Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ready to Exhale

Buddy's last day of school is tomorrow and then he's off until January 2nd. The Evil Twin will be off from Monday the 23rd until January 7th! How great is that? I'm really looking forward to having the whole family around and having a real loose schedule.

The baby and I have spent the last two days being a bit lazy. Tomorrow will be the Christmas party at Owen's school and I'll be there to help set up and help out in any other way they need me. Their parties are always really nice and the kids have a good time. It's nice for me because I get to spend time with other moms and adults! Something I don't get much of during the week.

I'm really hoping that our Christmas will be fun, but I'm feeling doubtful and ashamed. I did something I shouldn't have done and the Evil Twin is upset with me and rightly so. I'm trying soooo hard to make it right, but he tends to hold his grudges close to his heart and is reluctant to move on. So we'll see.

I know the kids' will be excited and I'm excited for them. We've been careful to set Buddy up that the Wiis are sold out everywhere and so he's not entirely sure he's getting it. It's already wrapped and under the tree, along with a few games - that Sissy keeps picking up and saying "Book". LOL. I guess they're roughly book shaped and the case is hard like her board books.

Thank goodness for her. She's been keeping my spirits up. She's a real snuggler and she's learning all kinds of phrases, like, "Boo!" "Am I scary?" or "Ready, Go!" then she jumps up, or she just says "jump, jump, jump" all the way down the hall.

Well, my oldest kid is still up, doing his homework when he should be getting his shower and getting ready for bed at this time. I've got laundry and bills to pay, so this should be a great evening for me.


  1. Monday is the 24th. You know this right?
    My end of December festivities have been kinda blah like that too. I don't know what it is this year. The kids are raking in just as much stooopid crap that they always do. I just can't get into it.
    I think next year we'll celebrate Festivus instead. Anyone for airing your grievances around the Festivus pole?

  2. Crystal, I should have consulted my date book but was too lazy! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  3. LOL, It sounds like your Sissy is at a precious age. I remember when my youngest niece acted like that. I remember being forced to play Prince Charming over and over and over again :) They grow up so fast, she's now almost 13.

  4. Good luck on the 'uh-oh.' I know that feeling well.

  5. You know, there's usually an upside to ET not wanting to talk so much when he's stand a really good shot that once he makes peace with it, it'll be like it never happened. He's a grudgeholder, but he's a grudgedropper too.

    First time he ever got mad at me, we'd been friends for seven or eight years, probably about four of five of those pretty close. I didn't even know what he got mad about. He was there and then he was gone and he refused to take my phone calls. I was all OMG what could be so heinous to make someone not even be able to voice words about it.

    I sweated it and fretted it for a week or so, then I called him and he was like, "Oh, yeh, that...well, I'm over that." And I was still pretty much WTF was that.

    People don't always make sense when they're mad. Sometimes they get extra mad at home when they really want to lash out at someone at work, but can' it plops out where they know they are loved.

    Not saying it's right or that's what happened. Just saying. Hope you all feel better and end up having a fun Christmas.

  6. Guilt sucks. I hope both of you forgive you - or indulge in enough wassail to forget - before the holiday.

  7. Sorry to hear things are kind of blah... these things always blow over. Here's hoping they do so before Tuesday!

  8. The holidays cause all kinds of tiffs....ET will come around...his heart is big I bet and that oops is probably already fading. I'm excited for Buddy.....quite crafty of you.