organic milk), and they may feel worried if they read that statement.

Two better books are Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend and A Child Is Born by Lennart Nilsson. "

HAAAAHAAAhahaha. Oh, Good Gracious! Like any kid would transfer the images in a book designed to impart sexual education information to their real life thoughts (i.e. merely SEEING an infant with a bottle in it's mouth or a woman laboring on her back that might lead to c-sections). What the fuckery? This woman is a full-fledged, card carrying MORON. She deserves to be pimp slapped or at least taken down a notch in some form.

God help us if a child feels "worried" that they may go thru puberty earlier or later than the book states! And let's not forget that all the growth hormones in milk may be causing that phenomenon.

I'd like to contact this mother and also let her know that President Bush has been transmitting thoughts to her head by space aliens who eat non-organic space lettuce. They are also meat eaters.

Our son slept in the same room with us until he was 10 months old and our daughter shared our bed until she was 5 months old. I pumped and bottle fed Buddy (out of necessity) and nursed Sissy. We don't let our kids cry it out. But, I have to draw a line somewhere and this review is about the most asinine thing I've EVER read - in all my years on the innernets.

I hate people.


  1. LOL, I'm surprised that she didn't give them hell for not using recycled paper in the book!

  2. This mom focuses on the newborn stuff,,,,but isn't it a book about PUBERTY? Is there some kinder gentler way to go through THAT horrofic life stage? Maybe do it while chanting and having your helicopter momma waft incense over your hormone-addled body?


    But you? Funny!

  3. I think she's a Scientologist. And a nitpicker.

  4. It might just be that NO book would satisfy this woman. As BuzzardBilly stated...she's probably a nitpicker...

  5. People like this need so much justification that they're right. It's really sad. She's made this choice to be a certain kind of parent, but doesn't feel legitimate unless everyone in the entire world adopts her way, too, because it's the ONLY way. And like the Highlander, there can be only one!!!!

    It's the same thing with people who latch on to those hardcore fundamentalist churches and go picket military funerals and whatnot. Showing how other people are wrong is the only way they can feel secure in their own beliefs.

  6. I think the book review was probably done by Nancy of WVSR fame.

  7. Ron - you definitely have a point there!

    Tiff, BB, BG and Rebecca - mmhmm. Have I mentioned that I hate people? LOL.

    CADude - I thought that same thing. I almost sent the review to Jeff, but figured I'd have some fun with it first.

  8. lol that comment is incredible. I love the way she tries to promote two other books and makes a stab at breast-feeding, hospital births, and drinking milk. lol The trouble with the internet is everyone can throw in their opinion no matter how stupid it is.

    What a minute...this is my opinion...scrap that last comment ;-)