Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting Merrier

This is the mostly done tree. I've added an ornament here and there since last night. We decided to tackle the major decorations after we put Sissy in her crib for the night. We figured she'd be really excited this morning, but I think it just freaked her out.

There is a Mickey Mouse ornament on the tree and the Evil Twin hung it fairly low, so she'd be sure to see it. That was one of the first things she did pay attention to, and she kept pointing and saying, "Mouse". Yep, baby, that's a mouse. Then she went to her room and got one of her stuffed Mickey Mouses to tote around the house. Something tells me we've got a trip to Disney in our future. LOL.

So, I don't know if it was the tree or what, but I woke up this morning feeling good. I even made a trip out to the WalMart world of Walmartians. I knew it would be packed and it was, but I was happy and I smiled at everyone. I took my time on my shopping - I left the kids at home with Daddy who didn't want to venture out due to football.

But, it was a really nice day - the temperature was about 60s and it didn't rain all day, as predicted. We did have a spot of sunshine about mid day.

I think I'm going to try to wrap a few more gifts this evening, so it looks even more festive. We don't buy a lot for our kids, but they get plenty from other family. We started out when Buddy was smaller by putting a limit on the amount of things he could ask for Santa, and from us. He makes sure he chooses carefully and it also lightens the burden on our budget. I think kids get way too much these days anyway - all the time. It seems like it's always some holiday! Buddy's birthday is less than a month after Christmas and Sissy is my Groundhog Day baby (February 2), so it's a constant party here from Halloween to February.

Let the party begin!


  1. Your tree looks very nice, and I applaud your efforts to curb spending at Christmas. Kid all et too much nowadays! I have 9 grandkids, and their birthdays start in Dec. and end in April, so from Dec. to April, it is one present after another!

    The people who have all the Santas do not leave them out all year, but pack them up after January 6th and get it all out again on or near Dec. 1st. I can hardly believe how many they have!

  2. I understand the presents. One Christmas with my adopted family the kids had presents from the tree all the way out of the room. It was crazy the kids were tired and going to sleep before they could open all the gifts. That Christmas forward limits were put on the family to prevent that sort of thing. Too much just sort of makes them take things for granted. Nice Tree.

  3. Love the tree.

    Disney's great, but the whole family will totally love Universal Studios. They do film stuff that you don't see anywhere else. Sister, Sugar Bear, and I cannot get enough of that place. Try to go in the off-season (like around a three-day weekend) and it won't be miserably hot and the prices will all be nicer.

    I went shopping today too. Still couldn't force myself into the Christmas mood.

  4. I'm not much in the Christmas mood and most likely wont be...but it's nice to see that you are. very nice tree. I hope you and your family have a good one