Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday is Day Off Day

And I had a fairly productive day in spite of it. I made a few phone calls and followed up on a few items on my "To Do" list. 2 loads of laundry, emptied and reloaded dishwasher and cleaned the shower. My brother called (he never calls).

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. It's my regular check up with my neuro. For those who may not know - I've had MS for about 7 years now and I'm doing great. My appt. is later in the day, so I'm going to have to send Buddy to After School Care. He's thrilled about it. He loves going and having extra play time with his friends. He once asked me why he couldn't go to ASC more often and I replied that since I don't have a job outside our home, I'm always available to pick him up when school ends. He wasn't real happy with that answer.

But, there are times when After School Care saves my butt and tomorrow will be one of them. Of course, I'll get charged for it, but it's really not that expensive and it is nice to blow off that 2:45 deadline from time to time. I think I'll visit the doc and then hit Kroger's before I make it over to the school. That'll make him happy.

On Thursday night is the school play. Buddy has the role of Melchior (one of the wise men for those atheist or agnostics or just don't give a poo about religion types - not that there's anything wrong with that. The Evil Twin is agnostic). Anyway, it's my job to costume my child. The Evil Twin suggested a turban and I thought some purple fabric draped over his shoulder and a rope belt would be sufficient. After all, the wise men were kings, so they dressed vividly and not in rags! Right? If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. I have until Thursday evening to put this costume bizness together.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I will come home tomorrow or Wednesday with a sewing machine - even if it's just a basic model.

I grow more domestic by the minute.... Scary times, kids.


  1. My children used to beg me to take a job outside the home so they could go to day care afterschool, with all their friends!

    I think your idea of a costume sounds good, but if they were kings, would they wear rope belts? I know they wore long robes, not pants back then.

  2. Of course, I had to look up a Melchoir costume to figure out what they should look like: $78 Melchoir Costume

    I swear it looks to me like a trip to Gabe's would do the trick. Get a shiny robe (they'll have lots of styles cheap) Get a sateen sheet set (they'll also have those cheap, like $8) cut it up for the yellow parts and use the belt of the robe to make a crown/band to hold down his flowing sheik's hat. Flip-flops and a bowl and it looks like he's good to go.

    I love Gabe's. TJMaxx, ValueShitty, and Marshall's would all be good candidates too, but I think Gabe's would be your cheapest route.

  3. You can get curtain accessories at Michael's fairly cheap. Like tassles and junk. That would make a great belt! Don't forget to pick up some cheesy giant jewels while your there for his head dress!

  4. I was domestic for about 30 seconds once. It was frightening. have MS? Crazy. Glad that you are doing great though.

    It's too early for me to have suggestions for Wise Men garb...but i'm sure you'll whip up something pretty cool

  5. Sorry to learn of the MS, but glad your doing well.

  6. Hehehhe! I grow more domestic every day, too. I am just now learning how to sew. Take that back -- I learned how to sew in junior high (back when schools actually offered home ec and shop classes) and my Mom continued trying to teach me how to sew at home. Trying being the operative word here.

    I agree with the vivid costume suggestions. Melchoir needs bling!