Thursday, May 29, 2008

Short. Sweet!

I logged some time in my hammock yesterday, plus tried to blot out my day with Chardonnay. I think both things helped tremendously.

My new printer/scanner do-hickey was delivered yesterday, so after Sissy got in bed, I began the set up process. This is a wireless one and since we already have a router set up (and three computers), I figured I could handle the set up of this printer.

When I took the instructions out of the box and read through them, I started to feel not very confident at all. Some of the newer technology stuff kind of scares me and if it's really complicated, then I don't want to be involved.

But, I sucked it up and went in with a good attitude. The set up was amazingly EASY. And it didn't take long at all. The set-up wizard walked me thru, step by step and couldn't have been easier.

It's a standard ink jet type printer, which I'm not crazy about, but it's also a scanner, etc. The Evil Twin upgraded his computer last summer and it runs Vista. Vista's answer to all your peripherals is to "suggest" you buy new ones 'cause Vista won't support most of them. Such was the case with our flat bed scanner.

I don't need a scanner often, but they're handy to have when you DO need such a feature. The Evil Twin is picky about his stuff because with his freelance work, he needs top quality equipment. I don't. I had told him months ago to shop for a new scanner and buy whichever one he liked. Well, that's been months ago and the old, unworking scanner still sits on his desk.

Meanwhile, in Wi-Fi land, I had lost my ability to use our laser printer and/or ink jet printer downstairs after the upgrade. We had hired the Geek Squad to come and set up our wireless router and everything back when I bought my laptop and then the Evil Twin got a new computer and it all went to hell. I didn't want to call Geek Squad again because the guy we really like and trust doesn't work there anymore. He is a friend of ours, but won't charge me for helping out and I don't like to feel like I'm taking advantage of him.

Anyway, the short story (isn't that what I intended in the first place?) is that now I have access to a printer AND a scanner. And all for cheaper than hiring someone anyway. Whew.


  1. Woo Hoo on getting it set up without any hassles!! It's funny how you can install something like this and it will be the easiest thing ever and then go to another computer and set it up and it can be the total suck! So good for you!

  2. okay, so now what will you scan?

    When I set up new equipment I want to use it right away. When I got my GPS for Christmas, I used it for EVERYWHERE I went. Very annoying, I know - even for the grocerty store just 2 miles from my house and to church. But it was fun.

    Our downstairs computer died, the one that the kids use, and when it was fixed (whatever magic wand thing they did that restored it to working order, but lost ALL info), I told the guy (from DH's work) that I could handle the internet connection. oops, it's been a few weeks and I'm stumped. :-( The wireless thingy isn't on, but I can't find what's not connected and the Wizard isn't helping me.

    So I'm just ignoring it.

    That's not working out so well.

  3. Ron - yes, it was a huge relief. Thanks to hipping me to the good deal, too!

    K - maybe have the co-worker come back to fix it? I plan on scanning lots of old pics (before beloved digital age). :-)

  4. Way to go on getting all set up. I just now (yes, after 4 o'clock) dropped Curmy off for his first few hours back at work from teh sick. I need a hammock, but I'd like mine to be in a dark quiet air-conditioned room.

  5. Prepo - I am very pleased with myself!

    BB - what took ya so long?? A hammock in a quiet AC room would be grand, too.

  6. HEY! You should be receiving lots and lots of email from Tammie (da swede) very soon. I suggest you don't open it.

    And scanners? They're Gods way of saying "scan a body part and post it on the internet".

    You could start with a tatoo and work up to Ron's sister's nipples.

  7. Stew - I already posted the pic of my tats. Body parts? They've popped up on my blog from time to time. I'm sure you've noticed. ;-)

  8. I have an HP all in one printer/scanner/copier and I love it. Scanners come in very handy for some things that cannot be copied by a regular copier.

  9. kenju - I agree. It has been tough not having one for a year!