Monday, December 17, 2007


That would be the only word I could use to describe our decision to go out shopping on Saturday - 10 days before Christmas! LOL.

Before we set off on our journey, I had the family pow-wow with my gang. I said, "Today is a beautiful day. We will all have fun and smile at everyone. We know it's going to be hectic out there, but let's make the best of it." Surprisingly, there was no whining, cussing or grousing about the situation. And that goes for the kids, too!

Buddy really needed new tennis shoes and of course, he has to be with you to try them on, so it became an outting for the whole family. We went to Kohl's for the shoes. He also needed socks and a new belt, so we were able to get all that there and even though the store was crowded, it was crowded in an orderly way (at least at the check out lines).

After Kohl's, there was the daunting trip to the Toys R Us. TRU was a bit nuttier than Kohl's and even more crowded, but still manageable. Since I still needed to get a few small stocking items for each child, The Evil Twin took Buddy to check out the electronics and I took Sissy in the cart and did the shopping. We had to divide and conquer since Buddy would totally be on to us if he saw the items I was buying. I finished up quickly - we're not having a lot of extraneous "junk" this year - and made it out the store.

A quick trip into the IGA for bread and coffee by the Evil Twin and we were on our way back home. Now, some folks may not know about our weekly Saturday tradition of eating out, or grabbing fast food. It's our one special junk food night. As usual, none of us can agree on a location. I always vote on Wendy's, but I think I've burnt everyone else out on Wendy's. Buddy always wants McDs - which kind of gives me the willies - but I went along with it for the sake of peace.

I got a Big Mac and about half hour later, I had RonnieZuma's Revenge. Damn those Big Macs!

When I finished my ass-plosion, I came back to the den where the Evil Twin was setting up the new "King Kong" (Peter Jackson version) on the DVD player. He had seen it before, but wanted to watch it on the BATV (Big Ass TV). I got interested in it and even though it's 3 hours long, it's very fast paced and the CGI effects are amazing.

It was a nice ending to a crazy day!


  1. Sounds as if you made the best of it. I hate shopping this time of year!

  2. Most people don't let come along to the toy departments much less a whole toy store.

    I figure, that there is no way a kid can enjoy something that I can't enjoy. Someone has to a tester.

    Definately sounds like a blast.

  3. Sounds like you guys did well (except the RonnieZuma's revenge, of course). Only thing I can eat at McD's anymore is the regular hamburger, aka rock burgers, and fries. McD's was my homesick food in England. It sucked all joy from the Big Mac and the BEC McMuffin for me.

  4. Why is it that when you post about a food with a Ron in the name it's always something bad? I'm going to get a complex.... oh wait, I already do. :) I still have shopping to do and no idea when I'm doing it.

  5. You get bonus points for the use of the word "ass-plosion" in a blog post.

  6. Toys R US was a madhouse yesterday, but Target & Krogers weren't too bad.

    I'm not going near WalMart or Best Buy until the 27th at the earliest, though.

  7. I can't believe you braved toys r are filled with courage.

    Thank you for checking up on me by the way. I'm not doing all that great..but trying to hang in there

  8. Laughing at the BATV comment - when I upgraded my Tivo a couple of years ago (replacing a single drive with two much larger drives) it was dubbed the BAT.

    I'm trying to avoid that late shopping, but work has been causing that to be a possibility. ARGH.

  9. This year I refuse to go out. I'm gonna rely on Santa for the gifting.

  10. Most days, I have to avoid fast food altogether.

    Same reason, place doesn't matter.

    I'm glad you recovered!

  11. I can't get through all of King Kong at once, as is evidenced by the fact that I've never finished it after watching it multiple times. It has some really cool scenes - but it's like the whole Lord of the Rings thing - I feel like I have to set aside an entire day to enjoy it.

  12. I bow to you-- shopping with young ones this time of year and all of you kept your sanity. Now THAT's a Christmas miracle, lol!