Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gearing Up For Tomorrow!

Every year, we travel to Tamarack in Beckley, WV to get together with two sets of my aunts and uncles and a cousin. We have lunch, look around and they always have gifts for the kids for the holidays. Of course, they always go overboard, but it's such a great tradition. We've been making this trip for several years before my parents' passed away, so we've been at it for quite a while .

The Greenbrier runs the food court at Tamarack and the food is just spectacular! I've already been online to try to memorize their special Sunday menu to see what I want. Everything is good, and it's difficult to pick just one. We always eat like pigs!

They have a really great authentic looking Santa who wanders around and stops to chat with all the children. He's really wonderful. He always, and I mean always, asks Buddy if I'm his sister. LOL. I think to myself, "Pal, you really need a new line!"

We just have the best time and everyone is so happy. It's always fun to look around at the over-priced goodies and trinkets at the shops. They carry open stock Fiestaware - that's my favorite shop. Everything sold is crafted by a West Virginian artisan, so that's cool.

If you're travelling through the Beckley area, I highly recommend stopping by Tamarack on your way through. Make sure you're hungry and have some lunch or dinner - you won't regret it. Even if you do have to practically sell a kidney to afford it! LOL.

What I am NOT looking forward to is getting up at the crack of dawn to get ready and get on the road. We'll have to leave here by 9 am or so and it takes me a while to get going in the morning. Plus, I have to get the kids ready. I'm hoping to get a decent picture of them with Santa or in front of a Christmas Tree so I can have pictures for my Christmas cards. So, they'll be nicely dressed tomorrow.

I'm also not looking forward to doing mucho walking. On Wednesday, I did *something* to my right foot. I think I pulled a muscle or twisted something and it really hurts. I've started taking some pain meds (anti-inflammatory) and I'm hoping that makes it bearable. If it still hurts by Monday, I'll call the doc. But, I seriously doubt it's anything more serious than a pulled ligament or muscle...something like that that just has to heal up on its' own.

Well, I'm off to watch WVU choke... I mean, er, play as good as they can against Pitt. Y'all have a great weekend!! :-)


  1. You have a great time with Santa and try to stay off the foot. Have the Evil Twin carry you around :)

  2. And they choked like a 13 y/o boy on his first time alone in the house. They just couldn't stop choked.

    They are heartbreakers. And yet when they start the season next year, this feeling of crush and anger will be lost to me like a light butt smudge on a darkly flowered pillow.

  3. er. that second 'choked' should've been choking. I can't even type.

  4. I'm also a big fan of Fiestaware! There's a store in Flatwoods, too, that carries it if you're in that area. Really nice stuff.

    Have fun on your trip!

  5. Hello I just wanted to let you know I am from Huntington, and it is cool to find another WV blogger. I have a blog to it is
    I am sure to return to read your many adventures.

    Take Care

  6. Tamarack is one place I always stop to stretch my legs when I am on my way to Chas. High priced is right - but I love to look! I love the Greenbrier coffee, so that is the first stop for me.

  7. Hope it was great fun. If that foot isn't better, you might wantto see a doc, because it could turn into plantar fasciitis, which you do.not.want.

    The OW factor is immense.

  8. I think a blackhole is being hidden by the Tamarack. I seem to be empty everytime I go through WV at Tamarack.