Friday, December 7, 2007

In A Slump

I guess it's the weather as of late, but I've been feeling completely unmotivated to do anything. I haven't even gotten my Christmas cards yet, but that will be happening later this afternoon (long story on that one).

I don't feel sad or depressed, just kinda blah - tired. I can't get interested in cooking or cleaning or reading. I feel like I should be doing holiday things instead. And, I'm tired of my standard menu. My picky family (including me) makes it difficult to try new recipes with any success. Sure, there have been a few winners along the way, but not very often. Then, I feel bad because I wasted money on the ingredients and no one liked whatever was served. :::Sigh:::

Maybe I'll feel more cheery and Christmas-y after we get our tree and other decorations out this weekend, We don't do the outside of the house. Occasionally, we'll hang a wreath or other door decor, but that's about it.

The tree is always fun to look at. I think I'm feeling a little anxious because I have a few more things to do and I'm afraid the weather isn't going to cooperate with me. Isuppose it's that "time is running out" thing, too.

Gee, lots of weird feelings. Okay, I'm just gonna take a deep breath and have faith that it will all get done and hopefully all before December 25th.


  1. I hear what your saying. I bought my Christmas cards today at lunch and have not even started a list for Christmas let alone shopping. Hope the decorating helps you motivate.

  2. I am totally un-Christmasy this year. I'm not even Giftmasy either, and I can usually get wound up on the gift-giving part.

    I think the economy and general lack of Christmas cheer have a lot to do with it, but it could be the weather, my uterus, or the fact that I haven't won the lottery.

  3. I'm kinda like that too, because of all the hard work I've had to do for others. I haven't written even one card yet!