Tuesday, December 4, 2007


A quick one, since Wyldth1ng asked and the Evil Twin noted that I did not update about Santa and his same line (about me to Buddy), "This must be your sister." Well, he's at 100% because the line came out this past time as well! Of course, Buddy was patting Sissy on the head and saying, "No, THIS is my sister."

We all laughed just like we do every year. That must be his "flattering the mom" line. LOL. Should we trick him next year and say I am Buddy's sister? It's probably not nice to trick Santa because he might bring coal for us all.


  1. clicked on the wrong comment...but little sister....I can hardly wait to see what two new kittens will do with the tree this year. When Mimi was a kitten she climbed up the tree trunk and only came down for food and to potty.

  2. I would act all serious and explain that you told him last year that you were not. Then ask if he's been having memory problems and tell him about early onset Alzheimers. That should fix him.

  3. I think you should do it just to see what he says.

    One of the pet stores I managed in Florida was next door to this little foofoo dress up shop for little pageant girls. They hired a Santa for the entire month of December. Santa (real beard and all) used to pull in every morning in his rickety truck/bronco patchjob with the "Sexy Senior Citizen" license plate on the front. Ewww. He was always leering at me like he wanted to slide down my chimney.