Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hilarity Ensues

Sometimes I feel like a nut. Oh, no, that's not right. Sometimes life is like a box of chocolates.

Oh hell, I don't know.

I'm a 40 year old gal with a ten year old and a two year old. I gave my oldest a book about sex the other day and today, I'm online ordering a free potty training DVD from the Pull-Ups people. (I love free stuff - sometimes it includes coupons!).

Yes, that's right... I'm approaching potty training stage with Miss Sissy. So far, she has shown zero interest. I even have a little "Hello Kitty" journal type book for her. It's got lots of shiny blank pages just BEGGING for a sticker or two.

With Buddy, we used the sticker bribery method of potty training - and I still have loads of stickers (I never throw anything away). So, I even used the stickers to put Sissy's name on the Hello Kitty book and showed her the big baggie of stickers. She was thrilled to see Spongebob and others in the bag, but none of this super hyped up-sell talk has hit home for her.

We brought the potty home when she hit about 18 months and we've been talking about it, clapping if she even gets near the stupid thing and just generally behaving like loons.

I suppose I'm going to have to break down and buy the daggone training pants things. Having already had one child transition from diapers to undies, I fully realize that any child will use the potty in their own time. I'm okay with that.

In an effort to not jinx myself, I won't talk about my hopes and aspirations for potty training sooner rather than later.

Oh, the gods of irony wanted me to get it and good when I got pregnant with a girl. I remember teasing my friends when Buddy was a tot: "Thank goodness I have a boy - he doesn't have to sit on those germy public toilet seats!" Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

And for those of you without kids, here's a little factoid: Children who are learning to use the potty like to visit EVERY. PUBLIC. TOILET. known to mankind.

This includes the filthy Wal-Mart restrooms aka "Good Lord. I think there's a brown light special going on in there."

I have a sneaking suspicion I'm about to embark on lots of visits to "see the whiz-ard" soon.

Wish me luck!


  1. I posted this on my blog last month. Thought you mind be able to use the info. http://womensdaily.blogspot.com/2008/04/need-to-find-clean-public-toilet.html

  2. I would try potty training rewards. THe audio and chocolate treats worked great for our son. He loved pushing the button hearing he is a Big Boy. He was peeing and pooping in his potty within a week. Have a look and see if this would work for you. www.pottytrainingrewards.com

  3. You have my sympathies. When Grasshopper was potty training Sugar Bear, the peeing part was no problem, but that child had no interest whatsoever in pooing on a toilet (even a tiny toilet made just for her). She would beg for a diaper whenever she had to poo. It was a total battle of wills.

    And there are no nifty Cheerio submerging tricks for girls.

  4. Best of luck... I don't have a kid so I'm not sure if my advice is valid. I have the rub her nose in it technique and the slowly moving her newspapers closer to the door. I advise against smacking her with a rolled up newspaper as punishment. hmmmm... I think maybe it's different for humans.

  5. WD and Karen - thanks for the tips...

    BB - no Cheerios for girls, too true.

    Ron - I promise I won't beat her with a paper. LOL.

  6. Stock up on toilet seat covers and prepare for the grand tour.

    Oh, and invest in vats of travel size germ gel!

    The Grand Tour of Public Restrooms is horrifying, yet fun. If you let them join you in the horror/fascination, that is.

    Good luck!

  7. Oh yah... my grandson is potty training and Wooooooo is it fun.

    You are so right about visiting every toilet in the immediate and not so immediate vicinity. LOL.

    I took him to the zoo Saturday, we hit 5 out of 7 of the bathrooms.