Thursday, May 8, 2008


Back when I was in college, before I met the Evil Twin, I dated a guy - kinda on and off for a couple of years. His name was Spit (at least, that is what I'm going to call him for this story, because that's the name he went by during our punk years).

We had a volatile relationship. We were young and stupid. But there was a lot of passion in that relationship.

We ran around in the same small circle of similar minded punk kids. If you were into punk music at that time and you followed the shows that came to this area, I knew you.

The Evil Twin and Spit were friends for years before I had met either of them. At the point I met Spit, the Evil Twin was in the Air Force, stationed out in New Mexico. He had sent Spit a Christmas card that he had designed - I think it was a bloody Santa or something twisted like that. Spit showed it to me and said it was from his friend "the Evil Twin" (his exact words). I didn't think much more about it or that card until about three years later, when I did actually meet the Evil Twin.

By that time, Spit and I were long over, but we were still friends. We remain friends to this very day, in fact.

Anyway, he did not want me to get involved with the Evil Twin. Not like he had much of a say in it at that point.

I think by then, Spit liked to keep me around as a fuck buddy. I certainly didn't mind - he was a good lay. He also taught me a certain skill that shall remain nameless, but it's a good skill for a girl to have.

I had a wild past, but he and the Evil Twin were the only two people I've ever truly loved in my life. Of course, after 16 years of togetherness - hot and heavy since April 11, 1992 - I still love the Evil Twin.

I know some people are ashamed of their pasts. I'm not. I figure all the things I've done in my life have helped shape me into the person I am today. No regrets.


  1. Hmmm... I'm guessing he taught you how to change a tire on your car! No??? ummmm, heck I have no idea...

  2. Mr.Man was in the Air Force when I met him.

    As for being ashamed of my past...
    I thought about it and I'm not ashamed of it as much as I am cautious of it. There are certain things that happened that I wouldn't want coming out because it would hurt people I care about.
    And one or two things that I do regret are things that hurt other people. While I know I didn't make those choices to be malicious or hurt them on purpose I do regret them. I've never done anything to hurt someone on purpose but I still wonder if I could have handled a few things differently.

    It's good that you have no regrets. You're one of the few people I've ever met who is not ashamed of their past. Most people have at least one or two things they wish they hadn't done...Usually it's a relationship thing.

    You're very lucky.

  3. Ron - I *still* can't change a tire, but good try. LOL.

    BG - I'm not ashamed of anything I've done in my sexual past. Outside of that, I've done stupid things I wish I hadn't, but still nothing shameful per se. Maybe wishful thinking that I hadn't been such a moron at certain times. Live and learn and move on, ya know?

  4. I wish I'd have had a fuck buddy. But the girls I met all got clingy and at the pre-in-love stage way too quickly, which usually led to me to run for the hills. I'm not proud of the running part, but it seemed easier at the time than trying to explain that I wasn't ready to settle down (i.e. I was having just too much fun to stick with one, damnit!)

    Even now, a fuck buddy sounds like a pretty good idea. But that whole thing would probably be complicated by the fact that I've been married forfuckingever. So that's out.

    Damn reality.

  5. I didn't meet Spit until I was in Morgantown. He would come to town for shows at the URR. I remember the first time we had an actual conversation I'd asked him if he knew The Evil Twin. While we were having that very conversation, some girl came up and was shamelessly hitting on him. He declined and told her he had a girlfriend named ETW (but your real name). I remember thinking that was sweet at the time.

    It took me by surprise because I had him pegged as a shit-stirrer. BTW, I think we can both agree that he do (or did) like nothing more than to whip out a giant kitchen spoon any time he saw a placid waveless bowl of shit. LOL

    As for the past, regret to me is the most useless and painful of all the emotions. Too often reget is a stick to beat yourself with (rather than learn from that lesson and move on). I figure I like me today and all of the good and bad that came before helped shape me into the person I am today, so it can't be all bad.

  6. CADude - that is my problem with most girls (yes, my own kind). They tend to equate sex with love and it's not always the case. Sometimes, it's just fun to have fun.

    BB - thanks for telling me that. You know, he did cheat on me (towards the end), and yes, he did love to stir up the shit... I think he's mellowed in his old(er) age. LOL.

  7. ETW, I think we've all mellowed with age. :)

  8. The only difference that I can see from my past to now is when I decide to strip at the bar I make more money now than a decade ago.

  9. BB - isn't that the truth?

    Wyld - I'm not surprised. It's your chipper personality (and you're easy on the eyes, too).

  10. Count me in as someone who's not ashamed of her past...all lessons that needed learning, IMHO.

    Ihh ad one of those fuck buddy relationships once, and by and large it was fabulous. The key was to break up with him FIRST, then just get the lay at random after that because we weren't a 'couple' anymore. Sweet freedom!

  11. Amen sister! Everything I've done makes me who I am today!