Friday, December 14, 2007

OMWord, I Ate Too Much

The Evil Twin typically picks up pizza on Fridays and today was no exception. It was so good, I had 4 pieces. Yikes. But, now, I'm all bloaty and sick feeling. Yuck. It was just so good and I just had to have one last little tiny piece (and it was tiny, but apparently the slice that pushed me over the edge).

I recieved my Christmas card pictures today, so this evenings chore is to work on cards. I already have a few addressed and ready to go, they just need the pics slipped in and stamps. I'm really feeling behind on things this year, but it's just so crazy.

Buddy is going to be happy when Christmas finally gets here. Don't tell - but he's getting a Wii. I had to sign my soul over to Satan to get it, but it's here and most of it is wrapped. I found a good deal on a bundled package fom Gamestop and that came with the console, three games, extra controllers, the recharging dock and a memory card. We're giving him the Wii and a couple of games. Santa will bring the rest. I also found a deal at Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago for buy 2, get 1 free on Wii games. I got online and ordered those, so he's set. It's an all Wii Christmas for him. I know he'll be thrilled. It was really the only thing he wanted.

Sissy is getting an Aquadoodle and a My Little Pony. I might get her a couple of Santa gifts and a stocking toy or something, but that will be it for her. She's not even 2 and has no clue. I found an old Blue's Clue stuffed animal this morning out of Buddy's old things and she's toted it around all day and went to bed holding it. I told the Evil Twin, I should have held onto it and wrapped it for Christmas. Mwhahahaha!

Amazingly enough, she has left the tree alone. She'll look at the ornaments and point and name the things she knows, and twice, she's brought me a present over - but I put it back and said "No." and miracle of miracle, I think she's finally understanding that word. That's my Christmas present!

I'm off to work on cards~ Catch ya tomorrow!


  1. When I feel too full I...uh...nevermind.

    I want a My Little Pony

  2. You paint a vivid picture of things and it seems really nice. A friend has the Wii and we love the tennis game the most, you guys will have a ball.

  3. I hate that bloated feeling, but I never learn from it...LOL

  4. Kids really make the holidays. Buddy and Sissy are going to be so happy come Christmas.

  5. Heehee! My kids are getting a wii, too. They don't think they're getting one, and have already given up hope. Heh!

    Cruel, I know.

  6. Rebecca, Buddy is just hoping and hoping he's getting one. It's under the tree and he still has no clue. We're cruel here too! :-)