Saturday, December 8, 2007


Last night, Buddy had his best friend over to spend the night. Since I am almost out of any decent cereal, the Evil Twin had promised to run to Tudor's this morning for breakfast.

Tudor's is a local fast food restaurant known best for their breakfast - in particular, their biscuits. They offer a wide variety of choices and they're all tasty.

I must have Buzzardbilly on the brain, 'cause I ordered her favorite, the Mary B. Why it's called the Mary B. I have no idea, but it's a biscuit with bacon, egg and cheese. I get my egg portion scrambled because I no likey the bouncy egg form usually presented.

The danger with the Mary B. is within the bacon part. Sometimes, the bacon is so done, it's practically burnt and sometimes, it's barely done at all which makes for stringy, chewy bacon hell.

Wonder what I'll get this time?

I hope it's just right. Because of the bacon iffiness, I often opt for the Dottie - hash brown, egg and cheese on a biscuit. Again, I go for the scrambled egg on this one. It's about the biggest biscuit I've ever seen. It's approximately 4 inches tall. It has to be eaten very carefully.

Once, I was transferring the Dottie from the coffee table to the loveseat (so I could have it right beside me) and I was lifting it by the wrapping paper on either side of the enormous biscuit. Well, it ripped right thru the wrapping and fell on the floor. In pieces. I had to reassemble it and attempt to enjoy it while the rest of the family laughed their asses off at my misfortune.

That's how heavy that sucker is.

Ahh, my Mary B. is perfection....


  1. Do they deliver?? I thing all I have in the house is some Salsa and nachos and I hate to have the same thing for breakfast that I had for dinner. Life of a single male :)

  2. @.@ the Mary B.

    I'm also a fan of the bacon biscuit and the Ron (sausage, egg, and cheese). Hell, I like the rubber egg now. Curmy's more of a Golden Eagle man (Canadian bacon, cheese, rubber egg, hash brown). That one's pretty tall too.

    I watched "House on Haunted Hill" on Friday Night Freakshow (well, till the Christmas Monk special came on). I forgot how good it was. Thought of you guys then too. :)

  3. I was also a fan of the country ham until they started using fresh-killed ham. Blech. It smells like ripe roadkill.

  4. Damn I'm hungry now! CURSE YOU! LOL
    I love the Herd and the Mary B. I can't eat the Ron tho,, Gawd I wish they'd change the name. I used to have a boyfriend that makes me want to retch now thinking about it and his name was Ron. Nope. Sorry. Can't eat the Ron.

  5. I was in Tudor's once, I think, but I don't remember what I ate. You all know that your doc is going to find your gallbladder on the sidewalk some day, don't you?

  6. Don't worry Ron. I also had a bad "Ron" experience, but because the Ron biscuit is tasty beyond belief, I'll still order it. :-)

  7. I dig the Mary B., too. And you're totally right about the bacon thing. 8)

  8. Hope your breakfast was tasty...sounded tasty

  9. The Ron kicks ass. I love Tudor's potato thing. I'm going to attempt to make a "tudors" at home one day.

    My major beef with Tudors though is that sometimes they use the good cheese, other times they use that runny cheese that goes everywhere except in your biscuit!

  10. My Tudors Top 5:

    1) Mary B.
    2) Thundering Herd (sausage, egg, hash brown, and cheese)
    3) bacon biscuit
    4) Peppi (pepperoni, melted cheese)
    5) apple butter biscuit

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  12. FYI, The "Mary B" is named after a local woman who knew the owner and used to order that combo every morning before she went to work in her own store back when Tudors first began operation in the 70s or early 80s. I never met Mary B., but I know her then husband. My wife knows Mary B.